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Wind Strike
File:Wind Strike icon.png
Members only? No
Level 1
Runes 1 Air
1 Mind
Spellbook Normal
Experience 5.5
Quest None
Lectern None
A player casting wind strike.

Wind Strike requires a magic level of 1 and can do a maximum of 2 damage per spell. The most basic as well as the cheapest magical attack spell, the runes necessary for it can be obtained by talking to Aubury, who will give 30 air runes and 30 mind runes, enough for 30 wind strikes.

To get from level 1 magic to level 99, a player would need to cast wind strike 2,369,897 times and at 17 coins per cast that comes to a total of Coins  40,288,249 coins. This price is reduced to Coins  11,849,485 coins if an air staff is used.

Wind Strike costs 17 coins for each cast. If a player uses an air staff, the price is reduced to 5 coins per cast.

Remember, it is not possible to use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if regular Magic is used.

A close-up of Wind Strike in flight.

Wind Strikes in use

Wind Strike is very popular for new players. Upon entering a busy free to play world, there will be many new users casting Wind Strike on Magic dummy in the Lumbridge combat training centre. Wind Strikes can also seen being casted on Goblin and Giant spider on busy free to play worlds west of Lumbridge.

Many players saw wind strike as a cheap method of training the magic skill Away From Keyboard (AFK). It was popular to see many players engaged in combat with a rat or a spider, wearing metal melee armour to make their magic attack bonus decreased so they would never kill their target but would not take damage either, thus receiving experience solely for casting it. Due to a hidden update, the 5 minute timer now applies even if engaged in combat in an attempt to render this method obsolete. However, keyboard input still resets the timer.



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