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"Orphans formerly in the care of Sorceress Edea. They often travel on their ship, and are veiled in secrecy."
—FFVIII Info Corner

White SeeD (also known as Sorceress Edea's SeeD) are an elite force which were created in secret by Sorceress Edea to protect herself, Ellone and other children who have inherited Sorceress powers. They reside on a ship, which doubles as a somewhat mobile orphanage. They are a secret group, unlike the openly existing Garden SeeDs, and protect the children from those who pursue them.

The White SeeD are very cautious. They would never remain in one place for long. However, they seem to have taken a liking to Centra's landscape. Therefore, they usually station their ship by an inlet somewhere on the Centra continent.

The White SeeD are the primary force seen opposing Ultimecia in the time-compressed future, and the bodies of various members are seen littered near Ultimecia's castle.


White SeeD Uniform and Mannerisms

SeeD Uniform Male and Female

Although not much is shown of them, these SeeD have demonstrated a high jumping skill, hinting at a higher level of training than normal Garden SeeD. Other than this their mannerisms are similar to their Garden counterparts. It is presumed that they are the original SeeDs trained by Edea herself, as they all appear to be older than the SeeDs at the Garden.

The White SeeD uniform consists of a cream colored over-coat with tails that extend to behind the knees. The collars are high, concealing the neck while the left and right shoulders of the coat possess decorative plates/patches with gold designs. Below the over-coat light gray trousers are worn tucked into black knee-high boots. A cream colored headband completes the uniform. The uniforms are identical for both genders.

White SeeD Ranking


White SeeD Leader

The highest ranking member aboard The White SeeD Ship, the White SeeD Leader, is responsible for all occupants aboard the ship and is in charge of the day-to-day happenings on board the ship.

White SeeD Properties

Edea's Orphanage

Main article: Edea's Orphanage

One of the last remnants of the Centra civilization the orphanage served as home for those orphaned during the Sorceress War and later served as the origin of both the SeeD and White SeeD groups.

White SeeD Vehicles

The White SeeD Ship

Main article: White SeeD Ship

This ship serves as the mobile home-base of the White SeeD in their continuing task to protect Ellone.

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