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Star Trek: Phoenix-X
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USS Xena


Doctor Lila was a medical officer aboard the USS Xena who had an uncontrollable quick pace in her speech. ("Home, Part I")


Wing was the third only other male officer aboard the USS Xena until Seifer and Ensign Dan were transferred to the USS Phoenix-X. He was eventually promoted to First officer. ("Home, Part I")

Additional officers


Avery served aboard the USS Phoenix with Admiral Daniel until the Jem'Hadar ambush in the Tiloniam system in 2374. He was then transferred to the USS Manila, where he took command of the ship on several occasions when Captain Cid would often take on off-ship assignments for Admirals Theseus and Cloud.

In 2376, Theseus and Cid allowed more control than they realized when they allowed Avery to run an inspection of the Phoenix-X. Avery, for a long time having been holding a grudge against the crew of the Phoenix-X, filed a decommissioning of the ship after failing the ship's inspection. Not too long after, he was captured by Gordarions and experimented on. He eventually became slave to their will and joined them. After Theseus became aware of the decommissioning, he recommissioned the Phoenix-X. ("The Tiloniam System", "The Tilonian System", "Experimentalism")

See also: Seifer#Commander Avery

Mirror universe

ISS Phoenix-X

Night Gotens (mirror)

This Night Gotens was the mirror counterpart of Gotens. He was a Trill who was joined with the mirror Gotens symbiont. His host body was killed in a console explosion when his ship, the ISS Phoenix-X, was transported to the primary universe. The mirror Doctor Lox had his body cremated after transferring the still living symbiont into the primary universe Trill host, James. ("Pure Evil")

Lox (mirror)

The Doctor Lox of the mirror universe was shortly transported over to the primary universe in 2375 aboard the ISS Phoenix-X. He cremated the mirror Night Gotens' body after it had died, and pretended to be the other Doctor Lox when contacting the Trill government for a new Trill host for the mirror Gotens symbiont.

Lox was not unlike his counterpart, in that he would experiment in unethical procedures. The only difference was that he would constantly be reprimanded by his commanding officer, Captain Daniel. ("Pure Evil")

In 2375, he was killed, along with the rest of the crew - but brought back to life in 2383 by Rein, an omnipotent being who also sent the crew back to the mirror universe. ("Broken Pieces")

More people

USS Phoenix-X


BOB was a Ferengi passenger aboard the ship. He continually served as host to some of the recreational facilities and bars throughout the ship. People often compared him to Quark. In 2375, Admiral Theseus negotiated a deal with him, to have him serve as a Dominion intelligence officer during the Dominion War. In 2377, BOB was spying on the crew of the Phoenix-X under the command of a higher power. ("Jello Cubes", "Deal", "False Management")

It was never revealed who this higher power was.


Mayhem was a virus hologram who joined the crew of the Phoenix-X in 2384. He was created by Section 31 to do the work of surveying and inspecting Section 31 influenced starships. When Mayhem inspected the Phoenix-X, he became infected by a portion of the Iconian virus, which was kept in a device taken from an Iconian probe years before. The result was a change in his personality and a darker attitude. He cut his own ties with Section 31 and then joined the crew as an unofficial Intelligence officer. ("Forbidden Crossing, Part II")



Agenos was a Cardassian officer under the command of Gul Meloneus in the late 24th century. In 2374, he was abducted, via transporter beam, by the USS Phoenix-X in an aggressive move by Captain Daniel during the Dominion War. But when Daniel was abducted in the same manner, by Meloneus aboard the Tarak, the crew of the Phoenix-X opted for a prisoner exchange to get their Captain back. ("Missed the Mishap", "Secret Shuttles, Part III")


Tellus was a Cadrassian officer, who was also the nephew of Gul Meloneus. In 2377, he met and joined forces with Klokian to re-aquire Klokian's timeship, so that they could also go back in time to 2375 and save Meloneus' life. ("Secret Shuttles, Part I")


Elena Gotens

Elena Gotens was the second host to the Gotens symbiont during the turn of the 23rd century. She operated a Trill freighter and carried goods to Palona Prime regularly. ("The Bajoran Trove")

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