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Full Name: William Bearclaw
Species: Human
Gender: male
Born: 2262
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Parents: Father: John Bearclaw
Mother: Lila Bearclaw
Marital Status: single
Previous Assignment: USS Enterprise
Assignment: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)
Rank: Ensign
Insignia: Starfleet insignia.
Shoulder strap rank insignia.

Ensign William Bearclaw, an Apache Indian, was a Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Enterprise, the USS Excelsior, and the USS Enterprise-A, in the years 2285, 2286, and 2287. His father was Captain John Bearclaw of the USS Gallant.

The Academy

When Bearclaw attended Starfleet Academy, the results of his psychological tests kept him from Commander training. Bearclaw's unfortunate tendency to mistrust non-human species followed him well into his Starfleet career.

Bearclaw was one of the Academy trainees aboard the Enterprise, training under Captain Spock, when the vessel had her fateful encounter with Khan Noonien Singh at the Mutara Nebula in 2285. Following the incident, Bearclaw remained a part of the Enterprise crew serving under Admiral James T. Kirk. (DC Comics Who's Who in Star Trek #1)


When the Gallant was destroyed with all hands in 2285 while patrolling the Klingon Neutral Zone, Bearclaw blamed his father's death on the perceived incompetence of the Gallant's science officer, Andre Bryce, father of Nancy Bryce. Bearclaw attempted to avenge his father's death by attacking Bryce, only to be stopped in mid-combat by Captain Kirk.

Despite his difficulties with his shipmates, Bearclaw worked hard to become an essential member of the Enterprise crew. Admiral Kirk noted in Bearclaw's file that he "...acquits himself quite well. He is skilled with any number of terrains and can spot details many of us miss." (TOS DC Comics: #1 "The Wormhole Connection"; Who's Who in Star Trek)

Bearclaw had a short temper and continued to display an unfortunate tendency towards xenophobic attitudes. This brought him to odds with several of his ship-mates, including the Klingon defector and honorary ensign on board the Enterprise, Konom, and Andorian Commander Thimon. (DC Comics #3: Errand of War, #29: The Trouble With Bearclaw)

Bearclaw was determined to prove to Kirk that he was as capable as any officer in the fleet, and better than most. When Kirk received command of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A in 2286, he requested a posting on board so he could prove just that. (DC Comics #37: Choices)

While posted to the Enterprise, Bearclaw became romantically involved with shipmate Elizabeth Sherwood. (DC Comics #46 Getaway)

Attempted Murder Suspect

Unfortunately, Bearclaw was unable to control his bigotry. When Bearclaw drunkenly started a fight with Konom at Konom's bachelor party, Kirk finally decided that he had had enough, and put in the paperwork for Bearclaw's transfer.

Bearclaw became desperate to convince Kirk to change his mind. To this end, Bearclaw made his way onto a dangerous landing party asssignment to Omnicron Ceti IV in hopes of impressing Kirk, to no avail.

Soon after, a Mentite crewman named Castille came down with an extremely rare Mentite disease called Le Guin's Syndrome, and telepathically transformed the Enterprise into an approximation of Hell from Dante's poem "Inferno". During this time, the whole crew viewed the darkest parts of their souls.

After this experience, Kirk was a little more willing to re-consider Bearclaw's transfer, when Bearclaw seemingly stabbed Kirk in the heart.

Kirk was saved by Spock and Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy, and Kirk identified Bearclaw as his attacker. Bearclaw, protesting that he was innocent, was immediately taken into custody and and thrown in the brig.

While incarcerated, Bearclaw was befriended by the half-Klingon/Half Human-hybrid that would become known as The Honorable Kobry, who at that time, was simply known as "Bernie".

After Kirk's real attacker was identified as the shape-shifting Garth of Izar, Bearclaw was released from custody. Kirk then decided to forgive Bearclaw's transgressions, and restore him as a member of the ship's crew. (DC Comics 48-55, "Who Killed Captain Kirk?")

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William Bearclaw was a Starfleet line officer on active duty in the 23rd century.

As an ensign, Bearclaw served under James T. Kirk on USS Enterprise. (DC Comics: Star Trek: The Original Series) He was a son of Captain John Bearclaw, of the USS Gallant, and Lila Bearclaw.

Years later, as a captain, Bearclaw settled a dispute between two Klingon battle squadrons during the evacuation from Qo'noS. (USS Cheyenne Operations Manual)

In the 24th century, a Cheyenne-class exploration cruiser would be named after him.

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