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Willow tree
Willow tree
Members only? No, but yes to farm
Woodcutting level 30
Woodcutting experience 67.5
Farming level 30
Farming experience 1,456.5
Examine Woodcutting:
These trees are found near water. / A droopy tree.
A fully grown Willow tree.

Willow trees require level 30 Woodcutting to chop down. They usually give more than one set of willow logs before being cut down. These trees are often used for high level woodcutters who want experience as they give a good amount relative to the time taken. Chopping these trees down is arguably the best woodcutting experience for free players.

Though there was once a very high demand for willow logs, this has declined drastically due to the amount of people cutting them. Along with the high quantities of people cutting them, the price also lowered. Therefore people cut oaks to make money, and cut willows to raise experience points. It is common to find large quantities of woodcutters on a willow tree in a free-to-play world. They are also popular because they are found in close proximity to banks and are in clusters. Willow trees are found near almost any body of water on Runescape. They are commonly found by rivers, lakes, and oceans

Willows also have the highest chance of giving a bird's nest, which can be crushed to make a crushed nest, worth 5,099 coins. This is known as an excellent way to make money fast. The nests may also contain a seed, such as the Magic Seed, worth 276,900 coins.


Tree locations


Free-to-play areas

Member areas


A willow tree.

A willow tree can be grown from a willow seed using the Farming skill in any of the tree patches located around RuneScape. (It will take 3 hours and 40 minutes to be fully grown.) To do so requires level 30 Farming, a trowel & a willow tree sapling. When planted it earns the player 25 experience points, as well as another 1,456.3 experience points for checking the fully grown tree's health. To guarantee the growth, a payment of one basket of apples (5 apples) is required.

Once fully grown, use secateurs on the tree to cut willow branches. The tree may be cut down as usual granting Woodcutting experience points. Using a spade on the cut tree roots will give the player willow roots and make the tree patch available for planting a new tree.  It is also requiered that you must grow one in the quest Enlightened Journey.


Willow trees appear shorter in player-owned houses.

A willow tree can be planted in the tree hotspot of the Garden in a player-owned house. It requires level 30 Construction, a bagged willow tree, and a watering can to plant. When planted, it earns the player 100 experience for both Construction and Farming. However, as it is in the Garden, it cannot be cut down.


  • A farmed willow tree looks larger than a regular willow tree.
  • During Enlightened Journey, if a player attempts to cut branches from regular willow trees, the game claims that the "branches are too gnarled to cut".
  • In some occasions you can get 28 willow logs out of 1 tree.
  • While playing in High-Definition, a willow tree will still have a shadow even while cut down.
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