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A detailed look at the wine of zamorak.
The Wine of zamorak can be found north-west of the Goblin Village in a temple dedicated to Zamorak. It takes about 28 seconds to respawn. Respawn times are less on worlds with greater amounts of players online.

Wine of zamorak cannot be consumed.

There are two ways to get Wine of zamorak in the Chaos Temple:

Players can only take the Wine with bare hands if all the Monks of Zamorak are dead or out of the temple and facing away from the inner temple so they can not see the theft occur.

If you cast telekinetic grab and someone takes it first you will get no wine and lose a law (and air if not using an air staff). Players are recommended to bring either an air staff or runes(preferably a staff), a large amount of law runes, and an emergency water rune for Falador Teleport (or an Explorer's ring 3) if they are collecting wines of Zamorak to earn money.

There is a warning before you can grab the Wine.

Using bare hands grabbing the wine will result in 7.5% reduction in combat stats (all the left column stats except Construction and Runecrafting). The Protect from Magic prayer is useless in shielding from the reduction. (For every 13 current points of a stat, 1 point is drained, though over level 40 only 3 points will be drained.) The Monks of Zamorak nearby will attack the player and reduce some of the player's combat stats occasionally. Reduced stats return at approximately 1 per minute. If no monk is present, the wine can be taken but the stats would still be drained. In the text box, a message will say: "STOP STEALING MY WINE! GAH!"

The message which appears when you take the Wine.

Using telegrab will not cause stats reduction. Equip a staff of air to save runes and have an extra inventory slot.

This is used solely as an ingredient in ranging potions, which members can make using the Herblore skill.

Members can also obtain the Wine of zamorak from a fairly common Kalphite Queen drop (in noted form).

If you do not plan on using telegrab, one easy way is to have at least medium level combat stats and level 37 prayer. Since there is an altar right next to you, simply turn on the prayers protect from magic, rapid heal, rapid restore, and whatever boosts to the particular combat method that you can. Since you will be praying against the mage attacks of the monks, which can hit up to 8, they still may hit 1-3 damage with melee, but with a high defence level, this is lowered.

Since this is one of the best ways to make money in free-to-play, most worlds have people in the Chaos Temple, so you may need to look around for a good world.

You can get a full inventory of the wine, by dropping one wine and taking 28 law runes, when you have 1 law rune left, you will have a full inventory, so drop one wine, cast Telekinetic grab, and then pick the wine you dropped.


  • This is popular way to make money in F2P worlds as a law rune only costs 296 gp and a Wine of Zamorak is 1837 gp.
  • Before gravestones and the warning message, the Wine of zamorak was a popular item used by advanced players to kill new players in the Chaos Temple. They would usually tell the new player to grab the wine, then they would trap the player by closing the door, eventually letting the monks kill them. When the player was dead, the advanced player would take the items of the dead player.
  • Jagex made the door at the Chaos Temple unclosable to prevent players from getting trapped inside (a trick often used in scams).
  • The "z" in the item's "zamorak" is not capitalised. Although, the "z" is capitalised in the monks' names.
  • If you put a Wine of zamorak back in the place you got it from and try to pick it up, you will be hurt as if it had just respawned. Curiously this only works on the exact spot where the wine respawns, the side of the table next to the wine does not cause you to be hurt.
  • The STOP STEALING MY WINE! GAH! is a speech from Zamorak, as revealed from one of the god letters.

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