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Series: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, No. 55 & 56
Author(s): Ilsa J. Bick
Publication information
Published: Book One: eBook - August 2005
Book Two: eBook - October 2005
ISBN: Book One: ISBN 1416509607
Book Two: ISBN 1416509615



From the back covers: While traveling to a medical conference, the Runabout Missouri encounters a strange anomaly that sends the runabout crashing to the surface of an unknown planet, leaving its two passengers -- Dr. Elizabeth Lense of the U.S.S. da Vinci and Dr. Julian Bashir of Deep Space 9 -- separated.

Each physician thinks the other dead, and each winds up trapped with the factions of a decades-old conflict between those who want to replace dying limbs with cybernetics, and those who want to remain pure. [...]

Lense finds herself aiding the Jabari freedom fighters as their new medic, working with equipment she finds primitive on people wounded in their fight against the Kornak. All the while she hopes that her crewmates on the da Vinci might rescue her -- and not blame her for the death of Julian Bashir...

Unknown to her, though, Bashir is alive, recovering in a Kornak military facility, where he becomes the focus of a power struggle between the medical and military personnel in the hospital. When the Jabari attack the hospital, Lense and Bashir find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict that can only end in tragedy...



ApariamArinJulian BashirBlateBreynarDorenIdit KahaynElizabeth LenseMaraNerritSaad
Referenced only 
Domenica CorsiEzri DaxJadzia Dax • Dobrah • EberlingDantas FalcãoDavid GoldSonya GomezJanelLeonard McCoyJean-Luc PicardPhil SeldenStornMor glasch TevSandy WetzelLewis Zimmerman

Ships and vessels

USS da VinciUSS DefiantUSS LexingtonUSS Missouri


Artemis IXAustraliaAvril StationEarthEmpok NorKornak-Jabari homeworldLentrex VIIMount EverestMount SeleyaQuark'sRec Station HidalgoSherman's PlanetShiralea VIStarbase 314TrillVulcan's Forge

Species and races


States and organizations

DominionKornak Armed ForcesStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet Medical Academy


adun cactusaugmentautopsybahgolBentman PrizeCataclysm • chimpanzee • class MDNAdompenephrineduraniumEMHfish juicefunctional magnetic resonance imaginggaghgarotteGigli sawholodramaintraoperative magnetic resonance imagingLudian halofishMacbethmethemoglobinmicroelectromechanical machinenanodrive • orangutan • painstikperiatrium • plasticine • Prime Directiveprojectile weaponpostganglionic nervepreganglionic fiberprimate • protoplaser • Rangdron Medical ComplexshapeshiftersThugeewater


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In a place as filled with as many hidden traps, dangerous beasts and hostile enemies as the Island, there are bound to be some cuts and bruises. This page documents significant injuries and illnesses occurring both off and on the island.

Due to the island's healing properties, injuries that would normally take months to heal (such as gunshot wounds or broken limbs) can be mended in a matter of weeks. However, this effect can be erratic and unreliable, healing some wounds at random and others not at all; see healing properties for more information.

Fatal injuries are marked in bold. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive.


Before the island

Ana Lucia

John Locke

  • Broken spine resulting in paralysis, after being pushed out an eighth floor window by his father ("The Man from Tallahassee")


Michael Dawson

  • Severely injured after being hit by a car ("Special")

Rachel Carlson

  • Unspecified cancer, resulting in sterility due to chemotherapy ("Not in Portland")

Sarah Shephard

On the island

Aaron Littleton

Ana Lucia

Ben has received numerous injuries at the hands of the survivors

Ben Linus

Boone Carlyle

Charlie Pace

Claire Littleton

  • Collapses of dehydration due to low water supplies ("White Rabbit")
  • Suffered from nightmares so severe that her fingernails cut her palm when she clenched her fists ("Raised by Another")
  • Minor cuts and bruises from being caught in a house explosion ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Desmond Hume

Libby and Donald were both injured in the crash


  • Broken leg from plane crash, which later became infected and killed him ("The Other 48 Days")

Edward Mars

  • Chest wound from shrapnel received in plane crash ("Pilot, Part 1")
  • Gunshot wound to lung by Sawyer in a failed euthenasia attempt ("Tabula Rasa")
  • Successfully euthenised by Jack, method unknown ("Tabula Rasa")


Ethan Rom

Goodwin is fatally wounded



Jack Shephard

Jin Kwon

John Locke

Kate Austen

Leslie Arzt

  • Killed in a dynamite explosion caused by his own mishandling ("Born to Run")


Michael Dawson



Sayid Jarrah

Seth Norris after being mauled and killed by the Monster

Seth Norris

Shannon Rutherford

Sun-Hwa Kwon

Tourniquet man

After the island

Jack Shephard

Sayid Jarrah

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