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Official quest description: A new disturbance has been noted in the Temple of Light by Thorgel, the dwarf who unwittingly mined his way to the Death Altar. Luckily, the disturbance is far less threatening than what was faced in Mourning's Ends Part II, but it is still highly curious. Guide Arianwyn to the temple's depths and locate the source of this energy, and you might find an unusual way of harnessing it...
Release date: 13 October 2009 (Update)
Start: Talk to Arianwyn in Lletya.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes

Note: Boosts CANNOT be used

Items needed:
Monsters to kill: None



  • Talk to Arianwyn. He is in Lleyta at the east end at the blue star icon File:Questicon.PNG. Agree to help him. He wants to accompany you to the Temple of Light in disguise to talk to Thorgel there about the latest threat to the temple's security. You will need to provide two sets of Mourner gear, create a diversion and enchant a blank teleport crystal to get him in.
  • For the two sets of Mourner gear, one for you and one for Arianwyn, you'll need to kill a Mourner.
    • If you kept one set from Mourning's Ends Part II, you can equip that to enter the basement of the Mourner HQ (the north-easternmost building in West Ardougne) and kill a level 108 Mourner for another set.
    • If you do not already have a Mourner set then you will need to go Arandar to fight the level 11 Mourner which will lower all the combat stats to 20. The gear will be intact.
  • Head to the Mourner's HQ in West Ardougne and go through the trapdoor near the staircase. You'll need your Mourner's set for this. You'll also need a New key and Tarnished key to enter the Gnome's prison. If you don't have one in your bank and cannot search the desk for another, try your key ring.
  • Talk to the gnome in the HQ prison. Agree to free him and he will agree to create a diversion. (You can free him later, just before you talk to Arianwyn to complete the quest)
  • Enchant the crystal in the dungeon near the entrance to the Temple of Light, near the dead Mourners and slaves, but away from harm of the Shadows. You must remove the gas mask before attempting to enchant the crystal. The location is several paces east of the dead slave. If you are not in an appropriate spot you will not be able to chant the seed and will be prompted to move to a better location.
    Good Enchanting/Singing Spot

A cutscene will occur.

  • Put your gasmask back on, and return to Lletya to talk to Arianwyn. He will be wearing the mourner gear, ask about the diversion, and take the enchanted teleport crystal. If you are ready to enter the temple with him, agree to start. You will need the Crystal trinket, Colour wheel from Mourning's Ends Part II to enter the temple (if you no longer have the Crystal trinket simply ask Arianwyn for another, colour wheel can be obtained from the dead guard during the quest if not in your bank) and a way to enter the Death altar, like a Death talisman or Death tiara; Arianwyn will give you one, once, if asked. Some food might be needed too. When ready, Arianwyn will teleport you and then himself to the spot where you enchanted the crystal. You cannot be teleported if you have a familiar following you.

The Death Altar

  • Enter the temple and find Thorgel, who is by the mysterious ruins that go to the Death altar. To get to the altar through the Temple, it is necessary to go to the top level of the Temple and then, from there, work your way down 2 sets of stairs to the area where you will find Thorgel.
    • Beware the shadows that will attack you in the temple. They can hit for up to 13 points of damage and do so regularly if they get near you. Arianwyn will shoot attacking Shadows with a Crystal bow, he will always kill them with one shot, but the shadows can attack you before being shot. Also, be aware, that at some points later in the quest Arianwyn will *not* travel with you and, therefore, will not kill the shadows—some food or prayer/super restore pots are a prudent idea.
    • Enter the temple and go up the stairs to second floor.
    • Go south to end and go up the ladder to third floor.
    • Go north and then west then down the double stairs in the middle to second floor.
    • Go down third stairs to first floor to the light door to the death altar.
    • A map of the temple of light.
  • Rotate the mirror of the red beam (east) until you are able to pass through the light door and gain access to Thorgel. Be aware that if the door to Thorgel is "open" the door back into the Temple will, by design, be "closed".
A player getting power from the Death altar.
  • Talk to Thorgel. He tells you to talk to Arianwyn; do so. Inspect/investigate the energised pillar to the east of you. Talk to Arianwyn again. You tell him the energy of the pillar reminds you of the crystal trinket and that you will next use the trinket on the pillar
  • Use the trinket on the pillar. A short cut scene with a bright flash of light appears. Return to talk to Arianwyn again. You discover the trinket is insufficient to absorb the required amount of energy, but Arianwyn thinks your body will do the trick. You just need to use your body like you used the trinket in Mourning's Ends Part II! Thorgel enters the death altar to assist you.
  • Enter the death altar. Talk to Thorgel there. He'll help you onto the altar, where you become energised. The energy lasts only a short amount of time, so be quick for the next steps.
    • Note: Arianwyn will not be protecting you. Set Protect from melee on; do not lose any time fighting the Shadows.
  • Return to the mysterious ruins via the death altar portal. Rotate the first pillar of light by the stairs so that you can access the stairs. Go up and use the stairs to the north. Run east then south to the Black Crystal on the west end of the third floor, and touch it.
A player who has been energised.
  • Run back down the stairs to the pillar and rotate it so that the mysterious ruins can be accessed. Run to the energised pillar and touch it. If you are still energised, you will be teleported to another location. If you are not quick enough, you will need to become energised again and repeat the process.
    • Note: Occasionally you will be teleported back to the Light Temple even after getting to the energised pillar quickly. If this happens, you can quickly click the pillar again and be teleported again to the Light Puzzle room without having to become energised on the Death altar again. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or not.

Light Puzzle

Note: The positions of receivers differ from player to player.

  • Watch the cut scene when you teleport to the next location, as it contains clues you need for the puzzle. Search the dead slave for a set of notes, a Colour wheel, a Bronze hatchet, and a Knife
  • Read the notes, which contain more clues. Solve the puzzle in this location. A beam of blue light comes into the place from the blue light emitter on the east wall. That wall also has red and green light emitters, which are not functioning. The west wall has a large stone door that must be opened and four light receivers. You must use the crystal trees, rotate the crystal cores, and use the colour wheel to guide the light so that the door on the west wall can be opened. The key to understanding the colour wheel is to match up colours which are opposite each other on the wheel. For example, on the wheel, yellow is opposite blue, therefore, to "unlock" the yellow light receiver you have to use a blue light beam. Some of the crystal trees may need to be chopped with the hatchet and shaped with the knife to become crystal cores.
  • The blue beam of light must be guided into the yellow light receiver. This activates the red light emitter and the green light receiver. It may be the case that not every player sees the yellow receiver in the same spot but, wherever it is, the yellow receiver requires a blue beam of light to "unlock" it.
  • The red and blue beams of light must then be combined into a magenta beam which is directed to the green receiver. This will unlock the green light emitter. The red and blue beams do not have to follow the *exact* same path to the green receiver as long as they combine into the magenta beam which can then be directed to the receiver.

Note When directing the magenta beam into the green receiver you do not have to keep the blue beam directed at the yellow receiver. This applies to the next step as well.

A player directing all three beams of light into the black receiver.
  • The green and blue beams of light must be combined into a cyan (light green-blue) beam which is then guided into the red light receiver. As previously, the green and blue beams will not take exactly the same path to the red receiver but will join up part way to make a cyan beam which is then directed the rest of the way. This activates the black light receiver.
  • All three beams of light must be guided into the black light receiver. When combined the red, green and blue beams will make a white beam. As with the previous steps, the beams will start out along quite different paths but will eventually come together to form a white beam which can be guided into the receiver. This white beam must be directed into the black receiver (technically the black receiver is referred to as having "no colour" if you examine it). This causes a ladder to appear along the south wall.

Platform Puzzle

In the middle of the maze of pain.
Shooting the target with the Crystal ballista.
  • Climb up the ladder. You will find yourself on a platform. You must jump from platform to platform (by clicking on the gap) until you get to the one with the ballista. The path through the maze can be seen by looking at the mini-map. However, spikes will shoot out from the floor of some platforms in certain spots, damaging 10 hp every couple seconds you stand on one, so you must time your jumps right. Note that some platforms don't have spikes, so you can use those as safe spots. BE WARNED: If you die you must REPEAT the light puzzle to regain entry. Retrieving any items is almost impossible.
  • Even on the platforms which do have spikes it is possible to make your way across without taking damage. On some of the platforms the spikes are static (stay in one spot) and on these platforms it is possible to jump across the gap at a spot with no spikes then quickly run across the spots which do have spikes when the spikes are down and make your way through to the next platform safely. On platforms where the spikes are rotating, wait till the spikes move through the spot you wish to jump across the gap at then jump across and "follow" the spikes around the platform until you get to where you wish to jump off the platform to the next. It is possible—though it does require careful timing—to negotiate the entire course without taking any damage. However, it is not recommended to attempt this for the first time without an adequate supply of food.
  • When you reach the platform with the crystal ballista, shoot the ballista at the right time to hit the target. This causes the door in the west wall of the previous room below to open. Go back across the maze and climb down the ladder. Keep firing the ballista at the moving target until the target actually disappears—this indicates that you have successfully hit the target and opened the large stone door in the previous room. You can take as many shots as you need before you finally hit the target.
  • Go through the now-open door in the west wall and search the dead Elf messenger in the corridor. Find and read a report, the Prifddinas report, in which Iestin indicates that you are in a 'corridor of light' that, before it partially collapsed, lead from the temple to an 'under-city', under Prifddinas, which has been reverted to crystal.
  • Return to the death altar and talk to Thorgel. Thorgel tells you that Arianwyn has returned to Lletya.

Note: Now is your chance to save the Gnome if you intend to, but it is completely optional. Head back to the Mourner's HQ and talk to the Head Mourner. It is advised to read the section below which explains more about the gnome.

  • Go to Lletya and talk to Arianwyn. As you talk, you give him the report. He realises that Prifddinas has reverted to a giant crystal and plans to send Thorgel and other dwarves to clear out the corridor of light to the under-city.
The conclusion of the knowledge earned from the quest.

Quest complete!

Quest Reward

Within the Light Reward

  • 2 Quest points
  • 35,000 Experience
  • 20,000 Experience
  • 20,000 Experience
  • 20,000 Experience
  • The ability to add a choice of destination to your teleport crystals. (Talk to Eluned in Isafdar after the quest with a charged crystal in inventory. The crystal will acquire the ability to teleport to a safe area in front of the Temple of Light, in addition to its original Lletya teleport.)

The Gnome

If you had saved the gnome before you had finished the quest, then talking to the gnome after the quest is done will let you know that the gnome had overheard the conversation next door about how they were considering the release of the gnome. No rewards are gained, but it is not needed to rescue the gnome either.

Gnome: Just the person! Guess what I overheard from the guards outside.

Player: There's a delivery of toad crunches for you for good behaviour?

Gnome: No, much better, I heard them say the head mourner was looking at my case and considering releasing me!

Player: Well, I couldn't betray you after you helped me out, so I made good on my promise and put in a good word.

Gnome: Amazing. I'm glad my trust wasn't misplaced. Thank you so much!

Player: Happy to help, and I'm sure you'll be released soon.

Gnome: Toad crunchy all-you-can-eat, here I come!

If you do not talk to the Head mourner before the end of the quest about releasing the gnome, you cannot do so afterwards. Instead, if you talk to the gnome about the quest, he mentions he heard the Head mourner talking about releasing, 'but not in a good way'. The gnome is bitter that you did not try to release him and promised to 'remember' you.

Gnome: Just the person! Guess what I overheard from the guards outside.

Player: There's a delivery of toad crunches for you for good behaviour?

Gnome: No! I heard that the Head Mourner was discussing getting rid of me...and not in a good way!

Player: Such a shame.

Gnome: I helped you! I helped you smuggle your friend in!

Player: Will it help if I say I'm sorry?

Gnome: It's too late now. I'll remember this, you mark my words.


After completing the quest, two cleaners named Sanchez and Scotty appear in the gnome's prison cell. They speak with an Australian accent, and make funny remarks on how many items are dropped on the floor by players, especially in Bounty and PvP worlds. Scotty and Sanchez used to be the cleaners in the old Bounty Hunter Volcano waiting room.

Player: Hello, you look new here. Welcome to the Death Guard!

Scotty: Death Guard? Nah, mate, I'm just a hired hand - a cleaner, ya know?

Player: You're know?

Scotty: ...

Player: You're not an elf under that gas mask?

Scotty: Elf? Nah, mate. You're talking like there's some sort of mass conspiracy going on.

Player: Would you believe me if I said there was? What if you could take that gas mask off and be completely safe?

Scotty: Nice try! 'Hello, you look new here' - that ol' routine, eh? 'Take yer mask off,' you say. 'It's perfectly safe,' you say. Then, 'BOOM', Scotty gets the plague... and you'll steal my business!

Player: You think I'd try to kill you just to become the new janitor?

Scotty: Of course! Everyone's trying to move in on us! You shoulda seen the fiasco when we were working some waiting rooms for a guy called Mandrith. Every other guy was coming at us with a dragon dagger!

Player: Yet you live to tell the tale?

Scotty: What can I say? This old broom's as lethal on people as it is on trash.

Sanchez remarks that he and Scotty are a global business, S&S Cleaners, and that Mandrith, their first client, used to pay them 76k per hour!



Mod Emilee confirming that Within the Light is a Master, not Grandmaster quest.
  • On the day of release, the spoilers read: "The spoiler is coloured red. To reveal it, use your colour wheel and find out which combination of lights will be required! Or, just wait until later for everything to be illuminated..."
  • This is the second instance where an NPC can run while following the character.
  • On the day of the release there was a glitch that would disconnect you if you had talked to the imprisoned gnome about the quest.
  • The quest was announced by hints on RuneScape's Twitter account with the following hints, in German and English:
    • "It'll soon be time in RuneScape to head west and meet up with some old friends", Mod Ajd
    • "Es werde Licht!" - doch er fand den Schalter nicht. Außerdem: Im Westen was Neues. :) -Mod Heiko"
  • When Arianwyn wears the mourner gear, it appears different on him than on you. The set appears to look more like the Plague jacket and Plague trousers. The cape is a different colour, as well.
  • When talking to the Gnome imprisoned in the basement of the Mourners' headquarters the player will say they do not have Toad Crunchies even if they are in your inventory. However if you use them on him he will happily eat them.
  • At release, the in-game quest journal listed this quest as Grandmaster.
  • With the release of this quest came the addition of a new NPC, Gwir , who can be found near Arianwyn. Her role as scribe is to document the events of the Elven quest series. Players can give her information similar to Ali the Wise.
  • This quest was released almost 4 years to the day after Mourning's Ends Part 2, the previous quest in the series.
  • If you return to the rockslide after the quest, there are two dwarves mining away at the rocks. They can only be examined and cannot be talked to or interacted with.
  • Within the Light is the 159th quest and the 100th quest after Regicide.
  • During the first days following the quest release, it was possible for players to have Arianwyn continue to follow the player around RuneScape as if he were a familiar even after the quest was completed. This glitch made it possible for a player to simultaneously see two of Arianwyn if they teleported back to Lletya.
  • There was a glitch where after Thorgel entered the Death Altar, the shortcut from the Underground Pass to the Death Altar would not work. This has been fixed.
  • In the time shortly after release, this quest was not filtered from the quest list even if the player didn't have all the requirements, and pressed the filter check mark.
  • In the first few days of the release, players could start and finish the quest without the required skills. This has now been fixed.
  • All of this quest's skill requirements are the highest in the relative skills. Also, the level of 75 required for Ranged and Woodcutting is the highest of any skill requirement for a quest, tying the 75 Magic requirement of While Guthix Sleeps, and the 75 Attack and Strength requirements for Blood Runs Deep (And unlike in While Guthix Sleeps, these requirements cannot be reached with temporary boosts).
  • When Sanchez remarks "That he and Scotty are a global business, S&S Cleaners, and that Mandrith, their first client, used to pay them 76k per hour!" It is a reference to 76king.
  • It is not possible to use the abyss portal to the death altar in this quest as the mirrors are backwards and you can't leave.

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