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A characters Wings is a visual representation of his PVP rank. They are shown above the name of a character if you hover the mouse on top of him/her.

A player can obtain wings by aligning himself with one of the two factions (Bontarian or Brakmarian). For more information on the procedure, see alignment. Depending on which faction the player chooses, the wings will have a different style. Bontarian wings are similar to an angels wings whereas Brakmarian gain a more devil-esque appearance.

After a player is aligned, he can expand his wings by gaining honor points. At certain thresholds, the honor points will increase a players rank and make his wings grow.

For images see Rank

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Final Fantasy

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This is a list of all enemy abilities from Final Fantasy IX.


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Enemy Abilities


Ability Description Enemy
6 Legs Moderate magical damage to one target Gigan Octopus
1000 Needles Deals exactly 1000 damage to one target Cactuar


Ability Description Enemy
Absorb Drains HP from one target Hecteyes, Malboro, Prison Cage, Seeker Bat
Absorb Even More Drains a severe amount of HP from one target Seeker Bat
Absorb Magic Decreases target's stat and add to caster's Tiamat, Tiamat (Crystal)
Absorb More Drains a high amount of HP from target Seeker Bat
Absorb MP Drains target's MP Tiamat, Tiamat (Crystal), Ozma
Absorb Strength Decreases target's Strength stat and add to caster's Tiamat, Tiamat (Crystal)
Aera Moderate Wind damage Gimme Cat, Griffin, Jabberwock, Lani, Yan, Zuu
Aerial Slash Wind damage to all party members Gargoyle, Garuda, Nova Dragon, Red Dragon, Silver Dragon
Aero Light Wind damage Griffin, Zemzelett
Aero Breath Deals random damage based on a percentage of target's HP Worm Hydra
Antenna Weak physical damage Carve Spider
Appearance Cactuar shows itself and ables Head Attack Cactuar
Attack Physical attack Amarant, Beatrix, Dagger, Eiko, Freya, Lani. Quina, Scarlet Hair, Steiner, Steiner, Vivi, Zidane
Attacking Stance Increases the damage dealt by Stab, counters attacks with Poison Counter Serpion
Aqua Breath Water damage to all party members Axolotl, Quale
Axe Weak physical damage Goblin Mage


Ability Description Enemy
BAAAHHH Strong physical attack, inflicts Silence Yan (friendly)
Bad Breath May inflict Confuse, Poison, Slow, Darkness, and/or Mini to a single target Malboro
Became compact Changes Ralvuimago's status to counter attacks with Earth Power Ralvuimago
Beak Weak physical damage Axe Beak, Trick Sparrow
Berserk Inflicts Berserk status Armstrong, Ozma
Bio Non-elemental damage and may inflict Poison Agares, Amdusias, Drakan, Meltigemini Ring Leader, Torama
Bite Weak physical damage Yeti
Blade Strong physical damage Abadon
Blaster Damages and may inflict Stop Torama, Veteran
Blind Inflicts Darkness Ring Leader, Quale
Blind Tail Inflicts Darkness Yeti
Blizzaga Severe Ice damage Earth Guardian, Gigan Octopus, Necron, Taharka, Vepal (Green), Wraith
Blizzara Moderate Ice damage Agares, Anemone, Black Waltz No. 2, Black Waltz No. 3, Feather Circle, Gigan Toad, Gnoll, Lani, Mandragora, Myconid, Ochu, Ralvurahva, Sealion, Soldier, Troll, Type C, Yeti
Blizzard Light Ice damage Black Waltz No. 1, Black Waltz No. 2, Black Waltz No. 3, Cave Imp, Flan, Sealion, Serpion, Type A, Wyerd
Blowup Sacrifices self to deal damage equal to remaining HP to all party members. Note that this ends the battle aboard the Prima Vista. Bomb
Blue Shockwave Cuts a single target's HP to 1 Necron
Body Ram Moderate physical damage Vepal (Green), Vepal (Red)
Boomerang Moderate physical damage to all party members Ark
Break Inflicts Petrify Gargoyle
Bring it on! Weak physical damage Baku
Bubbles Weak attack on all party members Clipper
Buzz Inflicts Berserk on one target Dragonfly, Hornet


Ability Description Enemy
Call Summons Magic Vice Mimic
Cannon Halves a party member's HP Armstrong, Grenade
Charge Moderate non-elemental damage. Blazer Beetle, Bomb, Dragonfly, Gargoyle, Shell Dragon
Chestnut Inflicts damage equal to the amount of HP the monster has lost. Mandragora
Chop Inflicts moderate physical damage. Taharka
Clamp Pinch Weak physical attack Benero, Zenero
Claw Inflicts major physical damage. Veteran, Silver Dragon
Claws Inflicts moderate physical damage. Crawler, Sand Scorpion, Zuu
Cleave Inflicts major physical damage to the party. Hades, Iron Man
Close Change's Deathguise's status to only allow use of Death, LV5 Death and Twister Deathguise
Climhazzard Reduces HP of party to 1. Beatrix
Cold Breath Inflicts Freeze. Chimera, Worm Hydra
Comet Inflicts random non-elemental damage. Yan
Confuse Inflicts Confusion. Cactuar, Quale
Counter Counterattacks an attack with a powerful physical attack. Grimlock, Nova Dragon, Sand Golem, Scarlet Hair, Troll
Counter Horn Counterattacks an attack with a moderate physical attack. Antlion
<Crack!> Minor physical damage. Black Waltz No. 3
Crash Moderate physical damage. Gizamaluke
Crush Minor physical damage. Clipper
Cura Restores moderate HP. Beatrix, Lamia
Curaga Restores major HP. Hilgigars, Necron, Ozma, Trance Kuja
Cure Restores minor HP. Beatrix, Serpion
Curl Reduces damage done by physical attacks by a considerable amount. Taharka
Curse Inflicts massive non-elemental damage as well as Confusion, Poison, Slow, Mini, and Blind to the party. Hades, Ozma


Ability Description Enemy
Darkness Inflicts Darkness Seeker Bat
Death Instantly kills target Armodullahan, Ash, Deathguise, Lich, Lich (Crystal), Ozma, Whale Zombie
Death Cutter Severe physical damage and may inflict Doom Lich, Lich (Crystal)
Delta Attack Instantly kills target; may be used only when all three Movers are alive Mover
Demi Removes 30% of target's current HP Feather Circle, Kuja, Land Worm
Demon's Claw Severe physical damage Deathguise
Devil's Bell Petrifies one target Catoblepas
Devil's Candle Moderate magical damage; inflicts Freeze if used by blue-candled Wraith, Heat if used by red-candled Wraith Wraith
Devil's Kiss Weak physical damage, may Poison Ralvurahva
Dive Strong physical attack Red Dragon
Doom Inflicts Doom Ash, Lich, Lich (Crystal), Tantarian, Veteran, Wraith
Doomsday Immense Shadow damage to everyone Hades, Ozma
Double Slash Moderate physical damage to one target Earth Guardian
Drain Absorbs HP from one target Carrion Worm, Crawler, Trick Sparrow


Ability Description Enemy
Earth Power Earth damage to all party members Ralvuimago
Earth Shake Earth damage to all party members Adamantoise, Lich, Lich (Crystal), Shell Dragon
Earthquake Earth damage to all party members Catoblepas, Earth Guardian, Hilgigars, Jabberwock, Lich, Lich (Crystal)
Eat Masticates single target for light damage Mimic
Edge Deals moderate damage with book spine Tantarian
Electrocute Imbues caster with electricity; allows Torama to use Blaster and Zaghnol to use Thundara Torama, Zaghnol
Entice Releases hearts to confuse one target Lamia
Escape Flees from battle Magic Vice, Soldier
Esuna Alleviates all negative status effects Kraken, Kraken (Crystal), Marilis, Marilis (Crystal), Ozma
Everyone Light Bestows Float on everyone Jabberwock
Everyone's Grudge Targets all party members; damage is equal to the amount of slain Tonberries multiplied by 4 Tonberry


Ability Description Enemy
Fang Weak physical damage Fang
Fat Press Jumps on one target and damages with fat Hedgehog Pie
Fin Moderate physical damage Whale Zombie
Fira Moderate Fire damage Abomination, Agares, Antlion, Black Waltz No. 2, Black Waltz No. 3, Blazer Beetle, Carrion Worm, Lani, Mistodon, Nymph, Sand Golem, Sand Scorpion, SoulCage, Type B, Type C, Zuu
Firaga Severe Fire damage Cerberus, Chimera, Earth Guardian, Garuda, Grenade, Marilis, Marilis (Crystal), Mover, Necron, Stilva, Wraith
Fire Light Fire damage Black Waltz No. 1, Black Waltz No. 2, Black Waltz No. 3, Bomb, Carve Spider, Dragonfly, Ghost, Ladybug, Trick Sparrow, Type A, Vice
Fire Blades Fire damage to all party members; only usuable if SoulCage is on fire SoulCage
Fist Heavy physical damage Iron Man
Flame Expels flames to deal random Fire damage to all party members Cerberus, Grenade, Ironite, Ogre, Worm Hydra
Flame Slash Severe physical Fire damage to one target Marilis, Marilis (Crystal)
Flare Heavy magical damage to single target Garland, Necron, Ozma, Trance Kuja
Flare Star Targets all party members and deals damage equal to their level times 30 (Kuja) or 35 (Trance Kuja, Ozma) Kuja, Ozma, Trance Kuja
Float Bestows Float Tiamat, Yan
Freeze Inflicts Freeze Agares, Black Waltz No. 3, Drakan, Hades, Kraken, Kraken (Crystal), Vepal (Green)


Ability Description Enemy
Get Some! Weak physical attack Masked Man
Glowing Eyes Illuminates eyes to cause Sleep Axe Beak, Gigan Toad
Gnoll Attack Moderate physical damage Gnoll
Goblin Punch Weak random damage Goblin, Goblin Mage
Gradual Petrify Inflicts Gradual Petrify Basilisk, Gargoyle, Stroper
Grand Cross Manipulates planetary alignments to wreak any number of these effects to all party members: Berserk, Doom, Petrify, Stop, Freeze, Heat, Confuse, Poison, Trouble, Darkness, Silence, Zombie, Death, Mini, Sleep, and HP reduced to 1-10 Necron
Grow User gets bigger Bomb
Gwahaha! Weak physical attack Baku, Masked Man


Ability Description Enemy
Hack Weak physical attack with bone knife Skeleton
Haste Bestows Haste Cactuar
Hatchet Weak physical attack Lizard Man
Head Attack Rams into one target for light damage Cactuar, Flan, Mistodon
Heave Rams into one target for moderate damage Adamantoise, Behemoth, Catoblepas, Zaghnol
Heavy Dispels Float status Jabberwock
Helm Divide Reduces one target's HP to 1 Iron Man
Here I Go! Runs around battlefield Scarlet Hair
Hide Cactuar hides and counters attacks with 1000 Needles Cactuar
High Wind Moderate physical damage to all party members Abadon
Hiphop Moderate physical damage to one enemy Hilgigars
Hit Weak physical strike Black Waltz No. 1, Black Waltz No. 3, Blazer Beetle
Holy Heavy Holy damage Necron, Ozma, Trance Kuja
Horn Physical attack Amdusias
HP Switching Switches caster's HP with target's Wyerd
Hypnotize Inflicts Sleep Black Waltz No. 2, Hecteyes


Ability Description Enemy
"I am Dagger." 9999 damage to Garnet, normal to everyone else Dagger
"I am Steiner." 9999 damage to Steiner, normal to everyone else Steiner
"I Quina!" 9999 damage to Quina, normal to everyone else Quina
"I'm Eiko!" 9999 damage to Eiko, normal to everyone else Eiko
"I'm Freya." 9999 damage to Freya, normal to everyone else Freya
"I'm the real Amarant!" 9999 damage to Amarant, normal to everyone else Amarant
"I'm the real Zidane!" 9999 damage to Zidane, normal to everyone else Zidane
"I'm Vivi!" 9999 damage to Vivi, normal to everyone else Vivi
Impale Weak physical damage with spear Sahagin
Ink Damages one target and inflicts Darkness Gigan Octopus, Kraken, Kraken (Crystal)


Ability Description Enemy
Jet Fire Inflicts major Fire elemental damage as well as Heat to the party. Tiamat, Tiamat (Crystal)
Judgement Sword Reduces HP to 1. Hades


Ability Description Enemy
Knife Moderate physical damage. Goblin, Ogre, Tonberry
Knock Down Moderate physical damage. Hilgigars


Ability Description Enemy
Lava Gun Inflicts major Fire elemental damage. Vepal (Red)
Leaf Swirl Moderate damage to party. SoulCage
Left Stem Minor physical damage. Prison Cage
Left Tentacle Minor physical damage. Plant Brain
Leg Major physical damage. Kraken
Light Inflicts Float. Jabberwock
Light Flare Moderate Fire elemental damage. Thorn
Lightning Inflicts random percentage worth of Lightning elemental damage. Chimera, Worm Hydra
Limit Glove Inflicts 9999 damage when used at 1 HP. Adamantoise, Catoblepas, Jabberwock
LV4 Holy Inflicts major Holy elemental damage if target's levels are a multiple of 4. Amdusias, Ozma
LV5 Death Inflicts Death on all targets whose levels are a multiple of 5. Armodullahan, Deathguise, Dracozombie, Lich, Lich (Crystal), Ozma, SoulCage


Ability Description Enemy
Maelstrom Reduces HP to 1-10. Garuda, Sand Worm
Magic Attack Blue Changes heads to blue. Grimlock
Magic Hammer Reduces MP by a random amount. Magic Vice
Matra Magic Reduces target's HP to 1. Armstrong
Melt Inflicts damage equal to remaining HP and kills user. Zombie
Meow! I'm mad! Non-elemental magic attack ignoring Magic Defense Gimme Cat
Meteor Random non-elemental damage to party. Deathguise, Necron, Ozma, Trance Kuja
Meteor Counter Counterattacks with Meteor when damage. Behemoth
Meteorite Minor non-elemental damage to the party. Zorn
Might Increases Attack power. Gnoll, Iron Man, Lamia
Mighty Guard Casts Protect and Shell on party. Gigan Octopus
Mind Blast Moderate non-elemental damage and Confusion. Drakan
Mini Inflicts or cures Mini. Ozma, Quale
Mirror Summons a Mirror version of a party member to the battle. Can only summon 1 Mirror version at a time, and cannot summon anymore if there is already 1 in the battle. Epitaph
Mist Inflicts moderate Shadow elemental damage and Sleep to the party. Mistodon
Mucus Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Berserk. Anemone
Mug Minor physical damage and steals an item. Magic Vice
Mustard Bomb Inflicts Heat. Drakan, Hades, Marilis, Marilis (Crystal), SoulCage, Vepal (Red)


Ability Description Enemy
Neutron Ring Inflicts massive non-elemental damage to the party. Necron
Night Inflicts Sleep on everyone in the battle. Nymph, Ralvurahva


Ability Description Enemy
Osmose Drains MP from a target. Agares, Black Waltz No. 2, Ghost, Malboro, Ring Leader, Torama, Type B
Open Change's Deathguise's status to only allow use of Demon's Claw or Spin Deathguise
Oww! User trips and wastes a turn. Masked Man


Ability Description Enemy
Paper Storm Inflicts major non-elemental damage to the party. Agares, Tantarian
Petrify Inflicts Petrify. Epitaph
Photon Reduces HP to 1. Ark
Physical Attack Red Switches heads to Red. Grimlock
Poison Inflicts Poison. Mimic, Quale, Tantarian, Torama
Poison Claw Inflicts major non-elemental damage and Poison Grand Dragon
Poison Counter Counterattacks with a moderate physical attack that inflicts Poison. Sand Scorpion, Serpion
Pollen Inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Blind to the party. Dendrobium, Plant Brain
Poly Inflicts no damage. King Leo
Power of the Land Alternate name for Earth Power
Powering Sword Allows Hades to use Curse and Doomsday after a countdown from three Hades
Propeller Wind Inflicts Confusion to the party. Ark
Protect Reduces damage done by physical attacks by half. Iron Man, Lizard Man, Necron
Psychokinesis Inflicts major non-elemental damage. Garland, Nova Dragon, Zemzelett
Pumpkin Head Inflicts damage equal to the amount of HP user has lost. Hedgehog Pie
Pyro Inflicts no damage. Benero, Zenero


Ability Description Enemy
Rainbow Wind Inflicts Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind/Water/Holy/Shadow elemental damage. Zemzelett
Raining Swords Inflicts major non-elemental damage to the party. Used as a death move. Marilis
Ram Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage. Hedgehog Pie, Taharka
Rapid Fire Inflicts minor non-elemental damage. Python
Red Clipper Inflicts major Fire elemental damage. Stilva
Reflect Bounce back spells at enemy party. Ash, Drakan, Hades, Marilis, Marilis (Crystal), Ring Leader, Trance Kuja
Return Changes Serpion's Attacking Stance back to normal Serpion
Right Stem Minor non-elemental damage. Prison Cage
Right Tentacle Minor non-elemental damage. Plant Brain
Rise Awakens Gargoyles that are still stone. Agares
Rolling Attack Inflicts major non-elemental damage. Quale
Roulette Randomly kills a target in the fight. Hecteyes, Veteran, Zombie
Rrragh! Minor physical damage. Baku
Rush Moderate physical damage. Bandersnatch, Fang
Rusty Knife Minor physical damage. Cave Imp


Ability Description Enemy
Sandstorm Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage to the party. Antlion, Land Worm, Sand Golem
Saw Inflicts minor non-elemental damage. Myconid
Scan See target's vital stats. Lani
Scorch Becomes immune to all elemental attacks. Vepal (Red)
Scratch Minor non-elemental damage. Gimme Cat, Seeker Bat
Screech Inflicts Silence to one target. Gimme Cat
Shell Halves damage from magical attacks. Necron, Serpion
Shell Defense Increases defense to 255 Sahagin
Shock Massive non-elemental damage. Beatrix
Shockwave Major non-elemental damage to the party. Nova Dragon, Silver Dragon, SoulCage
Shriek Inflicts Silence. Mandragora
Silence Target can no longer use magic. Grimlock, Quale, Ring Leader, Stroper
Silent Claw Inflicts major non-elemental damage and Silence. Tiamat, Tiamat (Crystal)
Silent Kiss Minor physical damage and inflicts Silence. Nymph
Silent Slap Moderate physical damage and inflicts Silence. Abomination
Silent Voice Inflicts Silence. Gizamaluke
Slap Moderate non-elemental damage. Stroper, Wyerd
Slash Moderate non-elemental damage. Haagen, Lamia, Lani, Soldier, Weimar
Sleep Target is unable to attack or act at all until awoken. Abomination, Grimlock
Sleeping Juice Inflicts Sleep. Cave Imp
Slice Minor non-elemental damage. Vice
Slow Target's ATB gauge fills up at half the normal rate. Basilisk, Grimlock, Ochu
Smash Reduces HP to 1. Shell Dragon
Snort Removes target from battle. Target is unable to return to fight, and is considered KO'ed. Tiamat, Yan
Snowstorm Inflicts major Ice elemental damage to the party. Ash
Solution Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Berserk. Troll
Spear Moderate non-elemental damage. Armodullahan, Ladybug, Troll
Spin Inflicts major non-elemental damage to the party. Deathguise
Spore Inflicts Blind to the party. Myconid
Stab Moderate non-elemental damage. Ralvuimago
Steal Steals an item. Vice
Sting Inflicts major non-elemental damage. Stilva
Stinger Inflicts minor non-elemental damage. Hornet
Stock Break Reduces party's HP to 1. Beatrix
Stomach Moderate non-elemental damage. Crawler
Stona Cures Petrify. Gargoyle
Stone Inflicts minor non-elemental damage. Mu
Stop Target is unable to act at all. If all party members are hit by this, it's game over. Ash, Garland, Garuda, Grimlock, Lich, Lich (Crystal)
Strike Moderate non-elemental damage. Behemoth, Cerberus, Dracozombie, Drakan, Type A, Type C, Zombie
String Minor non-elemental damage and Slow. Ralvurahva
Swallow Removes target from battle. Is considered KO'ed. Zuu
Sweep Moderate non-elemental damage to the party. Stroper
Sword Quiver Massive non-elemental damage. Marilis, Marilis (Crystal)


Ability Description Enemy
Tail Minor non-elemental damage. Axolotl, Feather Circle, Griffin, Mu
Taste steel! Minor non-elemental damage. King Leo
Teleport Minor non-elemental damage. Black Waltz No. 2
Tentacle Minor non-elemental damage. Plant Spider
The Drop Major non-elemental damage. Grimlock
Thorn Whip Moderate non-elemental damage. Ochu
Thundaga Major Lightning elemental damage. Abadon, Earth Guardian, Grand Dragon, Kuja, Malboro, Necron
Thundara Moderate Lightning elemental damage. Adamantoise, Agares, Amdusias, Armodullahan, Armstrong, Axe Beak, Bandersnatch, Black Waltz No. 2, Black Waltz No. 3, Catoblepas, Dracozombie, Goblin Mage, Ironite, Lani, Ralvuimago, Type B, Type C, Zaghnol
Thunder Minor Lightning elemental damage. Black Waltz No. 2, Black Waltz No. 3, Ghost, Plant Brain, Plant Spider, Python, Skeleton, Type A
Thunder Slash Moderate Lightning elemental damage. Beatrix
Tidal Wave Massive Water elemental damage to the party. Nova Dragon
Tongue Inflicts Sleep. Bandersnatch, Basilisk
Trouble Counter Counterattacks with a massive physical attack that inflicts Trouble. Kraken (Crystal)
Trouble Juice Minor non-elemental damage and Trouble. Carrion Worm
Trouble Knife Moderate non-elemental damage and Trouble. Ogre
Trouble Mucus Moderate non-elemental damage and Trouble. Antlion
Trouble Tail Minor non-elemental damage and Trouble. Feather Circle
Tsunami Moderate Water elemental damage to party. Sealion
Twister Major Wind elemental damage to the party. Deathguise, Nova Dragon, Red Dragon, Silver Dragon, Tiamat, Tiamat (Crystal)


Ability Description Enemy
Ultima Reduces HP to all on all targets and ends battle Kuja, Trance Kuja
Ultra Sound Wave Inflicts Mini. Ralvuimago, Whale Zombie


Ability Description Enemy
Vanish Makes target immune to physical attacks but vulnerable to magic attacks. Drakan, Gnoll, Goblin Mage, Iron Man
Venom Breath Inflicts Venom. Chimera, Grand Dragon, Whale Zombie, Worm Hydra
Venom Powder Inflicts Venom. Lich, Lich (Crystal), Meltigemini
Viral Smoke Inflicts major non-elemental damage and Virus to the party. Meltigemini
Virus Combo Moderate non-elemental damage and Virus. Mover
Virus Crunch Major non-elemental damage and Virus. Chimera
Virus Fly Major non-elemental damage and Virus. Abadon
Virus Powder Moderate non-elemental damage and Virus. Ring Leader, Yan
Virus Tentacles Moderate non-elemental damage and Virus. Malboro


Ability Description Enemy
Water Moderate Water elemental damage. Anemone, Axolotl, Clipper, Gigan Toad, Gizamaluke, Kraken, Lani, Sahagin
Water-gun Moderate Water elemental damage. Kraken, Kraken (Crystal), Sahagin
Waterga Major Water elemental damage to party. Kraken, Kraken (Crystal)
Wave Major non-elemental damage. Garland
Web Minor non-elemental damage and Slow. Carve Spider
What do you think you're doing!? Physical attack Lani
Whirlslash Moderate non-elemental damage. Skeleton
Whirlwind Inflicts moderate Wind elemental damage and Float to party. Ark
White Wind Restores a moderate amount of HP to all allies. Griffin, Zemzelett, Zuu
Wind Minor Wind elemental damage. Dendrobium
Wing Minor non-elemental damage. Sealion
Wings Moderate non-elemental damage. Ironite, Meltigemini


Ability Description Enemy
YEOWWW! User trips, wasting a turn. Baku


Ability Description Enemy
Zombie Breath Moderate non-elemental damage and inflicts Zombie. Dracozombie
Zombie Powder Inflicts Zombie. Whale Zombie


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City of Heroes

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This article is currently a work in progress. As such, it may contain some editing notes in addition to information. Please be patient, it is being worked on and will be in a finished state before long!

All wings, when invented/granted must then be added at the Tailor. Choose Back Detail and go from there. Wings will flap occasionally on the ground and constantly during flight. They do not give the power of flight if you don't already have it. As with all other costume features, they are cosmetic rather than functional.


Angel Wings

Angel Wings
15 Month Veteran Reward Costume option. This reward is granted along with Demon Wings.

Bat Wings

Bat Wings
Costume Piece: Bat Wings

Bone Wings

Bone Wings
Costume Piece: Bone Wings

Burned Wings

Burned Wings
Costume Piece: Burned Wings

Cherubic Wings

Cherubic Wings
Costume Piece: Cherubic Wings

Demon Wings

Demon Wings
15 Month Veteran Reward Costume option. This reward is granted along with Angel Wings.

Draconic Wings

Draconic Wings
Costume Piece: Draconic Wings

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings
Costume Piece: Fairy Wings

Insect Wings

Insect Wings
Costume Piece: Insect Wings

Tech Wings

Tech Wings
Costume Piece: Tech Wings

This article uses material from the "Wings" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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