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A willow branch is an item received while pruning a willow tree grown by a player.

Six willow branches are used for weaving a basket on a loom.

To obtain willow branches, use secateurs or magic secateurs on a willow tree which has been planted on a tree patch using the Farming skill. For unknown reasons, no farming experience is awarded for cutting the branches.

This is only possible after checking the health of the tree. Once its health is checked, a branch can be cut every 5 minutes or you have the option of leaving the tree after checking its health and later coming back to cut them all at once. The player has the option of cutting up to six branches at once after a waiting period of 30 minutes and this action can be repeated. This allows a player to collect up to 12 branches per hour from each tree, and with five available tree patches, up to 60 per hour total, which, in turn, means approximatley 135k an hour.

12 willow branches are required for the Enlightened Journey quest.

6 willow branches are required for the Medium Falador Achievement to make a fruit basket.

Willow branches are also used for making Giant ent pouches as part of the Summoning skill.

Willow branches cannot be noted at a Tool leprechaun.
Note: You can only obtain willow branches from willow trees that have been grown using the Farming skill.


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