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Founded in 1067, the Worlds of Rukh grew from the falling of the Aegs worlds. Rukh, a high charisma Vargr alternately charmed and killed his rivals, forging a armistice and restoring law and order to these worlds. Many worlds rimward of Saell (Gvurrdon ) opposed Rukh. They formed the Gnoerrg Rukh Loell (The anti-Rukh Coalition). This coalition has been a thorn in the side of Rukh since then.

Rukh, the founder dies in 1094 leaving his successors to follow the dogma he laid down. In response the Gnoerrg Rukh Loell increase their pressure to splinter the Rukh worlds, an effort which fails.

In 1112, a number of trade and forgery incidents between Rukh and the Zhodani Consulate force six worlds to renounce their membership in Rukh and, backed by the Consulate, succeed.

1123 saw the Rukh war between the Rukh and Anit-Ruhk worlds.

Finally in 1159 members of the Navy and Army forces stage a coup attempt and manage to kill several members of the ruling council. The remaining council members divide the loyalties of the remaing forces. A civil war quickly shattered the governemnt. When the dust settles, Allez, Rroerz Uerra, and Rueks Legacy are the three largest splinter groups left.


The Rukh government is an elite council which are lead by a dictator. The individual worlds have little local control when it comes to exterior policy. Internal policy is somewhat lesser controlled. But the Rukh doctrine must be followed. World governments are not represented in the Rukh government. They have to follow the whim of the Rukh government at any level. Worlds have public election on local rulers, but the candidates have to be approved by the Rukh assembly prior to an election.

One of the first acts Rukh did, when he had secured his powerbase, was to nationalize most of the bigger corporations. The nationalization of the largest companies helped distribute the goods more evenly, but to the cost of galloping inflation.



All military forces are gathered under a central command. The forces are usually built from the world they are going to protect, but units often do change bases from one world to another. This circulation prevents worlds to have soldiers that will not shoot at locals in case of upheaval. Soldiers sympathize less with vargr they do not know.

The military forces are financed by taxation of the individual sophonts on the different worlds.

Internal Unrest

To maintain control over the population to that degree the government have, they need an opposition. To Anti-Rukh’s annoyance, they represent this opposition. Militarily Rukh could have crushed Anti-Rukh in matter of months. But by doing this they will loose the external enemy the government need gather the population against.

Rukh do also carry out operations to scare the population to believe that there is more enemies present than there really is. Thus creating the illusion of that they have been penetrated and the enemy is constantly in their midst.

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