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In-Game Wizard Alternate Advancements Tree
Click the icons for more detailed info on each AA
Subclass alternate advancements don't change names while you level up.
For example, a level 9 Coercer has a spell Medusa Gaze which he received at level 2. For that Coercer, in the "Coercer Tree" tab of the Alternate Advancements window, the first AA on the top row will be called Enhance: Medusa Gaze. When he gets upgrades to the Medusa Gaze spell, like Medusa Gaze II, Medusa Gaze III, etc... the alternate advancement will still be displayed as Enhance: Medusa Gaze.
The links below will link to the names based on the "first" spell in the line.
Enhance: Solar Flare Enhance: Consolidation Enhance: Ice Spears Enhance: Heatwave Enhance: Magma Chamber Enhance: Vital Transfer Enhance: Bolt of Ice Enhance: Electron Storm Enhance: Converge Enhance: Blip Enhance: Magi's Shielding (Wizard) Enhance: Exothermicity Enhance: Ro's Coil Enhance: Concussive (Wizard) Enhance: Storming Tempest Enhance: Solar Wind Enhance: Ball of Magma Enhance: Harvest Mana Enhance: Glacial Shield Enhance: Fission Enhance: Surge of Ro Enhance: Mana Intromission Enhance: Velium Gift Fireshape Manaburn Spell Reach Iceshape
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  • Enhance: Ball of Magma
  • Enhance: Blip
  • Enhance: Bolt of Ice
  • Enhance: Concussive (Wizard)
  • Enhance: Consolidation
  • Enhance: Converge
  • Enhance: Electron Storm
  • Enhance: Exothermicity
  • Enhance: Fission

E cont.

  • Enhance: Harvest Mana
  • Enhance: Heatwave
  • Enhance: Ice Spears
  • Enhance: Magi's Shielding (Wizard)
  • Enhance: Magma Chamber
  • Enhance: Mail of Frost
  • Enhance: Mana Intromission
  • Enhance: Ro's Coil
  • Enhance: Solar Flare
  • Enhance: Solar Wind

E cont.

  • Enhance: Storming Tempest
  • Enhance: Surge of Ro
  • Enhance: Velium Gift
  • Enhance: Vital Transfer





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