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About Whitefish

White fish is belonging to the genera Prosopium and Coregonus. On its Latin name Prosopium cylindraceum have rounded cigar-like bodies with tiny, pointed snouts and single nasal flaps. Whitefish are important in the food chain of the aquatic community, as they are a major food item for many predatory fish. Whitefish in general are silver-colored with large scales, fleshy dorsal and adipose fins, no teeth, and a small fleshy appendage at the base of the pelvic fin called a pelvic axillaries process. The young have Parr marks, dark transverse bands, which disappear in the second year of life. The whitefish has a toothless mouth and large eyes. The head is small and the body deep or wide from stomach to backbone. The broad whitefish can be distinguished from the humpback by its larger size, deeper head, shorter gillrakers, and short, blunt snout. Their diet consists mainly of small clams, snails, aquatic insects, larvae, and freshwater shrimp. Whitefish are very important in the food chain, as they are eaten by predacious sheefish, pike, and burbot. Whitefish broadcasts its eggs which lodge in the gravel.

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A detailed view of the whitefish.

Whitefish are caught in the Fishing Contest area, located in Hemenster. The fish is caught using fishing using raw slimy eels as bait.

This fish is needed during the Land of the Goblins quest. Player do not need a fishing pass if they have already done the Fishing Contest quest.

Whitefish are used as an ingredient for a bleaching agent that Aggie, the witch in Draynor Village, can create in order to remove the dye from goblin mail and turn it white.

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