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Wind Spear, also known as the Wind Lance, is a recurring weapon in the series. It is often a low to mid-ranked spear, associated with the Wind element, and is often a powerful weapon at the time it is gotten.




Final Fantasy III

Wind Spear is a low-ranked spear that is used by Onion Knight and Dragoon. It provides 53 Attack, deals Wind-elemental damage, and casts Aero when attacking with it. It can be gotten in both Northeast and Southwest Saronia.

Final Fantasy IV

Wind Spear in Final Fantasy IV DS.

The Wind Spear is a spear that Kain automatically is equipped with when he rejoins at the Tower of Zot. It provides 55 Attack, 30 Accuracy, and is Wind-elemental in the DS version only.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Wind Spear is a mid-ranked spear that can be used by Kain, Ceodore, and Zangetsu. It provides 55 Attack and can be gotten in the fourth floor of Edge's Challenge Dungeon, and is also the starting weapon for Kain.

Final Fantasy V

Wind Lance is a mid-ranked spear that can be bought for 5,400 gil in Regole, Quelb, and Castle of Bal. It provides 44 Attack and Hit rate, and can be used by Freelancers, Dragoons, and Gladiators.

Final Fantasy XI

The Wind Spear is a mid-level spear that has a chance of inflicting additional Wind-elemental damage on melee hits. It is obtained from the Notorious Monster "Skewer Sam".

The Wind Spear as seen in Final Fantasy Adventure.

Final Fantasy Adventure

The Wind Spear is the first available spear in the game, with an AP of 15 and can be bought for 1,150 gil at Menos.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Wind Spear is a level 37 spear that provides +28 Attack, -1 Defense, and Wall Rush Bravery +20%.

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