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The Wizard Rod as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

The Wizard Rod (ウィザードロッド Wizādo Roddo), also known as Wizard Staff or Wizard's Staff, is a recurring weapon in the series, that can either be one of the weaker or stronger weapons in each game that it appears in. It is namely used by mages, and oftentimes increases Magic power tremendously, though this is not always the case.




Final Fantasy

The Wizard's Staff makes its debut in this game. It can only be equipped by a Black Wizard, and casts Confuse when used as an item. It has an Attack and Accuracy of 15.

Final Fantasy II

The Wizard's Staff is the fourth strongest staff in the game, boasting 64 Attack power, 68% Accuracy, and 2% Evasion. It also casts Scourge XVI on a random enemy when used as an item, and can be found in the Tower of Mysidia. It is bought for 10,000 gil.

Final Fantasy III

The Wizard Rod is the second weakest rod in the game. It grants 20 Attack power and +5 Intellect, and can only be bought at Northeast Saronia. It can only be used by Onion Knights, Black Mages, Evokers, Red Mages, Magus, Summoners, and Sages.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Wizard Rod is a high-ranked rod that provides 21 Attack, 5% Accuracy, and +9 Intelligence. It also is Fire, Ice, and Lightning-elemental, and can only be found in Palom's Challenge Dungeon.

Final Fantasy VII

The Wizard Staff is a weapon usable by Aeris, though it does not have any special properties aside from Double Materia growth.

Final Fantasy IX

The Wizard Rod is the second strongest rod in the game, being trumped only by the Whale Whisker. It can only be used by Garnet, and has an Attack power of 31. It teaches the abilities Curaga, Protect, and Shell, and it available on the last disc of the game.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Wizard Rod can be bought for 8,000 gil, or by poaching a Dark Behemoth. It has an Attack power of 4, Weapon Defense of 20%, and increases Magic by 2.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Wizard Rod is a level 44 rod that increases Attack by 44, HP by 167, and Defense by 1.

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