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Cover Illustration by Dominic Harman
Series: Doctor Who -
Telos Novella
Release Number: 7
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companions: Ben Jackson, Polly
Setting: Earth, America, San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury, January, 1967
Author: Mark Chadbourn
Publisher: Telos Publishing
Publication: April 2003
Format: Hardback Book, ? Pages
ISBN: ISBN 1-903889-14-6 (Standard Edition)
ISBN 1-903889-15-4 (Limited Edition)
Previous Story: Rip Tide
Following Story: Shell Shock


Publisher's Summary

San Francisco 1967. A place of love and peace as the hippy movement is in full swing and everyone is looking forward to the ultimate festival: the human be-in.

Summer, however, has lost her boyfriend, and fears him dead, destroyed by a new type of drug nicknamed Blue Moonbeam. Her only friends are three English tourists: Ben and Polly, and their mysterious guardian and friend the Doctor.

But will any of them help Summer, and what is the strange threat posed by the Blue Moonbeams?



  • In its attempts to communicate with the Doctor, the Colour-Beast sends images of the head of a Cyberman, a Menoptra and components of WOTAN.
  • The Doctor has met The Beatles.


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Wonderland (NA) or Ikai (JP) is a location in Final Fantasy Unlimited. It is a collection of worlds consumed by Chaos, now under the rule of Earl Tyrant. The inhabitants of Wonderland are trapped within their worlds, and because of this they know only despair and fear. The negative emotions are the essence that feeds Chaos.

The Hayakawa twins Yu and Ai and Lisa Pacifist arrived in Wonderland via the Ghost Train that took them to the Inner World. A chance meeting with the Chocobo Chobi enables them to know when the Ghost Train leaves.

Later, Pist Shaz XI created the Ocean Puzzle, which acts as means to travel to random places across Wonderland.


The Dark Pillar

First appearing in the middle of the Sea of Japan twelve years prior to the story, it could be seen by the populace in South Korea, China, Russia and Japan. When it first appeared, two giant creatures; one resembling a gun-headed dragon and one a sword-headed winged serpent, spawned out of the dark pillar, fighting each other while devastating the Japanese naval and air fleet. In the end, both creatures destroyed each other. The shockwave swallowed the geologists Joe and Marie Hayakawa into Wonderland.

Twelve years later, the pillar had become a tourist attraction, possibly due to the best-selling book on the Inner World flora and fauna written by the Hayakawas. When the Hayakawas never returned from their second trip, the Hayakawa twins Yu and Ai went off towards the dark pillar. Apparently, the dark pillar is part of the subway that connects all the Worlds together, and it is through it that the twins, accompanied by Lisa Pacifist, journey through Wonderland.


"Insect Tokyo"

The first world the twins arrived in looks very much like Tokyo, but the buildings were made of plants and the inhabitants are mostly insects. It is here that the twins and Lisa meet with Chobi and Kaze, encounter a mushroom monster, and witness Lisa's Kigen Arts ability.

In a forest nearby, the twins meet with Chocobaba who left Yu a chocobo feather. After a while, the twins had their first meeting with a Lord of Gaudium named Fungus.

Fruit Village

The second world visited by the twins and Lisa, the fruit village is basically a settlement made of fruit, mostly watermelon. This world is inhabited by heavily-depressed shrouded people known as the Apathetics, who basically do nothing but sitting in pubs sipping their drinks or settling at one place quietly.

It is in this world that Ai had her first encounter with Fabula and Fungo, and obtained PoshePocket. Its also in this world that Herba appears and attacked the protagonists with laughing-gas spewed from flower monsters as polin, which after everyone aflicted by the polin is cured by a watermellon seed obtained from PoshiPocket chobi's senses and stability are left muddied. Kaze easily defeats her by summoning Shiva.

Under the grounds of this world is the base of the rebel faction against Earl Tyrant, the Comodeen. Lisa and the twins were introduced to the group by Fungo. But trouble soon appear when Makenshi assaults the entire base, forcing the Comodeen to evacuate.

Fiery Desert

Following their escape, the protagonists arrived at a desert world with pillars of fire. in this area the twins, lisa, and kaze encounter herba once more with a group of monsterous plant like insects. after wandering the desert with the aid of chobi's natural senses the group find fresh water where lisa accidently ignintes the water (due to the high allenium content in the water) when she "doesn't read the spirits" completely herba and her monsters are eventually defeated when kaze summons Bismark destroying all the monsters and putting out the allenium fueld fire

Soil Desert

a barren area that at first appears to be filled with sand, but upon closer examination by lisa she discovers that the sand was in actuality soil. soil the power source for a great deal of machines along with kaze's magun in wonderland is found in vast amounts. in the episode the scenery is viewed from multiple angles one angle towards the sky shows that the soil was pouring out in streams from a false sky. most likley a blue colored rock ceiling indicating that the space that the twins, lisa, lu lupis, and kaze were in a large cave with dozens of other smaller caves. in this area pist uses a special fluid in order to steal the magun from kaze mid shapeshift which prooved pointless due to pist being unable to handle the power from the magun as it blew up in his face.


The twins and Lisa stumble upon a factory with a large group of people in identical factory worker garb known as the Desolates. The Desolates work endlessly to stay alive in the Inner World, assembling and disassembling pieces of machinery in a never-ending loop. They ignore the protagonists and are completely immersed with their work while singing their duty.

In the factory, the protagonists are attacked by Cube-Ashura, a large horned yellow robot build by the Desolates due to Oscha's influence to only assemble the pieces of machinery, resulting with the purposeless Desolates to collapse in horror of loosing the only thing that kept them alive all this time. Fortunately, Kaze (and Chobi) destroyed the robot, with the Desolates resuming their endless task.


A strange manor created by Herba, another Lord of Gaudium. the manor along with the surounding town was created from a material called walnut, a hard stone like substane which was supposedly one of the stronges substances in wonderland. within the manor several strange rooms were found one room that was most notable was a large room filled with dead peppers growing in abundance. The manor and the surounding city was later destroyed at the end of the episode when kaze summoned atomos

Ciel Ruins

a small area within a field area in wonderland where the twins along with lisa first encounter a herd of chocobo being chased down by a giant mushroom monster similar to the one that appeared in the first episode, the Ciel Ruins consisted of a monolith depicted with a writing befiting of chocobos due to the letter system being chocobo footprints in varying angles to indicate certain letters, along with a depiction of the legendry ciel chocobo also in chocobo foot prints but in a constant angle where the middle toe and heel would be pointed at a 90 degree angle, and at the base of the monolith a single stone with a indentation of a chocobo foot print

The Ruins of Fungus' World

a reminante of Fungus's home world, Fungus would inhale the vast amount of mushroom spores to increase his size while using one of the large mushrooms as a weapon turning it into a mace. after being hit by two summons in a row [Ixion and Phoenix] krux a puppet spy created by oscar flyes over head seemingly out of view of all who were present spreads a black mold over the remnant of Fungus's home slowly destroying it. in the end the entire area is destroyed by not only the black mold but by kaze summoning meteor master

Memory Lane

One of the areas visited while in the Ocean Puzzle, the gang meet up with Kaze's old partner, Moogle Kupo. Memory Lane is a dangerous area as it has the power to trap people in their most pleasurable memories, with only children having some resistance, kaze for a short period till he gets hit by a strong energy wave from the radio tower, and Moogle Kupo completely immune due to the red bulb on the end of his antene zapping him with electricity. The area was soon destroyed by Ixion Zero after Moogle repaired/upgraded the magun also destroying the radio tower that was the cause of the entire comodeen's laxed apperance.


The destination of Comodin's goal of obtaining Flying Water. However, Pist's actions resulted with Telos being destroyed to the Earl's dismay. the area is a simple wooded forest with a lone cabin where bolbol lives and sells clothing made of flying water at prices that reach into the extreme. this is also the area where the twins along with lisa and kaze reunite with lu lupus. the area where the flying water is found within telos at first appears to be a lake but due to the properties of flying water the material appears to be a semi solid where vehicles could traverse over the surface to gather some of the floating orbs of flying water. the destruction of the flying water was brought about when pist fired a material called blue allenium into giga phoenix causing the soil that built up the summon to turn into varying shades of blue and gradually erode sending the summon into convulsions of pain making the summon throw balls of flame throuhought the area practily destroying telos.

Cloud Ruins

an emense area where the comodeen's submersable is found suspended within the seemingly solid clouds, within the clouds are found ruins of buildings mostly pillars, colums, and a few floors. Madoushi is encountered here after he was brought back to life by oscha, with a doll that appears to be made of straw, along with his cape and sword. in this area Makenshi faces off against Madoushi fighting against Madoushi's anger and resentment over his own death. at first kaze attempts to fight madoushi but ends up trapped within a pyramid of energy created by a myst summon from Madoushi. the area was eventually destroyed by the clashing energies of Makenshi and Madoushi further fueling chaos

Flower Fields

an area where cid (transformed into a frog) encounters for the first time Chocobaba and Chocoimo along with their chocobo mounts. popping out of a flower cid learns of a way to solve his froggy problem, though the apperance of this area was only for a few minutes it was still connected to the ocean puzzle though the exit and entry point would be dificult to reenter if the comodeen's submersable were to attemtp to reenter after popping out of the flower which appears to be a dandylion. the only one to figure out that the frog wandering about the submersable was acctually cid was kaze. upon seeing the frogified cid kaze's only respons to cid as a frog is "a frog"

Upsidedown Ocean

an unusual area within the ocean puzzle where the ocean was found the sky and the oceans floor in place of the land. in this area Ai falls to the ocean floor after an argument with Yu where she later encounters Clear in an area that looks like a massive coral reef

The Ruins of Misteria

The remants of Makenshi's world, visited during FFU:After. Madoushi's grave is found here

Ocean Puzzle

Their adventures within the Inner World continues when Pist Shaz XI assembled the Ocean Puzzle that sends them to random parts of Wonderland. a demensional trap created by Pist was used to gather the fear and negative energy from the comodin. as the comodin traverse through the ocean puzzle as stated by pist for each cube they pass the ocean puzzle would rotate sending the group to another area, but for each cube they fail they would move closer towards the botom where they would eventually fall into chaos. throughout the Ocean puzzle the comodine run into various areas from wonderland the first being a single stone pillar where the comodine's submersable rests before a giant creature called somosan who initiated a challenge involving riddles which made no sense. for each riddle they succeded they would move closer to the next cube for every wrong answer they would fall deeper to the bottom. another area within the ocean puzzle cid encounters an old frog who turned cid into a frog. another area was memory lane where the comodine along with the twins encounter kaze's old partner Moogle Kupo. two other areas within the ocean puzzle are telos, and eventualy gaudium

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During the Super-Hero Civil War, a group of heroes led by Iron Man, Mister Fantastic and Yellowjacket created a massive prison in the Negative Zone to house captured non-registering heroes as they waited for their trials. It was designated Negative Zone Prison Alpha but nicknamed "Fantasy Island" or "Wonderland" by inmates. Tony Stark himself named it "Project 42", as it had been the 42nd idea out of a hundred that he, Reed Richards and Hank Pym had created following the Stamford Disaster. There were portals to it planned for every single state so prisoners could be transported there by the different teams in the Fifty State Initiative- including one at Ryker's Island. It was very clean, with sanitation, but extremely heavily-guarded, including password-changes every ten minutes.

The prison's most notable former inmates were Iron Fist (posing as Daredevil at the time), Cloak and Dagger, Speedball, Prodigy and Prowler. It was also the setting for the final battle of the super hero civil war, as Iron Man set a trap for Captain America but the Captain retaliated by using his planted mole, Hulkling, to release all the prisoners of 42 who came to his aid. Though in the ensuing battle Cloak managed to teleport all its superhuman detainees out, it remained as a prison for villains such as Lady Deathstrike and Taskmaster. (Taskmaster was later released to become the trainer for new Initiative recruits and Deathstrike seemingly escaped to assist in the Purifiers' crusade to hunt the Messiah Baby.) It also held many of the Sakaaran forces after the events of World War Hulk.

During and after the events of the Skrull Invasion, the caretakers of 42 abandoned the prison, and left the inmates to take over the facility and disconnect themselves from Earth. 42 and its "residents" were later confronted by Blastaar, who had made himself king of the Negative Zone and planned to lead an army to invade Earth via 42's teleportation device. Eventually, one of the prison's inmates, Skeleton Ki, betrayed his inmates and allowed Blastaar and his forces to take over Wonderland.



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English: Wonderland
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Field Image:Field.png
Card Lore: For every monster on your side of the field, increase your life points by 500. With every continuos spell or trap card on your side of the field, increase your opponent's life points by 500.
Sets with this Card: 2008 AZASMITH (18521603)
Card Limit: ?
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
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