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"World" or "World Music" is the blanket term given to more traditional forms of music -- the various folk musics of different cultures. Sometimes world music is expanded to include the pop musics of different cultures a well, although this is much less common.

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From The Vault

Eastern part of the former United States
Western part of the former United States

The Fallout world exists in an alternate timeline that split away from the history of the real world following World War II. Up until the Great War in 2077, the Fallout world was dominated by the distinctively American culture of the 1950s, though with a far more advanced technological progression. The Fallout world's setting is heavily influenced by the science fiction anthology Worlds of Tomorrow, which was released during the Golden Age of Science Fiction in the 1950s.



The Great War is the single most important event that has shaped the Fallout world into its current form. On October 23, 2077, the United States, China, and other nuclear-armed countries bombarded each other with a rapid exchange of nuclear missiles and bombs lasting for only two hours. The destruction caused by the brief nuclear war was staggering; more energy was released in the early moments of the war than in all previous global conflicts combined.

The Fallout games take place 90 years to 2 centuries after the Great War as humanity struggles to survive and rebuild. Some groups have barely managed to survive above ground, either scavenging the scorched ruins of cities or surviving and adapting to the new irradiated environment through mass mutation. Communities that were sealed in underground Vaults during the war are now emerging to re-populate the blasted landscape. Striving to organize and sustain the human race, these tattered remnants of civilization are threatened by psychotic mutants, rogue machines, vicious raiders, and all manner of hostile mutant creatures. The first two games take place mostly in the area known as the Core Region on the West Coast of the post-apocalytpic United States, where the main threats so far have been the Master and the Enclave, while the third game takes place in the Capital Wasteland on the East Coast of the United States.


Main article: Timeline

Before the Great War

Main article: World before the War

In the Fallout universe, twenty-first century America also descended into an era of political paranoia and mania similar to the 1950s. The United States government became more and more militant and aggressive against its real and imagined enemies. As the world's fossil fuel supplies started to dry up and conversions of the existing fossil-fuel infrastructure to the recently-invented nuclear fusion power lagged, people in the United States and across the globe became desperate.

The United Nations disbanded as an organization in 2052 as the planet's natural resources dried up, causing many smaller nations to go financially bankrupt and fail. The European Commonwealth and the oil-producing states of the Middle East were cast into a long, drawn-out war over the few remaining productive oil fields.

In late 2053, the United States closed its borders when a new super plague was discovered to be running rampant through its population, and a terrorist nuclear weapon destroyed the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. In early 2054, the U.S. responded to the increasing likelihood of a nuclear war by creating Project Safehouse. This project, financed by the sale of nearly worthless Treasury bonds from an increasingly broke American government (inflation had become rampant as the economy worsened), was responsible for creating large underground survival shelters designed to withstand nuclear fallout or a viral pandemic, commonly known as Vaults.

Great War

In 2060, the Middle Eastern oil fields finally ran dry, ending the European war. The European Commonwealth soon dissolved back into quarreling, bickering nation-states bent on controlling the last remaining fossil-fuel resources on Earth.

In the winter of 2066, China attacked Alaska over what were most likely the last drops of oil in the world. The U.S. responded with force, but it would be ten years before the conflict would end. In a desperate maneuver, both superpowers invaded neighboring countries in an effort to bolster their dwindling resources. The United States' annexation of Canada was concluded by 2076. Canadian timber and petroleum provided raw material for American military needs, and Alaska was reclaimed from the Chinese in January 2077.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, October 23, 2077, the sky over the United States was filled with nuclear missiles and Chinese bombers carrying hundreds of nuclear bombs. No one knows who started the Great War by firing their weapons first, but after two long hours of nuclear devastation across the planet as the European states and the Soviet Union also unleashed their nuclear weapons, no one really cared.

Because of frequent false alarms in the months before the actual nuclear assault, few Americans made it to the Vaults when the final alarm sounded, particularly on the West Coast where the bombs and missiles first hit. Most people were trapped outside by the closing Vault doors. The Enclave, the name assumed by the remnants of the United States' federal government and its close corporate allies, retreated safely to an Oil Rig once owned by Poseidon Oil on the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California.

The Post-Great War World

Part of the Earth after Great War

The Great War's outcome changed most of the planet into a radioactive wasteland. Those who did not die in the initial nuclear weapon exchanges (likely less than half the world's population) lived in darkness or radioactive misery for decades as much of the Earth's plant and animal life died off from lack of food, sunlight and the persistently high levels of radiation. Yet, living in subterranean vaults or frozen in cryogenic chambers, humanity (at least in the United States) persevered. Most people outside the Vaults were killed by the nuclear blasts or the radiation, and many of those who were lucky (or unlucky) enough to survive, mutated. The first effects of radiation were seen in the survivors around 2080. Widespread mutations occurred in animals, plants and humans alike. Those that survived the effects of the mutations were permanently changed. New species were created almost overnight. Among them were the hideous human ghouls.

Two decades after the bombs dropped, the first Vaults started to open, and their inhabitants emerged to rebuild the destroyed civilization. The Core Region, corresponding to the American West Coast and Southwest, was one of the first areas of the post-atomic world in which significant interaction between different people emerged, about eighty years after the war in the mid-twenty-second century. Though many regions of the formerly-civilized world are slowly climbing back up towards civilization, humanity has a long way to go if it is to restore a sense of normality, even in the late twenty-third century.

Technically, the Resource Wars were never declared over, but given that the United States as a nation (and presumably China too) effectively ceased to exist in the war's final hours, the people of the Earth's Wastelands now have much bigger problems and concerns.


A ghoul
Main article: Creatures

The various types of mutant creatures that inhabit the wastelands were mostly caused by exposure to nuclear radiation. This is where mantises, geckos, spore plants, radscorpions, brahmin and the various mutant rodent species come from. Also, this is how ghouls, decrepit, ragged, almost rotting, zombie-like victims of massive radiation poisoning, are made. Generally, in the Fallout universe, massive exposure to radiation causes humans to either die or transform into ghouls. Also, in this world, in accordance with the 1950s sci-fi physics, radiation makes most creatures bigger and meaner.

Marcus, a super mutant

The other source of mutations in the Fallout world is FEV: the Forced Evolutionary Virus. The super mutants, floaters, centaurs and possibly wanamingos were products of FEV infection. It was initially called the Pan-Immunity Virion Project and was created to fight a disease called the New Plague. However, abnormal side effects were observed in test subjects: the test animals began to grow dramatically and their brain activity decreased. The project was renamed FEV: Forced Evolutionary Virus and was tested by the Army on humans.

After a man known as Richard Grey discovered the base and was accidentally dipped in the FEV vats, he slowly mutated into an unrecognizable mass of living flesh. He developed psychic powers, which were enhanced by consuming living creatures and absorbing their minds to expand his own. Slowly, he started doing his own experiments with FEV, at first on animals and later turning other humans into his super mutant army. He decided that he would have to force humanity to evolve, and even continued injecting his own twisted body with more of the virus to continue his own evolution. Those who could not evolve would die. Eventually, the mutants turned out to be sterile and the Master himself was killed by the Vault Dweller.


Main article: Places

Core Region

Main article: Core Region

The basic Core Region stretches from the ruins of Los Angeles in the south to Klamath in the north. It covers most of the West Coast of the United States, including California and parts of Oregon and Nevada. It is a largely inhospitable region, which is why most people have chosen to seek refuge in the ruins of the old cities, where they have found (relative) safety in numbers. However, as resources grew more and more scarce, people and creatures came to consolidate into groups of their own kind, so locations are far more homogeneous than one might expect from a world ravaged by mutation.

The ghoul population of the Core Region Wasteland was mostly clustered around old Bakersfield (Necropolis), but were scattered after an attack by the master's army. Most of the surviving ghouls eventually found a home in Gecko or Broken Hills along with humans and super mutants, both far to the north-east of their former home.

Super mutants were plentiful in the Mariposa area from 2102 to 2162, and they sent patrols as far as to Los Angeles. After the master's defeat, however, most of them retreated to the east.

Humans are the dominant species of the wasteland, and their main cities in the Core Region are The Hub, Los Angeles Boneyard, NCR, Vault City, New Reno and San Francisco.

East Coast

Main article: East Coast

The city of Washington, DC and the surrounding area is now referred to as the Capital Wasteland. As of 2277, large numbers of Super Mutants are in a constant battle to push the remaining humans out of the Capital Wasteland and produce more of their own kind by exposing their human captives to the Forced Evolutionary Virus that first created them.

Rivet City, the central hub of civilization and the largest human settlement in the Capital Wasteland, is based in and around a beached aircraft carrier on the Potomac River. Other settlements across the region include Megaton, Tenpenny Tower, Paradise Falls, Underworld, Big Town, and Little Lamplight. The Brotherhood of Steel reside in the Citadel, the remains of the Pentagon.The Enclave first reside in Raven Rock, however during the events of Broken Steel they are moved to the Adams Air Force Base. The D.C. Metro system, while partially destroyed, still provides an alternative travel route and makeshift residence. The Jefferson Memorial houses the Project Purity Water Purifier.

Other significant regions of the East Coast include the Commonwealth, Pittsburgh PA (The Pitt), Ronto, Point Lookout Maryland and the area surrounding the ruins of Adams Air Force Base.


Main article: Factions

Core Region factions

There are very few factions in the Core Region that aren't limited to one or two towns. After the defeat of the Master's super mutant army which was a major military force in the 2161, the New California Republic became the most influential organization that unites several major towns, including Shady Sands (its capital, now known mostly simply as NCR), the Hub, Junktown, Maxson and Dayglow. The NCR is actively trying to unite the entire California under a single government.

In contrast, the Brotherhood of Steel is a mysterious techno-religious organization, with roots in the US military. While few in numbers, they make up for this with their arsenal of pre-war and post-war technology: They have laser weapons, Power Armor, surgical enhancements and combat implants. Unlike the NCR, the Brotherhood is not interested in conquests nor in saving humanity, but instead in keeping their secrecy and preserving and developing technology.

The Enclave, the descendants of the United States government that considers everyone other than themselves worthy of eradication, used to operate from an Oil Rig off the coast of California, but seem to have left the area after the destruction of their headquarters. They seem to have moved their base of operations from the west coast to the Northwestern edge of The Capital Wasteland, inside of a sprawling underground maze known as "Raven Rock".

Capital Wasteland factions

Downtown DC and the surrounding area of Capital Wasteland are overrun with an army of Super Mutants. Separate from the Master's army, they originate from a completely different source.

Three other factions in the Capital Wasteland are not native to the area - the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, a splinter faction of the Core Region BoS led by Owyn Lyons who swore to defend the human inhabitants of the Wasteland from mutants; the Brotherhood Outcasts, who left the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood in disagreement over Lyons' change of priorities; and lastly, the remnants of the Enclave who survived the destruction of their Western headquarters.

Other known factions include Slavers at Paradise Falls, the Regulators and the Talon Company mercenaries, and the residents of Tenpenny Tower, Megaton, Rivet City, Big Town, Reilly's Rangers & Little Lamplight.


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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

"World" redirects here. For the fictional world in which RuneScape is set, see Gielinor; for the other worlds and planes of existence shown in the RuneScape game but separate from Gielinor itself, see Category:Worlds.
Not to be confused with Servant
The complete list of RuneScape servers
The complete list of RuneScape German servers.
The complete list of RuneScape French servers.
The complete list of RuneScape Brazilian servers.

The Servers are the computers that host RuneScape. Servers are maintained by Jagex and by contractors retained by Jagex. They are distributed across the real world. There are several types of servers used in RuneScape.

  • The first server players will meet is the hosting server, which runs the main RuneScape website. It is unknown how many individual computers manage the site and as to whether the Grand Exchange Database, RuneScape Forums and Hiscores are all on this server.
  • After selecting the 'Click Here to Play' button on the home page, the game first does a loading process which includes connecting to the Update server.
  • The optimal World server for the player is selected upon loading the game, although players may select another server to connect to if they wish. Each world allows 2000 players to be connected at once. There are currently 171 worlds (five are German-speaking, five are French-speaking, and three are Quick Chat only), but more are routinely added.
  • The player is connected to the Login server when the loading process is completed and a world server is selected.
  • After logging in, the Friends list and Ignore list are loaded after connecting to the Friends server.
  • The RuneScape Forums have their own servers, which are accessible even when the game servers are down.


Isolation of worlds

Each world server known by the short name world is fairly isolated. A player may be logged in to at most one world server at any given time. To ensure this is the case, a delay is in place between logging out of one and logging into another world.

For the most part, events that occur in one world will not affect any other RuneScape world. For example, character/item respawns and ore regeneration are all managed individually for each server. Additionally, players (along with chat messages) contained in one world will not be visible to players in another world. The only exception to this is the Grand Exchange which trades with players on all worlds.

World switching

Main article: World switching

Prior to the move to infinitely stocked shops, player would often change worlds rapidly to buy from one store many different times. However, the shop improvement update gave most stores infinite stock, and later the personalised shop updates returned finite stocks, but made stocks for a particular player independent of world. Therefore switching worlds is no longer advantageous when buying from stores. However players still switch worlds often in order to find more favourable conditions (e.g. more populated) for minigames, player killing or trading. This technique is known as world switching or world hopping.

Players may switch to less populated worlds for less players, so they can have more monsters, logs, ores (etc.) for themselves. Contrasting this, is the slower respawn time for many objects on less populated worlds - this includes both rocks and trees.

Persistence of character state

When a user logs off of a world, all settings particular to that character are saved to the player's account profile in a global database. Therefore, when logging into a different world, the character's skills, inventory, etc. will be restored to the same state, regardless of which server the character last logged onto. The only exception is that if a player goes from a members-only world into a free world, his/her statistics will be restored to the normal level.


The Locations of the RuneScape servers.

It is recommended that players connect to the server closest to them, or that have ping number of less than 100, as they will experience more reliable connections and less lag. However, this is not mandatory.

Continent Country Free servers Members servers
Oceania Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
Asia India India 1 1
Europe Belgium Belgium
Denmark Denmark
Finland Finland
Ireland Ireland
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
Sweden Sweden
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Americas Canada Canada
Mexico Mexico
United States United States
RuneScape German
Europe Germany Germany* 3 2
RuneScape France
Europe France France 2 1
RuneScape Brazilian Portugese
Americas France Brazil 3 2
Totals Servers Free Members
169 88 81
  • The German servers are located in Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.[1]

Themed worlds

After the Themed world update on 13 August 2007, a new column on the far right of the world select screen was added by Jagex. This column highlights worlds associated with certain activities and servers Jagex have designated as the worlds that should be used for certain activities (due to certain servers not being able to cope with high levels of activity).

This makes it easier to find people who wish to do the same thing, like Trouble Brewing or Castle Wars.

These worlds are recommended by Jagex as the best place to perform these activities. However, they are only recommendations; players may still use any world they want to perform these activities, with the exception of LootShare, Bounty Hunter, Drop Parties and Duel Tournaments, which are only available on the appropriate themed worlds.


Worlds where players gather in the large cities (such as, Falador, Varrock or Seers Village) to trade items.

Rune running

Worlds where players can run runes for money or craft runes to raise their Runecrafting skill.

Player killing

Worlds where players kill others on PvP Worlds, Bounty Hunter, the Duel Arena and others.

Role playing

On these worlds, it is intended that players will get together with either friends or others they meet on the roleplaying forums and act out their roleplays (commonly called igrp or In-Game Role-Plays) as if they were in another setting (including new names for places/characters/items and a group of people going from one place to another). This actually does not happen that often.

Group questing

These worlds are where players gather together and do quests. They are popular for players looking for a partner for either Shield of Arrav or Hero's Quest.

Party room

On a party room world there will be many people in the Falador party room waiting for balloons to drop so they can get the items in them.

Skill Total

On these worlds, players with a total level of 1000 or over can log on to these worlds. Besides the total level requirement, there are no further limitations. These worlds are often called "anti-noob" worlds.

Player worlds

Certain worlds have become colloquially-specialised by the player-base for particular activities, usually for socialisation with similar players which share common attributes like language, or to participate in events which require many people, such as parties and games. These worlds are...

World Free/Members Location Activity World Free/Members Location Activity
2 Members Mort'ton Temple repair 46 Members Ape Atoll Agility


88 Members Piscatoris Fishing Colony Monkfish


89 Members Dorgesh-Kaan Agility guild
91 Members Al Kharid

Catherby Farming patch

Tanning guild
Farming guild
99 Members Rogue's Den, Burthorpe Thieving training
Cooking training
131 Members Mort'ton Temple repair 132 Members Yanille Fletching guild
Alchemy guild
60 Members Varies Penguin Hide and Seek 22 Members Barbarian Village Fishing training
78 Members King Black Dragon Hanging with the KBD 97 Members Enchanted Valley

Fletching Guild

97 Members Catherby Bank

Firemaking Guild

84 Members Living Rock Caverns

Mining training

Fishing training

56 Members Wilderness Agility Guild


Members H.A.M Trapdoor

Goblin Killing

141 Free Wilderness Revenant Hunting 64 Members Sophanem Pyramid Plunder

World themes

The list of worlds may change at any time, this is the current world list as of 9 November 2009.

World Free/Members Activity World Free/Members Activity
1 Free Trade 2 Members Trade
3 Free Trade 4 Free Trade
5 Free Trade 6 Members Barbarian Assault
12 Members Duel Arena – Staked/Friendly 15 Members Castle Wars
16 Free Running - Air Runes 17 Free Bounty Hunter
18 Members Bounty Hunter 20 Free Fist of Guthix
24 Members Castle Wars 25 Free Fist of Guthix
27 Members Trade 31 Members House Parties
35 Free Fist of Guthix 36 Members Running - Nature Runes
41 Free Fist of Guthix 42 Members Role-Playing
44 Members Fist of Guthix 45 Members Burthorpe Games Room
53 Members Pest Control 54 Members Duel Arena - High Lvl Tournaments
58 Members Blast Furnace 60 Members Great Orb Project
61 Free Great Orb Project 66 Members Running - Law Runes
67 Free Fist of Guthix 70 Members Runecrafting - ZMI Altar
71 Members Barbarian Assault 75 Free Fist of Guthix
77 Members Shades of Mort'ton 78 Members Vinesweeper
79 Members Fight Pits 81 Free Bounty Hunter
82 Members Castle Wars 83 Members Duel Arena – Tournaments
92 Members Fist of Guthix 93 Free Fist of Guthix
98 Members Fist of Guthix 99 Members Running - Law Runes
100 Members Group Questing 102 Free Party Room
103 Members Party Room 104 Members Trouble Brewing
105 Free Trade 107 Free Fist of Guthix
110 Members Fist of Guthix
113 Free Skill total (1000) 114 Members Skill total (1000)
115 Members Pest Control
116 Members Fishing Trawler
119 Free Fist of Guthix 121 Members Bounty Hunter
128 Free Fist of Guthix 129 Members Clan Wars
130 Members Trade 132 Members Duel Arena – Staked/Friendly
138 Members Rat Pits 141 Free Clan Wars
143 Members Bounty Hunter 144 Members Pest Control
149 Free Fist of Guthix 152 Free Bounty Hunter
160 Members Quick Chat 161 Free Quick Chat
165 Free Trade 167 Free Fist of Guthix
RuneScape German
146 Free Fist of Guthix


7 - Free 9 - Members 10 - Free 11 - Free
14 - Free 22 - Members 23 - Members 26 - Members
28 - Members 29 - Free 30 - Free 33 - Free
34 - Free 37 - Free 39 - Members 40 - Free
43 - Free 46 - Members 47 - Free 48 - Members
51 - Free 52 - Free 54 - Members 56 - Members
59 - Members 64 - Members 65 - Members 69 - Members
76 - Members 84 - Members 85 - Free 88 - Members
89 - Members 91 - Members 92 - Members 94 - Free
95 - Free 97 - Members 98 - Members 106 - Free
108 - Free 111 - Members 112 - Members 113 - Free
114 - Members 117 - Free 118 - Free 124 - Members
126 - Free 127 - Free 131 - Members 134 - Free
137 - Members 142 - Free 145 - Members 151 - Members
153 - Free 154 - Free 155 - Free 157 - Members
158 - Members 159 - Members 168 - Members 169 - Free
170 - Members 171 - Free
RuneScape German
140 - Members 139 - Free

Technical issues

Sometimes a technical issue will occur which may cause every game world to crash and log out players in the middle of the game; it may or may not also affect the RuneScape Forums. Players may not be able to log back in if the login server is also affected. The problem is usually resolved in a short time. A server rollback may or may not occur which will reset players back to status before the crash occurred. (This rollback is different from an edit rollback or revert.)

Occasionally only a single world will crash/experience a glitch and depending on the problem, the other worlds may be purposefully taken offline, or not.

Information about this will appear in the forums Technical Support section. Other fan sites may also have information if the forums are down.

Recent events

Server Blackout of 10th August 2008
  • In mid-April 2008, Jagex removed all eight servers from Eastern Canada to the United States.
  • On 23 April 2008, World 36 had a glitch where non-members were allowed to enter the world, but could only access free-to-play actions.
  • On Friday, 13 June 2008, all of the servers experienced downtime due to problems with one of the game's internet service providers, Telstra.
  • On 10 August 2008 all of the servers crashed multiple times during the day. The crashes lasted a few minutes but went down again soon after. The servers then completely went offline for the rest of that day
  • On Thursday, 23 October 2008, an error with the login servers showed up. At 19.15 GMT all servers were down. The RuneScape Forums went offline as well.
  • With the release of the 150th quest a server blackout happened. The blackout lasted for about 50 minutes.
  • On 2 July 2009, all the Australian and New Zealand servers went down. Players were logged out and when attempting to log back in, they were given the message that "Their account has not logged out from their last session"
  • On 16 July 2009, multiple servers were offline for a large amount of time. Jagex Mod Gibson stated, "We have pinpointed the world crashes to a problem with one of our in America."
  • On 16 July 2009, some servers went offline. These worlds are: World 1,2,7,8,9,21,22,26-32,42,47,48,56,70 and 100.
  • On 9 November 2009, various "Skill" worlds were released: they required a Skill total exceeding or reaching 1000.


  • Before the 22 new worlds update, World 156 had not existed. However, players were once able to access this world using easy-to-decipher URLs.
  • World 150 was added as the sixth German world on 15 October 2008 with the introduction of PvP worlds. However, World 150 became a RuneScape French world on 10 December 2008.
  • On 16 July 2009, 41 worlds went offline. The worlds affected:4, 5, 7-9, 13-14, 17, 19, 21-22, 26-30, 37, 42, 47-48, 56, 62, 64, 70, 72, 100, 113. Jagex had the issue under control, although a few worlds remained offline for a while.

See also


  1. ^ Shows the locations of the German servers
  • Update:Themed Worlds
  • Update:22 New RuneScape Worlds

External links

  • Game Guide - Themed Worlds
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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

A planet is a celestial body of a certain shape and size with certain characteristics. Some of these characteristics include gravity creating a sphere-like shape and being small enough to be unable to create thermonuclear fusion. Most planets, but not all, orbit one or more stars.

A planet usually has a diameter above 100 kilometers; celestial bodies below this size are usually classified as planetoids or asteroids. Their surfaces, compositions and masses can vary from planet to planet. For example, some planet surfaces may be completely or mostly comprised of water, while other planet surfaces are completely gaseous.

Some planets, like Earth, have one or more satellites (both natural and manufactured), while others, like Vulcan have none.

The Federation has classified planets into several types. One such type, Class M, is able to support a wide variety of life forms.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A purple planet
"A planet can be described as a single organism, a living creature with a skeleton of stone and a heart of molten rock. The species that inhabit a planet, plant and animal alike, from microbe to megalossus, are the planet-creature's organs, internal symbionts, and parasites."
Vergere to Jacen Solo, as an analogy to a Sh'rip Sh'pa

A planet was a celestial body that was in orbit around a star, was neither a star nor a moon, and had cleared out the area around its orbit as it formed by causing all other smaller bodies in its orbit to accrete with it. As a consequence, it would not share its orbital region with any other bodies of significant size, except for moons or those collected later under its gravitational influence.

Depending on the tilt of the planet's axis, planets also had varied seasons with ranging temperatures and weather. Planets were extremely varied in terms of environmental conditions and landscape, ranging from completely oceanic (such as Manaan and Kamino) to thick arboreal rainforests (such as Kashyyyk and Felucia). Some planets, such as Hoth, were completely frozen, while other planets, such as Nelvaan, were experiencing an ice age. Some planets, like Geonosis, Korriban, and Tatooine, were completely barren and desolate, covered in little more than rock and sand; while others (such as Coruscant and Taris) became an ecumenopolis, in which the entire planetary surface was covered by one gigantic city. Many planets, like Dantooine, Naboo, Alderaan, and Corellia, contained a mix of landscapes, with various continents, oceans, and mountains.

Most life-bearing planets had primarily nitrogen and oxygen-based Type I atmospheres; though some (such as Dorin, Gand, and Skako) had unique atmospheres to which their native life forms had adapted. Gas giants, planets made up of primarily gaseous layers, were rarely inhabited, though they were sometimes used for resource collection (such as the Tibanna gas operations on Bespin).



  • Darth Bane: Path of Destruction
  • Darth Bane: Rule of Two
  • Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
  • Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • Yoda: Dark Rendezvous
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars: Empire at War
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (First appearance)
  • Allegiance
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  • Omen
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
  • Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
  • Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption: Prima Official Game Guide
  • Star Wars: Empire at War: Prima Official Game Guide
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter
  • Star Wars: Starfighter


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From TibiaWiki

The game worlds are the different servers on which Tibia is played. Characters can be transferred from the world they live on to another world. The only differences between the servers are their game types (Open PvP, Optional PvP and Hardcore PvP) and which country the servers are located in the real world: Players are recommended to play on servers closer to where they live since it will likely be a better connection.

Aside from the 77 game worlds, there are two additional game worlds (Testa for German servers and Testera for USA servers, both located in Germany) that are Test Servers for Tibia Client Updates.

Here is a list of all the regular Game Worlds:

All Game Worlds

Name Location Server Save Type Online since
Aldora Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP May 13, 2004
Amera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP October 07, 2002
Antica Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP January 07, 1997
Arcania Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP December 22, 2004
Astera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Optional PvP January 25, 2005
Askara Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP August 11, 2005
Aurea Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP August 10, 2004
Azura Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP March 30, 2004
Balera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP July 06, 2005
Berylia Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP May 24, 2005
Candia Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Optional PvP July 13, 2006
Calmera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Optional PvP April 17, 2003
Celesta Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Optional PvP November 24, 2004
Chimera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP March 30, 2004
Danera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP February 16, 2005
Danubia Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP April 17, 2003
Dolera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Hardcore PvP June 29, 2004
Elera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP February 16, 2005
Elysia Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP June 29, 2004
Empera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP April 19, 2005
Eternia Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP February 11, 2003
Fidera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Optional PvP November 17, 2009
Fortera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP October 20, 2004
Furora Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP July 06, 2005
Galana Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP September 16, 2004
Grimera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP May 24, 2005
Guardia Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Optional PvP May 24, 2005
Harmonia Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Optional PvP March 30, 2004
Honera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Optional PvP May 24, 2005
Hiberna Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP December 19, 2003
Inferna Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Hardcore PvP June 29, 2004
Iridia Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP February 16, 2005
Isara Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP July 15, 2003
Jamera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP December 22, 2004
Julera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP November 05, 2003
Keltera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP February 15, 2006
Kyra Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP December 20, 2005
Libera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP November 14, 2002
Lucera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP October 20, 2004
Luminera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Optional PvP July 20, 2005
Lunara Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP December 10, 2002
Magera Image:USA.gif USA Optional PvP November 17, 2009
Malvera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP August 11, 2005
Menera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Optional PvP July 13, 2006
Morgana Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP March 30, 2005
Mythera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP May 13, 2004
Nebula Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP April 19, 2005
Neptera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP July 06, 2005
Nerana Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Optional PvP January 25, 2007
Nova Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP December 19, 2001
Obsidia Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP August 11, 2005
Ocera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP December 20, 2005
Olympa Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Optional PvP November 17, 2009
Pacera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Optional PvP March 30, 2004
Pandoria Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP January 25, 2005
Premia Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP April 03, 2002
Pythera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP November 24, 2004
Refugia Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Optional PvP July 20, 2005
Rubera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP July 10, 2003
Samera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP August 10, 2004
Saphira Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP April 19, 2005
Secura Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Optional PvP November 04, 2002
Selena Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP March 30, 2005
Shanera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP April 19, 2005
Shivera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP January 25, 2005
Silvera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP March 30, 2005
Solera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP March 16, 2004
Tenebra Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP September 16, 2004
Thoria Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP July 06, 2005
Titania Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP March 16, 2004
Trimera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP February 11, 2003
Unitera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Optional PvP January 25, 2007
Valoria Image:Germany.gif Germany 9:00 CET Open PvP November 05, 2003
Vinera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP August 11, 2005
Xantera Image:USA.gif USA 12:00 CET Open PvP June 29, 2004
Xerena Image:Germany.gif Germany 8:00 CET Open PvP February 15, 2006
Zanera Image:USA.gif USA 11:00 CET Open PvP March 30, 2005

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