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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
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Location Mount Gulug
Class Undead/Flying
Steal Ore, Hi-Potion
Item Dropped Blue: Topaz, Echo Screen
Red: Opal, Echo Screen
Card Dropped Blue: Zuu
Red: Wraith
Abilities Devil's Candle, Doom
Blue: Blizzaga
Red: Firaga
Eat Blue: Frost
Red: Mustard Bomb
Status Immunity Confusion, Berserk
Other Information Has either Blue or Red flame.

The Wraith is an enemy from Final Fantasy IX. The party can find them on Mount Gulug. Wraiths come in pairs, with one carrying a blue flame and the other a red flame. The blue-flamed Wraith will cast Ice spells, their Devil's Candle attack freezes the target, and can be eaten to learn Frost, whereas the red-flamed Wraith will use Fire spells, overheat their target with Devil's Flame, and can be eaten to learn Mustard Bomb. Being undead, curative spells hurt them, and Life outright kills them.

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