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The Wizard's mind bomb is a drink which temporarily boosts a player's Magic level, though it seriously affects the player's melee combat skills. It is sold at the Rising Sun Inn, Falador or from Tostig in the Toad and Chicken located in Burthorpe. It also can be brewed by players using the Cooking skill.


The player's Magic level will be raised by 2 if it is 49 or below, and by 3 if it is 50 or above.

It is not advised to rely on this to cast a player's main combat spell, though using one in combat can enable the player to open with something more powerful, and get more hits until it wears off. Losing 3 Defence levels is only a problem if the player's target is able to retaliate.

It is more useful to enable the use of non-combat spells earlier than otherwise possible, great for jewellery enchantment or High Alchemy, though unless the player is very quick, the number of items the player can process on a single drink will be quite low.

It is also useful in enabling the player to telegrab at level 31 instead of level 33 and for free-to-play mage pures because it doesn't lower any stats as long as they are already 1. (it does affect your combat skills now) 1/9/2010

It is often used as a way for members to get into the Wizard's Guild in Yanille without having the requirement of 66 Magic, as part of some quests or for buying from the shops inside.

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