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Windmill (Grip) (Earth-616)
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Marvel Comics Presents #41
(January, 1990)


History of character is unknown.


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This article is about the building used to turn grain into flour. For the building that generates power for Nurmof's pickaxe machine, see Power Station.
A windmill

A Windmill is a building that players can use to make flour. The functional parts of the windmill are the hopper, the hopper controls and the flour bin. The flour bin is typically on the ground floor, whereas the hopper and its controls will be two storeys up (with the millstones on the storey in between).

Players do not gain any Cooking experience for making flour, so those who need it in bulk to train Cooking may prefer to purchase it (for example, on the Grand Exchange) instead of making it from scratch.

Making flour

Players place grain in the hopper and then operate the controls.

Players must first place grain (which can usually be found growing locally as wheat) into the hopper, and then operate the controls. This causes the grain to slide down the chute, where it is ground into flour by the millstones on the storey below. The flour then falls down one further storey to the flour bin. Players can repeat this step up to thirty times before the flour bin is full.

The flour bin can hold up to thirty loads of flour.

They should then go back down to the flour bin and use an empty pot on it to fill the pot with flour. Alternatively, they can just left-click on the flour bin with an empty pot in their inventory. They must do this for every empty pot they have, since the game will not fill all pots automatically (unlike filling jugs with water, buckets with compost, etc.). Each bundle of grain used provides exactly enough flour to fill one pot.

Interestingly all flour bins across Gielinor are linked. Therefore if a player leaves flour in one location it can be retrieved later at another location.


The windmill in Zanaris is powered by a cow in a wheel.

Windmills are marked on the world map and minimap with a yellow icon ((+)). Players can find them in the following locations:

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

This article is about the Autobot Action Master. For the G.I. Joe pilot, see Windmill (G.I. Joe).
Windmill is an Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.
Hi, I don't look like anybody.

Windmill personally designed and implemented the radar systems in Autobot HQ. An air defense technology specialist, and apparently a bit of a tech-geek, he enjoys the challenge of turning scrap metal into new laser weapons in his spare time. He's equipped with "kinetic intelligence" that combined with his "cyber-optic perception modem implant" somehow lets him track enemy forces anywhere in the galaxy. He still holds a grudge against the Decepticons for destroying his laboratory back on Cybertron. Windmill is extremely emphatic about the quality of his radar systems.



3H Wreckers comics

Windmill (who is not explicitly named in the comic, but come on, it's him) is the captain of the Sojourner's Passage, the ill-fated exploration vessel that crashed onto Archa Nine. He presumably did not survive the crash.


Generation One

  • Windmill (Action Master Elite, 1991)
Saddest helicopter ever.
Windmill is an Action Master Elite, the only variety of Action Master that had their own alternate modes, and was available only in European markets. He transforms into a high-impact, counterstrike helicopter. Pushing in the thingy on his copter-mode spins the rotor-blades via gear-wheel gimmickry.


  • The other three Action Master Elites all strongly resemble previous Transformers in robot mode. Windmill seems to be the exception to this, which seems in line with the Action Masters' overall trend for releasing original characters alongside classic characters, even when said classic characters aren't correctly named as such.

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