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The different wily cats.
A glitch that happens when you ask a wily cat how old it is.

A Wily cat is a cat that players can obtain after completing the Rat Catchers quest. They can talk to Felkrash in the Rat Pits in Port Sarim to turn their overgrown cat into a Wily cat. Players can also name their wily cat by talking to Felkrash. The player can name it with up to 6 letters. A player can only have one wily cat at a time.

A wily cat has heightened abilities, with the greatest chance of catching vermins of all cats (70%+ success rate), and the ability to hunt butterflies and Kalphite larvae. It also requires more exercise than normal, however, or it will turn into a lazy cat.

As of 22 July/09, however, wily cats seem to turn into lazy cats very quickly - in one case, less than an hour after catching over 50 rats and becoming a wily cat once again. There may be a bug at work.

The more rats your wily cat has killed the more chance of survival he/she will have in the rat pits.

While your Wily cat is out you may talk to other Wily cats (if you have your Catspeak Amulet equipped). While talking to other peoples' cats you may get hints about whose cat is stronger. The stronger cat will claim to be better, but make sure you don't agree with it! If you have your wily cat out near a stray dog the cat will fight the dog.

If a wily cat catches 7 rats in Evil Dave's basement, it will turn into a wily hellcat, unless it is a purple cat, then it will remain the same.

Cat Dialogue

A player with a Wily cat

If the cat has not received enough attention or exercise:

Player: How are you doing?
Cat: Why does it want to know?

What follows will be your cat's complaint. Listen to it carefully. To fix the situation, you generally need to stroke your cat a lot , and also have it chase/catch things. Talk to it periodically, and be persistent with your petting and hunting.

When your cat is not fully happy nor angry, you might receive this message:

Player: How are you doing?

Cat: Content, but a little more attention or rat hunting wouldn't go amiss.

Once you restore your cat's affection:

Player: How are you doing?
Cat: Purr, I'm happy. (Player name) is good to me. Don't start neglecting me now that I've told you that, though.
Player: Don't worry, I won't.

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