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Wind drakes, also known as Hiryuus, Wyverns, or simply Dragons, are a friendly dragon race in the Final Fantasy series.

It should be noted that even though they have been known as Wyvern in some translations, the Wyvern is considered a different entity all together.




Final Fantasy II

Main article: Wyvern (Final Fantasy II)

Wyverns were referred to as Wind drakes in the NES version.

Final Fantasy V

A wind drake.

Wind drakes are an endangered species, and only a few of them live in each world. They're nearing extinction due to the poisoning of dragon grass, which has been the diet of choice for wind drakes for years. Lenna and Krile both own a wind drake. King Alexander Highwind Tycoon uses Lenna's wind drake, named Hiryuu, to travel to the Wind Shrine at the start of the game. However, it gets stranded on the Northern Mountains. Lenna, along with Bartz, Galuf, and Faris rescue it, and use it to fly to the nation of Walse. It is unknown what happens to Hiryuu after this point.

In the Second World, Galuf uses Krile's wind drake to rescue Bartz, Lenna, and Faris, whom Gilgamesh is holding prisoner at Castle Exdeath. He succeeds, and sends the wind drake back to Krile. However, Galuf does not return safely. Krile discovers, through telepathy, that Bartz, Galuf, Lenna, and Faris are in a Moogle Village, and uses the already wounded wind drake to rescue them and take them back to Castle of Bal. This makes the wind drake even more sick, and Bartz's party is forced to travel to the Drakenvale to find some dragon grass and decontaminate it. However, this wind drake refuses to eat the plant, as it killed all the other wind drakes. Lenna then eats it as a means of persuasion, but becomes sick due to the plant being poisonous to humans. The wind drake recovers, and Bartz's group uses it to travel around the Second World.

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

In the Merged World, Hiryuu saves Lenna from being thrown into the dimensional rift, and makes a desperate attack to save Lenna from a monster possession. Hiryuu is then found at the top of the thirty floor Phoenix Tower, where it then jumps off to become the Phoenix summon. Krile's wind drake is waiting atop Bal Castle, and can be retrieved at any time.

Wind drakes controlled by the player can travel over ocean, but not mountains. They can only land on plains.

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

Linaly, Mid, and Prettz meeting Hyriuu.

Called Hyriuus, they are known as "Tycoon's sacred dragon". Linaly, Mid's ghost, and Prettz meet one in the Temple of Winds.

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