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The World Regenesis Organization (abbreviated as WRO) is a volunteer organization in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, appearing primarily in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, but also having very brief mention in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and On the Way to a Smile. Their primary objective is to help restore and protect The Planet after the events of Final Fantasy VII, but also act as a transitional replacement for the Shinra Electric Power Company as a government and military.




The WRO was founded by former Shinra Employee Reeve Tuesti sometime soon after Final Fantasy VII. It can be assumed that the origins started with those who worked to evacuate Midgar alongside Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi. Though not related, they appear to have taken up the fight where AVALANCHE left off.

It is funded by a mysterious benefactor. It is heavily implied to be former president Rufus Shinra as repentance for his actions against the planet.

As its name suggests, the WRO was created to restore the world after the damage caused by Shinra. They form a transitional government to keep stability, along with a volunteer army to help protect against any threats to the Planet. They work to find a replacement for Mako as an energy source, a division apparently headed by Barret Wallace. They were also the ones who relocated the former residents of Midgar to the new city of Edge, and helped to construct it from materials of Midgar and the Shinra Building.

War with Deepground

The WRO made its true debut with the arrival of Deepground. Upon their first attacks, the WRO's army sprang into action, fighting back and protecting the people. They immediately went to war with them, trying to discover as much as they could about their origins and keeping as many people from harm as possible.

Yuffie Kisaragi was the main head of intelligence gathering, and as the Tsviets were targeting Vincent Valentine, he was unofficially included in the fighting.

The fighting eventually escalated to the Battle of Midgar, in which the WRO, headed by Cid Highwind and the Airship Shera from the air, and Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace from the ground.


The World Regenesis Organization was founded and controlled by Reeve Tuesti.

The WRO is comprised mainly of military units and scientists, such as Shalua Rui. Other members include Cait Sith, an animatronic cat designed and controlled by Reeve; Yuffie Kisaragi, a former thief and proponent of Wutai restoration who heads espionage and intelligence gathering; Cid Highwind, leader of the WRO air force; and Barret Wallace, who leads the search for a new energy source for the world.

Vincent Valentine and Shelke Rui become unofficial members of the WRO force during the fight against Deepground. It is unknown whether or not Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart are official members of the WRO. On one occasion, Denzel tried to become a part of the WRO, but Reeve had a change of heart about allowing children into the Organization and denied him.


The design for the WRO troops' weapons seems heavily based on modern day service pistols and assault rifles, contrary to the weapons used by Deepground. For example, the carbine used by WRO infantrymen seems based on the Sig model 552 Assault Rifle, while the Deepground rifles appear to be modified Lee Enfield rifles dating back to World War II. The pistols used by the WRO also seem to be hybrids of the tradition M1911A1 pistol and the TT33 Tokarev. The clearest examples of these are used by Shalua Rui and Reeve Tuesti.

Their uniforms are also of some slight resemblances to UN troops, only they wear red rather than blue.


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