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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience

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William T. Kilpatrick
William T. Kilpatrick
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William T. Kilpatrick
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William T. Kilpatrick is a man employed by DaimlerChrysler Corporation. He was responsible for the company's interaction with the Hanso Foundation.


Appearances in The Lost Experience


May 17th

His name was first revealed on two documents in Peter Thompson's 'usr' folder on The first document is a confirmation of a contract with the Foundation for Jeep vehicles, while the second document is oddly a rescindment for the entire contract dated only a couple of weeks later, with the reason for the seize of association blotched out.

June 22nd

Distorted image of William.

In the "trash" folder on the same website, there is a chat log between an "OpenersHep" and a "Wtkfleet35", revealed as Rachel Blake and Kilpatrick, respectively. Though Kilpatrick defends the Hanso Foundation, after receiving a Missing Organs folder, he immediately begins to listen to Rachel. This conversation is dated March 5th, five days before Kilpatrick seized all DaimlerChrysler association with the Hanso Group according to the dated letter he sent them.

In the 'admin' folder there is also a link to a YouTube movie [1]. It is titled "≈", showing a man with audio and video distortion telling the viewer that he is going "underground". The video description is WTK, William Kilpatrick's initials.

In the video, he makes an apology for accusing DJ Dan, admitting that he had the wrong man. This seems to relate to an episode of Dan's podcast on June 8th, when an aggressive caller phoned in:

T = Tonya
D = DJ Dan
C4 = Caller 4 (most likely Kilpatrick)

T: I’ve got a caller here. Says he has to talk to you right now.

D: Really? Well what are you waiting for Tanya? Put him back on, c’mon. Caller you’re shuttin down the man.

C4: You’re going to want to be more careful, Dan.

D: Uh, okay, and who am I speaking with?

C4: You think you can just keep taking shots at the Hanso Foundation with no fear of retaliation?

D: Uh, once again, who are you and why are you calling me?

C4: You think you’re safe to smear good people because you broadcast from different locations? Like the second floor motel room you’re in right now, off of the 5 Freeway. Driving your green Jeep Compass, license plate... [Muffled by Dan]

D: Hey, hey, hey easy there little troll. Hey! What’s this about?

C4: It’s about your fragile life.

D: Oh my god, c’mon.

C4: How easily it can be exposed, the way you claim to expose others.

D: Okay, that’s enough. That’s enough.

C4: How easily your address...

D: Okay, that’s enough!

C4: ...and your real name...

D. Hey. Hey I’m not gonna--

C4: ...and where you really work...and your wife’s...

D: THAT’S ENOUGH! Hey! You one of their goons? Is that what this is about? Well you can tell your boss I ain’t backing down. This is not the first threatening call I’ve gotten, buddy, not by a long shot. My real name is DJ Dan, my location is inside your web of lies and my job is shutting you down.

C4: Dan, you’ve been warned.

D: Wow. Did you hear that Tonya? I guess we’ve been warned. Well, that was special. [Cue music] If you didn’t think there was proof before, there you have it folks. DJ Dan, I guess I'd better name a successor...

September 21

Description of video of William's kidnapping.
Home video taken by real life restauranteur (not involved in TLE) of Kilpatrick interrupting Hutchinson

William makes a last appearance at a real life PotBelly restaurant in Michigan, interrupting musician Eric Hutchinson, who is playing as part of a "Jeep Tour promotional event". It was caught on video from two different angles, though the unofficial "second angle" was removed from YouTube. The first 'official' version (uploaded by user "jeepchannel") was found in the Trash folder of

Shortly after shouting about The Hanso Foundation's connection with the illegal organ harvesting scandal and getting the word out about, he is dragged away by Hanso goons, and thrown in a white van with Michigan plates 1646HH. Transcripts of video may be read in the Missing Organs Folder page, in addition to all the documents in that secret zip file. Shortly after his kidnapping, it appears that Rachel chatted with account wtkFleet35 again. However, this time, it appears to be his kidnappers talking, and they suggest that they have used him as part of their illegal experiments, adding "he is helping others in ways he never imagined". A full transcript of this chat can be seen in OpenersHep Chat.

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