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The Wonder Square

The Wonder Square is a location in Final Fantasy VII, part of the Gold Saucer. The Square houses a surprising number of secrets for such a small area, and many of the minigames the player players throughout the game can be replayed here for prizes and GP.



The party first meets Cait Sith here, and after a few failed attempts, he reads Cloud's fortune, foretelling that he will lose something he cherishes but acquire what he seeks. Worried over this ominous prediction, Cait Sith forces Cloud to take him along. Later in the game, when Cait Sith steals the Keystone, a portion of the chase takes the party through the Wonder Square.


The arcade here in the Wonder Square houses many minigames that can be unlocked during the course of the game. Once the player has played the minigame in the storyline, they can return to the Wonder Square and replay it.


Arm Wrestling

Tap Image:Circle-button.png rapidly to beat the virtual opponent. You win 2 GP when you beat the Wrestler and 1 if you beat the Sumo Wrestler. Costs 100 gil to play. Located on the second floor.

Super Dunk

Hold Image:Circle-button.png to charge, and release the button to throw a basketball. If the player misses, they get nothing, if they win they can try again. Once they miss, the player receives 1 GP for every successful hit. Every 10 hits, the player is allowed to take a chance on an 11th shot for double their GP, but if they miss they win nothing. If the player can successfully get 44 consecutive hits, they can win 300 GP. Costs 200 gil to play. Located on the second floor.

Wonder Catcher

There are two crane games that can potentially reward the player with rare items. Costs 100 gil for either machine. The left and right machines have different prizes, as follows. Note that due to a glitch, when the player wins an Ether the game will say they won a Phoenix Down, and vice versa. Located on the second floor.

Left Machine

Prize Chance of getting it
Potion 40.63%
Nothing 29.69%
1 GP 14.06%
3 GP 7.81%
Ether 5.87%
Megalixir 1.16%
80 GP .78%

Right Machine

Prize Chance of getting it
Potion 35%
Nothing 30%
1 GP 20%
3 GP 9%
Phoenix Down 2.5%
Elixir 1%
100 GP .5%


Based on the motorcycle minigame while escaping from Midgar. The player rides behind a truck and must attack enemies to keep them from ramming the truck - Image:Circle-button.png attacks right and Image:Square-button.png attacks left. They earn 500 points for killing enemies and lose 25 points every time the truck is hit. The player wins 2 GP for any score, but if they score 10,000 points or more they win 10 GP, and the first time they get 10,000 points they also win a Speed Source. Costs 200 gil to play. Located on the 3rd Floor.

Crystal Fortune

The fortune teller has no prizes to give out and only dispenses hints on where to go next. However, it only works on Disk 1, on Disk 2/3 it only says "never give up hope". Costs 50 gil to play. Located on the third floor.

Mog's House

Mog's House

Not so much as game as it is a scene. The game introduces a Mog (named Mog) who is at the age when he should be looking for a mate, and he is trying to learn how to fly to impress the female Mogs. The player must feed Mog about 5 Kupo Nuts so he can learn to fly, but if they feed him too much or too little, he'll fail. Once he learns how to fly, Mog meets a female named Mag. The player must now feed him 3 Kupo Nuts so he can fly and impress her. Afterward, the two have many little Mog children. Although the game itself offers no reward, the first time the player completes the game, the man in front of the game gives them 30 GP. Costs 100 gil to play. Located on the third floor.

3-D Battler

A "rock-paper-scissors" type game, the player faces five opponents. Image:X-button.png is a low attack, Image:Square-button.png is a middle attack, and Image:Triangle-button.png is a high attack. High attack beat low attacks, middle attacks beat high attacks, and low attacks beat middle attacks. Two attacks of the same type cancel each other out.

The more opponents the player beats, the more GP they win. They win 3 GP for beating the 2nd opponent, 30 for beating the 3rd, and 300 GP for beating four opponents. However, it is physically impossible to defeat the fifth and final opponent, so no prize for doing so exists. Costs 200 gil to play.


A replay of the snowboarding minigame at Icicle Inn, the player rides one of three courses, collecting balloons and avoiding obstacles. Image:X-button.png is jump and Image:Square-button.png is brake. At the end of the course, they're rated on how many balloons they got, how long they took and how many obstacles they hit. For a score of approximately 90+ points, the player wins some GP and a one-time prize. For A Course, they win 30 GP and a Safety Bit, for B Course they win 100 GP and an All Materia, and for C Course they will 300 GP and a Crystal Bangle. Costs 200 gil to play any of the three courses. Located on the third floor.

Once the player has won a course's prizes, they can enter a time trial mode on that course and race to beat their best times. Eventually they can cause a "ghost" of their record time to appear on the course so they may race against it. However, there is no prize for time trial mode no matter how fast the player goes.

Unlike other minigames, this one can be played by characters other than Cloud. Every so often, Tifa and Cid will ask to play. Using them is completely optional, and has no effect on the game in any important fashion.

Torpedo Attack

A replay of the battle for the Huge Materia at the Junon Underwater Reactor. The player must shoot down a number of enemy submarines. Image:X-button.png is slow down, Image:Triangle-button.png is speed up, and Image:Square-button.png is fire. The number of enemies submarines and their HP increases by each difficulty level, up to level 5. For winning, the player gets 20 GP, plus a one-time special item. Located on the third floor.

Difficulty Prize
Level 1 20 GP + Ink
Level 2 20 GP + T/S Bomb
Level 3 20 GP + Dragon Fang
Level 4 20 GP + Dragon Scales
Level 5 20 GP + Cauldron


The attendant at the entrance to the arcade will allow the player to trade in GP for items. The items for trade are as follows:

Name Cost
Potion 1 GP
Ether 20 GP
X-Potion 80 GP
Turbo Ether 100 GP
Gold Ticket 300 GP
Carob Nut 500 GP
Gil Up Materia* 1,000 GP
Exp Up Materia* 2,000 GP

* Only one available.

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