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World Brain
Biographical information

Yuuzhan'tar (Coruscant)


27 ABY (62), Seedship


40 ABY (75), Coruscant

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The World Brain, or pazhkic al'tirrna in the Yuuzhan Vong language, was an adult dhuryam capable of overseeing the entire ecosystem of a Vongformed planet. Only one mature World Brain was known to have been active during the Yuuzhan Vong War, installed on Coruscant following the capture of the galactic capital.



The Coruscant World Brain, or Pazhkic Yuuzhan'tar al'tirrna, was designed to oversee the transformation of the planet into a new Yuuzhan'tar, and then maintain the biosphere of the shaped planet according to the principles of Yuuzhan Vong belief—the World Brain was as much a religious symbol as it was a biotechnological servant.

The World Brain was selected by the Shaper caste according to a ritual process, as the most successful of a group of twelve dhuryams, placed in control of the ecosystems of competing precincts aboard a seedship. The captured Jedi Jacen Solo was part of the group of slaves that were assigned to take orders from one dhuryam, and by working to keep his fellow slaves in better health than those in the rival precincts, he taught "his" dhuryam the value of cooperation over coercion and control. However, Solo's dhuryam was ultimately chosen not due to its success in managing the microclimate, but because Solo massacred all its rivals.


The dhuryam was subsequently installed in the Well of the World Brain—the former Grand Convocation Chamber of the Senate Building, located in what was now the Sacred Precinct of the Yuuzhan Vong capital. As it grew to maturity, however, Solo convinced the World Brain to sabotage the Vongforming in small, irritating ways in an attempt to teach the Yuuzhan Vong to make compromises. The World Brain did exactly that: causing damuteks to melt, making the maw luur regurgitate sewage, an itching fungus to release on the arrival of Supreme Overlord Shimrra, and a swarm of stinkbugs to overpopulate. Because of Master Shaper Ch'Gang Hool's inability to control the Brain, Shimrra executed him, replacing him with Master Shaper Yal Phaath.

When Solo accompanied Luke Skywalker and other Jedi on a search for Zonama Sekot, he lost contact with the World Brain. During this time, the Brain began to take somewhat more violent actions, causing a lambent field to overheat and catch fire, as well as lungworms to emit hydrogen sulfide. Shimrra eventually gained control over the World Brain prior to the Liberation of Coruscant, but Jacen Solo convinced it to help the ground forces of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. The World Brain remained as part of the new Coruscant.

In 40 ABY, Solo used the World Brain to spy on Corellian activity. Alema Rar fired a dart at Solo, but it hit the World Brain instead. Almost immediately, the brain began to thrash around in pain, as the dart's poison quickly affected it. Angry that his friend had been fatally wounded, Solo assumed that members of Reh'mwa's True Victory Party were responsible and tasked Lumiya with assassinating Bothans to send a proper message.

The World Brain died shortly thereafter, succumbing to the deadly toxins.

Behind the scenes

There is also a novel of the same name written by H. G. Wells.



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