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White SeeD Ship

The White SeeD Ship (白いSeeDの船, Shiroi SeeD no fune) is a ship in Final Fantasy VIII. Created to be a combination floating Garden and orphanage by Edea Kramer, the ship is staffed by White SeeD and is home to orphans, many whose parents were killed during the Sorceress War.


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Following the Sorceress War, Edea Kramer and her husband, Cid Kramer, opened an orphanage on the Centra continent to care for the children left parentless by the conflict. Living in a stone house and spending their days playing in the fields and beaches surrounding their home, the orphans thrived under Edea's care. The idyllic peace of the orphanage was shattered, however, when the dying Sorceress Ultimecia and an adult Squall Leonhart appeared from the future due to a time warp. Mortally wounded, Ultimecia attempted to transfer her Sorceress Power to one of the children at the orphanage: Ellone. Luckily, Edea intervened and took on the Power herself. Squall, having struck the blow that ended Ultimecia's life, told Edea that through the Powers she had just inherited, Ultimecia was certain to possess her in the future to try and get her hands on Ellone. Edea realized that she had to take immediate steps to ensure Ellone's safety; enlisting the older children in her orphanage, Edea formed a group called the White SeeD. They were given a ship, and entrusted with Ellone's protection from Sorceresses or anyone else who wished her harm. Cid and Edea then founded the Garden organization to train more SeeD to fight the Sorceress.


When it came time for Squall and his team to find it, the White SeeD had currently docked the ship in a western cove amongst the Centra Crater ruins.

Location of the ship, indicated by crosshair

People Associated with The White SeeD Ship

  • Edea Kramer, Founder, Headmistress
  • Ellone, Reason for Ship's Existence
  • Zone
  • Watts
  • White SeeD Leader, leader and captain of the White SeeD.

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