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Wiegraf Folles
Wiegraf's in-game portrait
Sprite(s) Wiegraf's portrait as a White Knight Wiegraf's in-game sprite Wiegraf's in-game sprite, as a White Knight
Japanese ウィーグラフ・フォルズ
Romaji Uīgurafu Foruzu
Age 33
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Voice actor(s)
Job Class White Knight
Affiliation Corpse Brigade / Knights Templar
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"All such tales of gods and their miracles are false."
—Wiegraf Folles

Wiegraf Folles is the leader of the Corpse Brigade terrorist organisation in Final Fantasy Tactics. He later becomes a Knight Templar, and then merges with the Lucavi demon Belias. He serves as an antagonist until the end of chapter three. Wiegraf is a Holy Knight, giving him access to all of the same swordsmanship moves as Agrias Oaks except for Divine Ruination.



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Wiegraf and the Corpse Brigade

"The reeking masses yearn for gods and miracles. It is their opiate, and they consume it greedily. The people do not endeavor towards greatness, but rather mire themselves in their petty strifes - shackles on the feet of man."

Wiegraf first appears as the leader of the Corpse Brigade terrorist group, formed when a group of peasant soldiers were denied their pay after the Fifty Years' War. His sister Milleuda is also a member of the Corpse Brigade. In addition to Milleuda, Wiegraf has two other major officers: Gustav Margriff and Gragoroth Levigne. Gustav defied Wiegraf's orders and kidnapped Marquis Elmdore of Limberry. Wiegraf found out about this and after learning of Gustav's location in Dorter Trade City, he rushed off to the Sand Rat Cellar, where Gustav was holding the Marquis. Gustav lunged at him, but Wiegraf easily outmaneuvered and killed him. When Ramza Beoulve arrived to rescue the Marquis, Wiegraf let him go in exchange for his own escape.

Wiegraf at Windmill Hut during Tietra's kidnapping.

Following Gragoroth's failed assassination attempt on Dycedarg Beoulve, Tietra Heiral was captured. This prompted Ramza and Tietra's brother Delita Heiral to attempt a rescue. On their way to the Windmill Hut where Tietra was being held by Wiegraf, Ramza encounters a group of Corpse Brigade knights led by Milleuda. In the ensuing battle, Milleuda was slain. When Wiegraf learned of this, he resolved to fight and had Tietra taken to Fort Zeakden. Wiegraf fought along side his Chocobo Boco against with his sister's killers, but realizing he was losing, he fled the battle and escaped into the mountains. Without him, the Corpse Brigade disintegrated.

Wiegraf as a Knight Templar

A year later, Wiegraf visits his sister's grave. It is here that Wiegraf is approached by the Knights Templar Loffrey. Wiegraf tells Loffrey that he'd never join the Church, but Loffrey manages to convince him by telling him that they fight for the same goal, an Ivalice free from the aristocracy.

Wiegraf facing Ramza as a Knight Templar.

Folmarv sends Wiegraf, along with his own son Isilud to retrieve the Virgo Holy Stone from Orbonne Monastery. At the monastery, Isilud mortally wounded the librarian Simon Penn-Lachish and made his way into the Underground Book Storage to retrieve the Virgo Stone. As he did, Ramza, now labeled a heretic, and his sister Alma arrived also seeking the Virgo Stone. Ramza pursued Isilud into the basement and Alma remained at the entrance with all of Ramza's Zodiac Stones.

Transformation into Belias

Seeing his opportunity for revenge, Wiegraf captured Alma, and as Isilud teleported back upstairs with the Virgo Stone, handed the girl to him. Ramza rushed up the stairs to help his sister, and Wiegraf had Isilud take Alma away while he attempted to avenge his sister's death. Wiegraf had become more powerful by then, but Ramza was even greater and prevailed. As Wiegraf crawled outside, mortally wounded, the younger Tengille mounted a chocobo and fled. The Aries Stone, which Wiegraf held, then activated, and Wiegraf heard a voice tell him to commit his soul to the stone. Despite Ramza's objections, Wiegraf did so and transformed into Belias, one of the Lucavi demons. Ramza prepared to fight, but Belias merely teleported away.

Wiegraf then accompanied Folmarv on a trip to Riovanes Castle to meet with Grand Duke Gerrith Barrington. The Duke had Isilud brought before the two knights, and an infuriated Folmarv struck his son across the face. Then, as things escalated, a report came in that Ramza was approaching the castle. Folmarv ordered Wiegraf to deal with him. As Ramza searched the castle for his sister, he came across Wiegraf in a hallway.

Wiegraf demands that Ramza draw his sword. Ramza, however, claims that Milleuda would never have wanted her brother to become the monster that he is now. To this Wiegraf explains that he no longer cares about his sister, the Corpse Brigade or revenge. Now all he wants is to bring chaos to Ivalice. The two fought one on one, but Ramza gained the upper hand. Wiegraf teleported back to the beginning of the hall and transformed into Belias just as Ramza's allies entered the room. Belias summoned three Archaeodaemons and attacked Ramza's party, but despite the overwhelming odds against them, Ramza prevailed. Belias exploded, the Aries Stone dropped harmlessly to the ground and Wiegraf was finally truly dead.


"Wiegraf" may be a mistranslation of "Wiglaf", a character from the epic poem, Beowulf, which happens to be the name of another character in Final Fantasy Tactics. Wiglaf is the only one of King Beowulf's men to stand by his king during their battle with the dragon. Beowulf is slain in battle, taking the dragon with him. Because of his bravery, Wiglaf succeeds Beowulf as king.

It should be also noted that one more sign of this reference is the fact that, in Final Fantasy Tactics, Beowulf's sprite is the same sprite used for Wiegraf when he was on the Corpse Brigade.

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