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For the regular universe counterpart, see Willard Decker.

In the mirror universe, Willard Decker was a Terran commander in the Imperial Starfleet and the son of Matthew Decker. He had an irrational fear of transporters, worrying that every time he was beamed somewhere, he was actually killed and replaced by a copy, unaware of the change.

In 2271, he was assigned by his father to the ISS Enterprise as first officer, replacing Montgomery Scott. Discipline aboard the ship improved substantially under Decker's supervision. Still, he was often ignored by his commanding officer, Admiral Spock, to the point of being left out of tactical planning or diplomatic efforts, something he attributed to Spock's distrust of his father.

In 2277, he was involved in a plot orchestrated by his father to kill Spock on Deneva. Several assassins were hid in a facility where Spock was instructed to attend a conference of the Admiralty. Spock, however, suspected a trap, and instructed Decker to attend the "conference" with him. Decker watched as Spock and his Vulcan subordinates took out the assassins; Decker was then himself killed by Ensign Saavik and Lieutenant Xon. Decker's father sought vengeance against Spock for Will's death. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

Alternate continuity

In an alternate mirror universe, Decker was an officer serving aboard ISS Enterprise in the 2260s. James T. Kirk decided Decker had played a part in allowing the ship to be infiltrated by four imposters, and had him hanged in 2267, outside Starfleet Command Headquarters, alongside Leonard H. McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Janice Rand, M'Benga, David Garrovick and Marlena Moreau (TOS novel: Dark Victory).

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