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Wolfgang in Sesame Street Stays Up Late!
Design Team:
Richard Termine • (designer)

Wolfgang the Seal is an excitable seal on Sesame Street, who communicates through a series of barks.

Wolfgang has a great affinity for fish. If he so much as hears the word "fish," he is apt to go into a frenzy, so other characters avoid saying the word in his presence.

He has appeared on Sesame Street since Season 22. In his early years he was owned by Uncle Wally, who taught the seal how to play a series of horns with his nose.

He also appeared in the special Sesame Street Stays Up Late!, where he balanced a beach ball (representing Times Square's annual New Year's Eve custom of lowering a large crystalline ball on top of a building) on his nose.

His birthday is December 23rd.

Book appearances

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Fallout 3 NPC overhaul project
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Crazy Wolfgang
race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Uncle Roe
role: Traveling Caravan Merchant
location: Loops through Canterbury Commons, Temple of the Union, Agatha's House, Paradise Falls, Arefu, Evergreen Mills, Megaton, and Rivet City
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Merchant Empire
karma: Good
SPECIAL: 4 ST 5 PE 4 EN 7 CH 5 IN 6 AG 5 LK
actor: Craig Sechler
base id: 00063BFA
ref id: 00063C07

Crazy Wolfgang is an eccentric Caravan Merchant specializing in the sale of junk. He wanders the wastes in 2277.



Wolfgang might act insane, but he only plays the madman for sales. His inventory is mostly random junk, making him useful for finding custom-weapon components or just cashing in gear for Caps.[1] Dialogue with Uncle Roe states that Wolfgang is aware that his choice of shop specialty is unusual and won't, in and of itself, draw a big crowd, so he adopted the persona of a rather eccentric traveling merchant to draw people in. He also considers his use of the terms "junk," "garbage" and other such terms to describe his wares to be a very successful marketing ploy, often using them to rather humorous effect.

Daily schedule

Crazy Wolfgang, like all merchants, follows a winding course around the eastern half of the map, stopping at Megaton, Rivet City, Canterbury Commons, Arefu, Evergreen Mills, Paradise Falls, Temple of the Union, and Agatha's House.

Interactions with the player character

Crazy Wolfgang can be bartered with, and he can repair your items.

His inventory includes random bits and pieces used for constructing weapons, and also a copy of the Rock-It Launcher schematics. Crazy Wolfgang's local inventory can be found in Uncle Roe's house in the first metal box in the corner.

Unmarked Quest: Merchant Empire

Main article: Merchant Empire

Initially, his repair skill is at 15%, but after talking to Uncle Roe for further Caravan Merchant investment]], his inventory will expand, and his repair skill jumps to a maximum of 75. After the second investment he also sells Pre-War Books. However these books have purple covers and cannot be traded in at Arlington Library. After the second investment, he rewards you with 5-7 Stealth Boys, depending on your level.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Roving Trader Outfit R91 Assault Rifle - Crazy Wolfgang's Supply Key
Related NPCs RefID BaseID
Crazy Wolfgang's Caravan Guard 00052bc2 00069c45
Crazy Wolfgang's Pack Brahmin 0002d598 00027de5


  • Agatha includes a shout out to her "old friend" Crazy Wolfgang in her broadcast, saying, "No one can scour the Wasteland and find such oddities as you".


  • I hear you're the one who's so deeply invested in my junk.
  • A friend with deep pockets is a friend indeed!
  • Hey, hey! Looking to buy?


Crazy Wolfgang appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide

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Final Fantasy

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Wolfgang is a Hume NPC from Final Fantasy XI. He is Captain of the Ducal Guard in Jeuno, just as his father, Brandolf, was during the Great War. He is a friend of Monberaux.

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This is the Wolfgang disambiguation page.

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Specifics: toys, maybe some fiction
This article is about the Maximal wolf. For the Predacon wolf from the Japanese Beast Wars reissue series, see Wolfang (BWTS).
Wolfang is a Maximal from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
I saw Wolfang drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's. His hair was perfect.

Wolfang is a quick and agile loner who likes to hunt Predacons in beast mode. Upon transforming into robot mode, he likes to use the "secret attack launcher" that was his beast mode's tail.

French name (Canada): Croc
Japanese name: Howlinger (ハウリンガー ha-u-ri-n-gā)
Spanish name: Lobo
Italian name: Wolf



Dreamwave Summer Special

On their way back to Cybertron, Rattrap recalls meeting three unknown Maximals named Wolfang, Bonecrusher, and Optimus Minor, when they save him from Dinobot 2 in the wilderness. He asked them to join the Axalon's crew, but they declined because of some other mysterious purpose that they couldn't elaborate on. Wolfang and the others asked Rattrap to keep their existence a secret, and he acquiesced. Ain't No Rat

IDW Beast Wars comics

In touch with the ground, I'm on the hunt, I'm after you.

Wolfang was one of the protoforms left behind by the crew of the Axalon on prehistoric Earth. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request, but was protected from Magmatron's Predacon shell-program by Razorbeast's viral code. He was one of the first Maximals Razorbeast hooked up with, and participated in the Maximals' failed attempt to send a distress signal back to present-era Cybertron. The Gathering However, upon return to Cybertron, he was slaughtered in the battle against Shokaract. The Ascending issue 4

Note: The Transformers Summer Special story was originally going to be a prologue for Dreamwave's Beast Wars series. After Dreamwave collapsed, IDW picked up the project and Simon Furman reworked the original plan into The Gathering; as a result, the three new Maximals from Dreamwave's story figured prominently into IDW's first limited series.


Beast Wars

  • Wolfang (Deluxe, 1996)
    • Japanese ID number: C-9
    • Accessories: Tail/launcher, back/shield, 2 missiles
Wolfang transforms into a wolf. In robot mode, his mutant head flips down to cover his normal head. His wolf mode's back becomes a shield while the tail becomes a spring-loaded missile launcher in robot mode; two anchor-shaped missiles are stored in Wolfang's midsection.
This mold was redecoed to make the Predacon also named Wolfang, and retooled to make K-9 and Max-B.
  • Howlinger vs Buzz Saw (Multi-pack, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-9
In Japan, Wolfang was available both as an individual release, and in a "Vs." pack with the Predacon Buzz Saw. Both toys are identical to their individual releases.


  • Wolfang was originally to be the first new character to join the Beast Wars cartoon, but that role was instead filled by Tigatron, due to the fact that Tigatron's animation model is a tweak of the already-in-cartoon Cheetor.
  • There is a ghostly character in the Mega Bloks Pyrates line called Howlinger. This is Swiper's fault.
  • Wolfang seems to be something of a Grimlock fan, noting that while the preds had Ravage, they had Grimlock in The Ascending Part 1, and considering the rampaging dinosaur a godsend in Part 2.

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