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Chak: "So where are the vital spots on these things, anyway?"
Watchman: "I'm not sure there are any vital spots. They look like normal animals, but their internal structure seems to be highly decentralized, with their nervous systems and vital organs distributed throughout their bodies. You have to basically turn the whole animal into chopped meat to stop it."
Chak: "I'll remember that."
Chak Fel and Watchman

The Wolvkil was a feral creature that was utilized by the Vagaari in 22 ABY during their attempt to destroy the remains of Outbound Flight. Wolvkils in stasis could be worn over the shoulders of a Vagaari warrior and had a long-snouted head with clawed forepaws. The Vagaari used elaborate blue-and-gold collars around their necks which could be used to put them into stasis or bring them out.

Two aspects made the Wolvkil very dangerous; one being the remarkable speed that it was capable of accomplishing, making it a quick killer. Secondly was their resilient and powerfully-enduring bodies which were capable of shrugging off blaster shots to the head itself, even withstanding direct hits with a Chiss charric. This was related to the creatures' decentralized organs which prevented them from being fatally injured by ordinary means, allowing them the chance to shred their prey easily. The only quick and efficient way of killing these creatures was to either destroy the entire body with an explosive or acidic compound or by cutting them in half with melee weapons as strong as a lightsaber.

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