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This article is about the quest. For item from The Great Brain Robbery of the same name, see Wolf whistle.



Official quest description: The venerable druid Pikkupstix is in a bind. He needs someone to help him with a little problem. Well, a large, angry, destructive problem, to be exact! Summon your courage and prepare to learn the deeper mysteries of nature, such as what druids keep in their basements, and how large a rabbit can get before it becomes a little too big...
Release date: 15 January 2008 (Update)
Start: Pikkupstix's house, Taverley
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short
Members only: Yes
Requirements: Nothing (killing two 25/38/73-level wolves helps a lot)
Items needed: 2 Wolf bones obtained as part of the quest
Monsters to kill: None


  • Speak to Pikkupstix in Taverley. He will explain (between bursts of noise from upstairs in his house) that there is a Summoning obelisk underneath his house and that the source of the noise is a Giant wolpertinger, a rabbit-like creature. He will also tell the player that he sent his assistant Stikklebrix on an errand to find some items to help with the problem, but he has not returned. Pikkupstix will send you upstairs, so climb up the ladder, where you get to watch a cut-scene. Then talk to Pikkupstix again.
Hate to imagine that sound...
  • After the player has volunteered to help, take 2 Wolf bones to Pikkupstix. These can be obtained by searching the corpse of Stikklebrix, which is a short way up the path to the top of the mountain or by simply killing two white wolves that are wandering all around the White Wolf Mountain. Wolves are also available in the werewolf trading post and the Stronghold of Security level one.
The dead druid.
  • Return to Pikkupstix and give him the wolf bones. He will then give the player the following items:
  1. 2 Gold charms
  2. 2 Pouches
  3. 1 Trapdoor key
  4. 14 Spirit shards
  • "Use" 'ONE' of the Spirit wolf pouches on the obelisk again to create 10 Howl scrolls.
  • Return to Pikkupstix for further instructions.
  • Go upstairs again and your character will state that they will summon the spirit wolf, and a short cut-scene will ensue in which the wolpertinger will notice you.
Confronting the Wolpertinger.
  • After the cut-scene, right mouse click upon the Spirit Wolf pouch and select "Summon spirit wolf". This will bring up the Summoning control panel.
  • Right-click on the icon the Howl scroll at the top left of the control panel, select "Cast Howl", this and then select the Giant wolpertinger (it's similar to the "Use" option).
  • You'll get another cut-scene and your Spirit Wolf will disappear.
  • Speak to Pikkupstix again.
  • Go back downstairs to renew your Summoning skill points (right mouse click on the Obelisk).
  • Finally, return to Pikkupstix to claim your reward. Congratulations, quest complete!


The Wolf Whistle reward.

With the 276 XP you will be level 4 Summoning. The items you get is enough to advance you to level 16 in Summoning.


Music unlocked:

Animal Apogee : Dungeon under the quest starter of Wolf's Whistle after you get the key


  • In the initial dialogue, the reference to "a rabbit" and "one rabbit stew coming right up" are references to the Tim the Enchanter scene in Monty Python's The Holy Grail movie.
  • The Gold charms that Pikkupstix gives are different to the mainstream ones, these have a destroy option and are not stackable.
  • When the player climbs up the ladder to confront the Wolpertinger, the player says "Mustn't look around, bunny will eat me". This is likely a reference to one episode of The Simpsons when Bart couldn't sleep while in the scary clown bed Homer made for Bart, who said "Can't sleep, clown will eat me" several times.
  • On the day of the release, the price of wolf bones skyrocketed from 15 gp up to 8000 gp because the bones were needed to complete the quest. Many players did not realise they could obtain bones from Stikklebrix, so the White Wolf Mountain was full of people killing wolves and hoping for bones. This helped lower level players get through the mountain as the wolves were occupied with higher-levels.
  • Pikkupstix is a name play on "Pick-up sticks" and Stikklebrix is a play on Stickle Bricks.
  • If you attempted to type Pikkupstix, part of it would get censored: pikkupst*x. This glitch was fixed as of 7 May 2008.
  • A wolf whistle is a type of whistling in which fingers are inserted in the mouth to produce a louder and more penetrating tone.
  • Wolf Whistle is the name of a theme song for the Japanese anime Spice and Wolf.
  • During the cutscene, your character will perform the scared emote even if it hasn't been unlocked.
  • During the quest, Pikkupstix will say that his summoning level isn't high enough for the action, although he is wearing a summoning skill cape.
  • As of 9 November 2009, a few sound effects have been added to the Wolf Whistle quest.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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File:Wolf Whistle.gif
This item is in the Household Items class
Wolf Whistle
Attributes: Summons a wolf and plays music notes when used.
Weight: 1.00 oz.
Loot value: Negotiable gp.
Dropped by: None.
Buy from: Players.
Sell to: Players.
Notes: Playing it will summon a wolf, but, like a piggy bank, it can break when it is used.

It was the prize of a Movie Competition hosted by TibiaCity, and of a Picture Telling Competition hosted by Tibia RP.

Looks the same as a Wooden Whistle.

See also: Items.
Add historical information about this item.
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