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For PvP in general, see Player killing.
For the music track, see Wilderness (music track).
Also called Wildy, Wild, Wld, wilde.
Capital None
Cities and
* Red Dragon Isle
Members Only No, besides level 49+ and Red Dragon Isle
No. of Banks 3 (Wilderness Volcano, Mage Arena, Fist of Guthix)
No. of Altars 2 (Chaos and Death)
Teleportation Dareeyak Teleport, Carrallangar Teleport, Annakarl Teleport, Ghorrock Teleport, Games Necklace (Clan Wars and Bounty Hunter), Ice Plateau Teleport, Ardougne teleport lever, Wilderness Obelisks, Entrana Dungeon door
Guilds None
Peaks Frozen Waste Plateau Wilderness Volcano
Inhabitants/Race Humans, Dragons, Demons, Revenants, and more.
Location on World map
Troll Country Wilderness Unknown
Asgarnia and Misthalin
The Wilderness before 10 December.

The Wilderness is a large and dangerous area which makes up the entirety of north-eastern Gielinor, directly north of the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin. It was famous for being the only place where non-members could engage in Player-versus-Player (PvP) combat to gain all items that the defeated dropped until 12 December 2007, when the Duel Arena was opened to free players and the Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars minigames were introduced. As of 15 October 2008, players can now attack each other here (and across the rest of RuneScape in PvP worlds) on special Bounty Worlds. They cannot, however, attack each other here on non-PvP worlds. In the months between December 2007 and October 2008, however, players could only attack each other via minigames. The Clan Wars free-for-all portals are very similar to the Wilderness before 10 December 2007, however with the arrival of Bounty worlds the Wilderness returned to being like old player killing. Players should be careful entering the Wilderness as they could be attacked or even killed by a Revenant.



The Wilderness used to be a dense forest with rich supplies of basically everything that a city would need. It once held the greatest of cities ever to be seen on RuneScape and was described as "Heaven on Earth". That is until the God Wars started, and War erupted from the rich land that once belonged to the God Zaros, who faded out of existence as he was betrayed by the once-mortal Zamorak, who then became a god himself. The Gods joined forces in order to fight against Zamorak. However, eventually all the Gods started to fight amongst and for themselves. The Wilderness back then became the center of warfare. After 4,000 years of battle, the heaven-like Wilderness is now reduced to nothing but cursed, un-revivable wastelands. Eventually Guthix awoke from his long slumber and put an end to the God Wars by creating the Edicts of Guthix, which banned all gods from ever directly influencing Gielinor again. The Guthix went deep into the depths of Gielinor and cried, saddened by the effects the God Wars had over the world that he had created and loved. The Wars are stopped, but the damage is done. Many races like Avianses, Iceyenes, Ourgs and Wyrms are driven to exctinction due to their over-usage in the God Wars. The Wilderness was now wastelands feared by Adventurers. Spirits of the creatures who died during the God Wars stayed at the Wilderness now wander around the area, and are known as Revenants.


Revenants were added by Jagex to challenge players after player killing was removed. They will randomly appear and attack players in the Wilderness. Revenants are the ghost-like spirits of creatures killed during the God Wars. All of them can teleblock and prevent you from moving, and are capable of using all 3 styles of the combat triangle. In 50+ Wilderness, most of them can also poison the player (except for the Revenant dragon, which can poison players anywhere in the wilderness). They can also unleash hefty damage despite their combat level; even the level 7 Revenant Imps can hit up to 9. The further north players go, the higher the danger level gets. The danger level represents the potential combat levels of revenants you can engage in combat. A danger level of 1 means you can be attacked by revenants within 1 combat level of your own; a danger level of 2 means you can fight revenants within 2 combat levels of your own; and so on.

See Revenants

The level increasing as a player runs directly north in the wilderness

Teleport restrictions

Teleports will not work above level 20, except for a select few such as the Amulet of Glory or Ring of Life which may be used by members up to level 30. However, the Tele Block spell will prevent teleports from working for 5 minutes, which revenants may cast on you. Wearing a Forinthry bracelet, members may teleport whilst under a teleblock up to 5 times per bracelet, which can be life saving in certain situations such as the Mage Arena.

If you travel to the spirit realm via Jennica's ring, you can teleport, even from the axe hut at level 55, since the spirit realm is not considered a part of the wilderness as far as game mechanics go.

Items that allow member teleportation to up to 30 level Wilderness:

The Ditch

Main article: Wilderness ditch
The ditch as it is seen on the World Map before the Wilderness was updated on 10 December 2007.

The Wilderness is protected by a ditch on its south edge, requiring players to click on it to enter the Wilderness. This was to prevent players from wandering into the Wilderness and getting killed, or getting 'lured' or tricked into going into the Wilderness with popular luring techniques such as Tree Luring prior the Wilderness changes. After clicking the ditch, players are presented with a screen that asks whether they really want to enter the Wilderness. Players who click yes will then jump over the ditch. Above it, there are a few safe spaces. This has, however, reduced the level 1 Wilderness to 4 tiles.

Jagex added the ditch functionality on 18 April 2007[1]. They also added the option not to receive this warning message every time on 17 July 2007[2]. Players can toggle this and other warning messages on and off via the Doomsayer in Lumbridge[3].

Why Enter the Wilderness?

Why indeed, would anyone choose to enter this dangerous place?


To Fight in Clan Wars, Fist of Guthix, or Stealing Creation

Matching wits against other players is one of the most common reasons why some players choose to visit this lawless place. In Bounty Worlds players can fight against one another in the Wilderness. However, in normal worlds players can't fight each other here. It used to be possible to fight other players in the Wilderness on any world, but Jagex removed this feature as it was much used in real world trading. The Combat triangle comes into play when battling other players, and is briefly outlined as follows:

  • Mages are generally strong against Warriors, because metal armour is more vulnerable to magic, and mages can cast holding spells such as entangle to stop the warrior from moving and make him/her unable to attack.
  • Warriors are strong against Rangers, but need to close in fast. Their metal armour does attract magic, though, creating even more damage.
  • Rangers are strong against Mages, as ranger-oriented armour such as leather and dragonhide, has the best protection against magic. Their arrows slice through mage robes. Again, though, an advantage to warriors is the rangers' leather armour, easy enough to cut through, warriors just have to get close enough to rangers to attack.

To Access the Abyss

Pay to play players can use the Abyss Via Wilderness to access the various altars throughout RuneScape to craft runes; the Zamorak mage that teleports players to the abyss is in level 5 Wilderness. Many players will risk being killed to craft runes here as it is the fastest way available; normally only runes above cosmic are crafted here as any rune below this is not considered worth the risk.

A Shortcut

The Edgeville bank is closer to the mind altar than the Falador branch is. Although a shorter path, it crosses into level 4 Wilderness.

For Resources

There are many useful respawns in the Wilderness. Particularly, in the non-members' world, there are only two spawn points for the planks required in the Dragon Slayer quest:

  1. In the Graveyard of Shadows, level 22 Wilderness. This place is multi-combat and is filled with aggressive level 18 and 24 zombies, so lower levels may want to bring some food and/or armour.
  2. The lava maze (level 43) contains several item spawns such as iron full helm, gold necklace, staff of earth, steel plate, along with coin respawn points. Bring food, as it contains king scorpions, hill giants and lesser demons.

There are also many respawns for bones in the chaos temple, and members can collect White Berries (a valuable potion ingredient) at Red Dragon Isle.

To Mine Ores

The risk factor and the aggressive monsters mean these mines are rarely mined-out, unlike the Mining guild at busy times.

The Wilderness is one of the uniques mines of runite in all Gielinor.

While the best metal armour enables players to shrug off most of the monsters that frequent the mines, Revenants will frequently attack with Magic as well, so ranged armour may be preferable to avoid a negative magic defence bonus.

To Solve Clues

Pay to play players can obtain Clue Scrolls from monsters. The higher level Clue Scrolls often involve visits to the Wilderness, including to the parts with a very high danger level. Most of the time you will be incapable of teleporting so you would need to bring a lot of food, preferably lobsters or sharks.

To Train Agility

Pay to play players have an Agility training course in the deep Wilderness. It is one of the fastest Agility training areas, though also the most dangerous.

To Kill Monsters

The Wilderness has monsters that can be interesting to kill for their drops or their experience e.g. Greater demons. In member worlds, Green Dragons, the King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental, and the strongest monster on RuneScape, the Corporeal beast, are examples of monsters that attract players into the Wilderness.

The four dungeons listed on the world map.

To Unlock Music

Some players wish to unlock as much music as possible, since they can get the Air Guitar emote upon unlocking 500 songs. Approximately 40 music tracks are unlocked in the Wilderness.

To Make Money

Many players engage in player killing in Bounty Worlds to obtain valuables. When they kill a player, they will get items generated by the game or at least some of the target's items. Then the player killer takes the dropped items and does whatever so they may wish to do with them. This includes using the High Alchemy or Low Alchemy spells on them or selling them for money.

Also, many players visit the Wilderness to kill Green Dragons, as the hides and bones they always drop are very profitable.

Another way to make money is by walking/running back and forth from the Wilderness Volcano bank to the Red Dragon Isle. Players that do this are usually picking up White berries, banking them, and later selling them at the Grand Exchange.

Another way many players make money is killing black unicorns west of stealing creation. Then they get a full inventory of horns. After that they run over to the stealing creation bank deppossite box. After getting many unicorn horns players withdraw them as bank notes, then they run down to the Grand Exchange. Unicorns horns sell for around 2000gp each.

To Sell Items

Many players have items that are of very little value to merchants and skill specialists. The General store in the Bandit Camp buys items for high alchemy prices because the "Tax collectors do not visit his store." All Wilderness merchants are very high-level as a matter of personal safety.

To Buy Capes

Some players want to collect team capes, so they go in the wilderness just to enhance their collection. These handy capes can vary in colours and designs. You can find these capes by searching for men with big bags on their backs. Their location are in different places but are always near one place.

To Slay Revenants

Many players seek out revenants to hunt and kill them, usually just for the glory and satisfaction of doing so. Some higher levelled revenants also drop fairly valuable items, such as Dragon daggers or Amulets of glory, though these are fairly rare drops.

To Explore

There are a lot of places that players would like to explore. However, curiosity can sometimes kill you, and this applies to better to no other place than the Wilderness. But if a player is ready, why not go ahead and have a look around?

To complete quests or miniquests

On 29 July 2008, the first Wilderness quest, Spirit of Summer, was released. The quest mainly focuses at the centre of the wilderness. The sequel Summer's End is also started in the Wilderness, and on the 29 September, the third quest, Defender of Varrock brought players to the Graveyard of Shadows and to the Chaos Temple which are both located in the Wilderness.

Also, the Ghostly robes (miniquest) takes a player into the Wilderness at least once.

To light beacons

If the player has finished the All Fired Up quest, then the player may need to head into the Wilderness to light some beacons for the All Fired Up (minigame). The beacons in the Wilderness are in the following locations: one on the Frozen Waste Plateau, one beacon is located in the low-level Wilderness north of the Grand Exchange, two other beacons north-east of the Lumber yard and one beacon is located north of the altar in level 43 Wilderness.

To shop and trade

There is a shop selling pizza bases located in the Bandit Camp, as well as a general store which buys items from players for the high alchemy price rather than the standard low alchemy used in most general stores. However, due to the remoteness of the bandit camp, the stores are rarely used.

Why not enter the Wilderness?

There is one main reason for players to refuse to enter the Wilderness: fear of death. A player can be killed very quickly in the wilderness in many ways:

  • By Revenants - much more dangerous than their combat level suggests.
  • By other players - PvP worlds or Bounty Worlds only - the attackable levels are increased by the wilderness level (i.e. 10% of the player's combat level + 5 + wilderness level; or just the wilderness level in Bounty worlds), so players can be attacked by players a much higher combat level than them. However, there are no Revenants in PvP worlds.
  • By high-level monsters - some of the chief wilderness attractions are some of the most likely places to die - examples: the Chaos Elemental, the King Black Dragon, the Corporeal Beast.
  • By 'regular' monsters - all monsters in the wilderness, with the exception of passive monsters, are aggressive, even if elsewhere they are not. This can lead to unexpected attacks by monsters, and can lead to death if unprepared.

The Free Area

Free-to-play Wilderness.


All of the area to the right except the Red Dragon Isles is available to Free-to-play users. A basic outline to some features is given below, for more in-depth click on the link.

Dark Warriors' Fortress

The Dark Warriors' Fortress, located in levels 14 and 15 of the Wilderness is one of the easiest places to train Magic due to 7 rune spawns. Earth, Water, Air and Fire runes. It also contains Chaos, Mind and Body runes.

Other Places of Interest

Place Danger Level On the Map Other Information
Demonic ruins 45 - 48, Multi-combat area Top right-hand corner There are some Greater demons here.
The Steel mine 6 - 7 The File:Miningicon.PNG closest to the southern river (the beginning of the surface stretch of the river lum) Contains a little Coal and Iron ore
The Hobgoblin mine 29 - 35 The File:Miningicon.PNG east of the Forgotten Cemetery Contains 16 Iron ore, 31 Coal, 19 Mithril ore, 8 Adamantite ore. Contains more rocks in total than any free-to-play Mining Site.
The Wilderness skeleton mine 9 The File:Miningicon.PNG south of the Dark Warriors' Fortress 34 coal rocks.
The Wilderness rune mine 45 - 46 Slightly above the Lava Maze The only place to mine Runite ore in non-members worlds.
Chaos Temple (Wilderness) 13 South-East of the Graveyard of Shadows, marked by File:Altar icon.png Apart from a small hut west of the Lava maze this is the only altar in the Wilderness. Sometimes it's considered the best place for training prayer in free play. However, this is a spawn point for Revenants. Therefore, it has light dangers of being killed by a Revenant hobgoblin or vampire!
Chaos Temple (hut) 38 The File:Altar icon.png in the small building just south of the Frozen Waste Plateau This is the location of the other of two altars in the Wilderness (the other being the above location).

The Members Area

Members only part of the Wilderness


This area is only available to Pay-to-play users. Note: The white line visible near the bottom is the fence separating the Free-to-play and Pay-to-play areas.

Mage Arena

This is where players with at least level 60 Magic can take Kolodion's challenge. Successful players receive the God Cape and the God Staff of their chosen God. For more information, see the Mage Arena article.

Other Places of Interest

Place / Monster Danger Level On the Map Other Information
Mage of Zamorak 5 See: Steel mine Allows you to access The Abyss
The King Black Dragon 40 Near the Lava maze The lair is not in the Wilderness so you can teleport from the inside. The King Black Dragon can drop a Draconic visage (extremely rare)
The Chaos Elemental 51 West of the Rogues' Castle Drops Dragon two-handed sword
Rogues' Castle 51 East of the Mage Arena and Deserted Keep Contains Rogues
Corporeal beast lair 34 North of Summer Bonde's farm in the Spirit Realm. Contains the Corporeal beast, the highest level monster.
North-East Wilderness volcano 51 Right East of the Rogues' Castle and North of the Easternmost gate to member's Wilderness. A wooden bridge crosses the volcano's centre. It will launch several firespits constantly. Due to its remote location, it's unlikely that you'll be caught by a Revenant.


A player using a Wilderness Portal

There are six Wilderness Obelisks. Each portal will randomly teleport anyone standing on the central pad to any of the other 5 pads. They are the only teleportation method to work beyond level 30 Wilderness apart from the Ardougne teleport lever, the Mage Arena teleport lever, and the Edgeville teleport lever. To activate the portal, touch any of the pillars on the side. The portals are found in the following locations:

Danger Level Location On the Map
13 North of the Grand Exchange, beside Stealing Creation Not visible
50 Near the Chaos Elemental South-east of the Rogues' Castle
27 South of the Chaos dwarves North of the Bandit Camp
35 Near the Green dragons South-west of the Lava maze
19 At the Black unicorns (The unicorns were moved to just slightly west of the Stealing Creation minigame.) South of the Graveyard of Shadows
44 By the Ice warriors South-east of the Frozen Waste Plateau

Be Warned: using this may also teleport Revenants if they are caught in the 3x3 square when the teleport activates.

Wilderness part of Edgeville dungeon

Although most of the Wilderness is an open area, the north part of Edgeville dungeon is Wilderness too. It can be accessed by passing a members gate. The Wilderness level in the northernmost part is 5. Points of interest:

  • Several Chaos druids in the Wilderness section, well known for their high drop rate for herbs.
  • There are six red spider's eggs respawns in this dungeon, making it easier to collect them for potions.
  • Several Black Demons live farther inside the dungeon, closer to a bank than most others.
  • There is a demon who resides in the dungeon named Chronozon. He's a critical part of the Family Crest quest and can only be killed after successfully casting all four of the elemental "blast" spells on him.
  • The Earth Obelisk is in the dungeon near Chronozon, and the Air Obelisk can be accessed through the dungeon as well, past the Black Demons.
  • The dungeon is one of only 2 locations to house Earth Warriors. You need to 15 Agility to get to them.

Effects on Bounty Worlds

Main article: Pvp worlds

Any player within a particular level range of Combat level can be attacked on Bounty Worlds. The range is calculated with this formula:


Note that the result is always rounded down.

For example, a player with a Combat level of 100 may attack players with Combat levels between 85 to 115 (a 15-level range). If the player is in the Wilderness, the range increases as the player travels deeper, (directly based off the level of Wilderness the player is in).

Note: A player CAN be attacked by another player outside their range, if the other player has the player within their range. This player CAN of course retaliate if they are attacked this way, even though the other player is outside their level range.

The various Combat level colours:

  • Green - Lower in Combat level
  • Yellow - Equal in Combat level
  • Red - Higher in Combat level
  • White - Cannot be attacked (i.e. outside the Combat level range or in a safe area.)



  • Before the 10 December 2007 update, the Wilderness was the only place free-to-play players could duel with other players as well as clans warring against other clans. The area just North of Edgeville was a very popular duelling area while the Demonic Ruins was a very popular area to stage clan wars.
  • Oddly enough, just south of the Dark Warriors' Fortress, there seems to be a gravestone with a cross on it. In the Dark Warrior's Fortress, there's several respawns of runes of all kind.
  • The skull on the wilderness level meter looks like a Scream mask or the face of a Fear reaper.
  • On 6 May 2009, the player killing in the wilderness returned (see Bounty Worlds).
  • There used to be no ditch that players crossed.
  • It's worth noticing that players can mine coal and iron ore, smelt them in the east ruins, and then run to the western ruins and smith the bars into steel weapons and armour. This is definitely not the safest way to train smithing, although all the areas are rather close by.
  • Just to the west of the Mage Arena is a lava pool which happens to look like Guthix's symbol.
  • Although unconfirmed, the location of the Wilderness may be a reference to a quote from the film Crocodile Dundee II when Mick & Sue first walk in to Walkabout Creek Pub; "The Northern Territory IS the wilderness".
  • There are rumours of a ghost cat that lurks around the wilderness. Models have been found of it and there is a thread about it on the official RuneScape forums.


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