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Worst. Doctor. Ever

location: The Citadel, B-Ring
given by: Sawbones
reward: free healing

Worst. Doctor. Ever is an unmarked Fallout 3 quest.

If you ask Sawbones in the Citadel to heal you he will wound you instead. With a high enough Science or the Robotics Expert perk you can fix Sawbones and receive free healing. Sawbones will not be particularly happy about it though.

This robot and Andy back in Vault 101 both prove that it seems the Mister Handy and Mister Gutsy model robots have some good fun saw tendencies when assigned the role of doctor.


  • Free healing at the Citadel.
  • After repairing Sawbones' malfunction and receiving medical treatment, an effect called "Sawbones Precision" will appear in your Pip-Boy, giving you +2 END and +2 PER. The effect lasts for about three hours, and it can be gained again by receiving healing from Sawbones.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of the quest itself is a reference to the many sayings of the Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons as he usually criticizes certain things with the catchphrase "Worst. <subject> . Ever."
  • A good deal of Sawbones' dialog is a nod to the EMH played by Robert Picardo on Star Trek: Voyager including the line "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
  • Also "Bones" was the nickname of Dr Leonard McCoy (DeForest Kelley) in the original Star Trek.
  • Sawbones is an epithet for physicians.


  • If the damage Sawbones inflicts on you is lethal, you will not actually die until you exit the conversation. However, the death music will play during the conversation.
The Citadel

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