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Final Fantasy XII Enemy
Wooly Gator
Minimum Stats
Level Evade%
21 0
2,233 175
Power Defense
27 13
M. Pwr M. Def
11 12
Vitality Speed
24 16
1,131 189
Maximum Stats
Level Evade%
22 0
2,253 180
Power Defense
28 13
M. Pwr M. Def
11 12
Vitality Speed
34 16
1,133 205
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Wind Earth Dark Holy
- Weak - -
Japanese ウールゲーター
Romaji Ūrugētā
Location Giza Plains - The Rains (Toam Hills, Starfall Field)
Bestiary Location Giza Plains
LP Awarded 1
Common Steal Braid Wool
Uncommon Steal Smelling Salts
Rare Steal Sirius
Common Drop Braid Wool
Uncommon Drop Wind Stone
Rare Drop Alarm Clock
Very Rare Drop Ho-Potion
Monograph Drop Pebble (30% - Hunter's Monograph)
Canopic Jar Drop Arcana (7%)
Common Poach Braid Wool
Rare Poach Fine Wool
Attacks Attack, Ram, Sonic Fangs, Fangs, Flash
Abilities Shell
Innate abilities Null Knockback
Immune to Doom, Disable*, Sap, Lure
Other Information *Not always Immune

The Wooly Gator is a beast/gator-type enemy from the game Final Fantasy XII. It appears on the Giza Plains during the Rains, and only in the Toam Hills and Starfall Field, near the entrance to Ozmone Plains. It is docile until attacked.


Bestiary Entry

Genus: Beast
Classification: Gator


Page 1: Observations

"Formerly inhabiting tropical climes, the bodies of these fierce predators have begun to adapt to deteriorating climatic conditions by growing a thick coat of spindly hair. Known to spend much of their their time in water, except during their mating season when they are sometimes sighted furtively going about their business during the Rains in Giza Plains. Their jaw, being split into two halves, is well suited for keeping a tight grip on prey, allowing them time to administer a finishing blow as and when they see fit."

Page 2: Sage Knowledge 17 of 78

Main article: Sage Knowledge 1-26#SK 17: The Shiva

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