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Official Rockstar Games photo of Love Fist
Not to be confused with Love Fist (vehicle), a modified version of Stretch.

Love Fist is a Scottish hair metal band featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and referred to in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV. The band is composed of Jezz Torrent (If said with a scottish accent its sounds like Jizz Torrent, with Jizz being slang term for semen) and Willy, Dick, and Percy (all of these first names are slang terms for the penis). Willy is the only band member that does not accompany the band when they go out into the city since Tommy chauffeurs them. Tommy Vercetti performs various tasks for the band in Vice City, such as saving them from a murderous fan out to kill them and attaining their "love juice" (which is a slang term for semen), which they claim to need before they go on stage. He also brings them Mercedes Cortez to "keep them company".

Love Fist is managed by Kent Paul in 1986 and at the time are on their "Steel Heart Stone Cold Prostate" tour, which, during its stop in Vice City, had security provided by Mitch Baker's biker gang. The band is suspected to have broken up at least once in between 1986 and 1998, since there is a billboard visible in "Liberty City Stories" which advertises the band's comeback tour. In "Grand Theft Auto IV" the SuperStar francise in The Triangle, Algonquin includes an illuminated display which flashes "SuperStar.. Starring.. The Mighty.. Love Fist".

During in game dialogue several secrets are revealed about the band members, lead singer Jezz Torrent appearently used to have sex with sheeps, guitarist Dick is a huge fan of Duran Duran, bassist Percy sleeps with bunny pyjamas and drummer Willy likes to wear women's underwear.

Love Fist's The Number Of The Breast Poster in North Point Mall,Vinyl Countdown


Mission appearances

GTA Vice City

Band Members


  • A Broken Heart Can't Be Mended (Just Broken Again)
  • Beast Fist
  • Burry Me Deep Inside
  • Dangerous Bastard
  • Dangerous Man, Dead Family
  • Down, Down, Down
  • Dragon Eyes
  • Chin Twister
  • Fallen Stars On Shattered Dreams In The Rain
  • Fist Till Morning
  • Fist Fury
  • Four Boys Against Your Face
  • Liver Buster
  • Stone Cold Prostate
  • Take It On The Chin
  • Zinc Deficiency


  • Dogs On Heat
  • Fat Chicks All Day All Night
  • Devil's Own Band
  • The Number Of The Breast


Jezz Torrent was voiced by Kevin McKidd, Percy by Russell Foreman and Dick by Peter McKay and Willy by Mark Hanlon. Their songs were written by Allan Walker, Paul Mackie, Trevor McDonald, Dr. Boogie and Craig Conner, and performed by musicians Andy Thomson, Mark Farquhar, Neil Mchaffie, Trevor McDonald and Paul Mackie.

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Willie is one of 3 DHARMA Initiative janitors mentioned by Sawyer, the other two being Roger Linus and Jack Shephard. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

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File:Willie.gif NPC Willie
Location: The mill in Rookgaard, here.
Occupation: Food Shopkeeper
Notes: Willie with his brother Billy run the mill. Willie works on the non-premium side, buying and selling various foods.
Willie is currently trying a new recipe, but is lacking of bananas.
Items traded: Sells:

Bread 3 gp
Cheese 5 gp
Ham 8 gp

Meat 5 gp

Bread 1 gp
Carrot 1 gp
Cheese 2 gp
Cherry 1 gp
Egg 1 gp
Ham 4 gp
Meat 2 gp

Salmon 2 gp
See the entire NPC list.

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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow.

You can trade a Banana, obtained in Studded Shield Quest, for a Studded Shield with him.

Spoiler ends here.

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