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Wonders or Unexplored Lands are a set of unlockable extras in Final Fantasy Tactics. They have an influence only as an aspect of game completion, as finding all of the wonders gives the player the maximum explorer rank, but do not otherwise affect the game. They are parallel to the artefacts, which act in much the same way. They are unlocked by taking errands from a tavern, with a set group of errands resulting in the player discovering a randomly-chosen wonder.

Each wonder is a short description of an ancient ruin or mystical region, all of them drawn from Final Fantasy tradition. As a result, some of them would be accurate descriptions even were they to be transplanted into their originating games, though many mix and match such elements. This practice would later be echoed by the Final Boss-inspired Espers in Final Fantasy XII, indicating the wonders are not to be dismissed as elements of Ivalice, despite their origins.

There are some significant differences between the narratives found in the original translation of Final Fantasy Tactics and those in the War of the Lions retranslation. This is due to the more faithful translation of the latter, which took note of such things as the Cataclysm, interpreted by the original translators as a number of unrelated events.


List of Wonders

Shrine of Chaos

The Shrine of Chaos

When the world was young, the primal deities sealed Jaed the Netherlord deep beneath the earth. Its decrepit chambers tainted by a foul and unholy air, the Shrine of Chaos is said to mark the site of his prison.

Forbidden Land Eureka

Forbidden Land Eureka

This once prosperous capital of the Kashka Dynasty was destroyed in the Cataclysm, along with the vast legacy of its royal family. It is now a necrohol, populated by spirits drawn to the shades of its past glory.



The capital of the ancient Palamecian Empire. The towering mountain range encircling the city guarded it from even the most ambitious airship captains. A warping device was the only means of bypassing this natural barrier.

Mirage Tower

The Mirage Tower

This ancient tower links the Castle of Ronka to the earth below. Its magicked façade shields it against casual inspection. However, the enchantment’s unstable nature allows it to be seen as a mirage-like image at times.

Floating Castle

The Floating Castle

The winged ones possessed technology allowing them to transmute cloudstone into crystals, like the ones that keep this castle aloft. Unfortunately, both the winged ones and their wondrous knowledge were lost in the Cataclysm.

Matoya's Cave

Matoya's Cave

Court thaumaturge Matoya once enjoyed the adoration of the ancient Ronkan peoples, but that ended with her creation of the Enthralled—a work of witchcraft to the lay eye. It was then she took up residence here.

Crystal Tower

The Crystal Tower

This spire, once the heart of the ancient kingdom of Baron, was protected by the labyrinthine city at its base. The tower’s crystal walls were a symbol of the royal family’s wealth and power, but also of oppression.

Floating Continent

The Floating Continent

Theories once abounded as to what this mass of land might be. Academics have now settled on one prevailing theory: The Cataclysm caused a shift in the balance of subterranean cloudstone, allowing it to surface.

Fortress of Trials

the Fortress of Trials

Once a place of training for the royal guard in the ancient , this castle was lost in the Cataclysm. Graduates of the institution once filled the ranks of the Red Wings, a prestigious airship corps.

Tower of Bab-Il

The Tower of Bab-Il

A legendary tower that extends to the heavens from deep below the earth. Also called the Tower of the Colossi, this mighty spire withstood the Cataclysm, and is a priceless remnant of ancient civilization.

Ronkan Ruins

The Ronkan Ruins

The Ronkan Dynasty dominated the world from its skyborne castle until an enigmatic plague brought about its sudden and tragic demise. Today its empty ruins float in a cold and desolate silence.


The village of Falgabard

This village is said to have been inhabited by an order of dark knights. While the fell blades of these knights lent them great power, they also cut short their lives. The order’s numbers dwindled, until at last none remained.

Phantom Train

The Phantom Train

The Phantom Train became so known for its primary purpose during an ancient war—the transport of battalions of the ghastly Enthralled. It is also called the Chariot of the Damned.

Tozus Village

The village of Tozus

A race of gnomes known as the Lilliputians inhabits this village. These gnomes were ruled by a merciless dictator until a mighty giant known as Atlas freed them at long last from their oppression.

Chocobo Forest

The Chocobo Forest

Naught but a glimpse of light creeps into this deep wood. Rare breeds of chocobo thrive in this mystical forest, and the World Tree is rumoured to be at its center. The pungent scent of chocobo fills the air.

Semitt Falls

The Semitt Falls

A site of significance for the ancient Palamecian Empire. Mythril was mined beneath these majestic falls, while extacium—a fuel used by the airships of the day—could be gleaned from their magickal waters.

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Location Wilderness north of Goblin Village
Skill requirements None.
Quest requirements None.
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