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White Mage Artifact Armor
See also: White Mage.

White Mage is a basic job in Final Fantasy XI. As such, all starting characters can immediately choose to level as a white mage. White mages specialize in curative magic, the removal of just about all status ailments, and defensive magic.

White magic does offer limited access to offensive magic including status ailments, such as Slow, and damaging magic, such as Holy. In normal situations, they would often be called upon to use status ailments but it is rare for a white mage in a party to attempt to do damage with spells and they have little ability in hand-to-hand combat. The job of White Mage is thus limited to almost exclusively healing duties.

In addition to White Magic, White Mages possess a number of abilities including Benediction, Divine Seal, Martyr, Devotion to further their abilities in curing and supporting the party.

The five races of Vana'diel can all make a competent White Mages. Elvaan have the highest Mind, thus are able to cure with the highest potency. Tarutaru excel due to their high MP pool, but low HP and Vitality means they are less survivable while low mind weakens their cures. Hume and Mithra are relatively balanced offering few strengths and weaknesses although mithra suffer from slightly lower mind. Galka have low MP, giving them less to cast magic with, but high HP and Vitality help them be more survivable.


Becoming a White Mage

Since White Mage is a basic job in Final Fantasy XI, characters can choose to become a White Mage at any time. Characters who wish to start the game as a White Mage will be given a scroll of Cure and an Onion Rod in addition to their adventurer certificate and nation ring (If applicable.).

Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Benediction
15  Divine Seal
40  Afflatus Solace
40  Afflatus Misery
75 (Merit)  Devotion
75 (Merit)  Martyr

Job Traits

Level  Name
10  Magic Defense Bonus
20  Clear Mind I
25  Auto Regen
30  Magic Defense Bonus II
35  Clear Mind II
50  Clear Mind III
50  Divine Veil
50  Magic Defense Bonus III
65  Clear Mind IV
70  Magic Defense Bonus IV

Spell List

Click on each spell name for where to find spells as well as other information.

Level  Spell
01  Cure
03  Dia
04  Paralyze
05  Banish
05  Barstonra
06  Poisona
07  Barsleepra
07  Protect
07  Protectra
09  Barwatera
09  Paralyna
10  Aquaveil
10  Barpoisonra
11  Cure II
12  Barparalyzra
13  Baraera
13  Slow
14  Blindna
15  Banishga
15  Deodorize
15  Silence
16  Curaga
17  Barfira
Level  Spell
17  Shell
17  Shellra
18  Barblindra
18  Diaga
19  Blink
19  Silena
20  Sneak
21  Barblizzara
21  Cure III
21  Regen
23  Barsilencera
25  Barthundra
25  Invisible
25  Raise
25  Reraise
27  Protect II
27  Protectra II
28  Stoneskin
29  Cursna
30  Banish II
31  Curaga II
32  Erase
34  Viruna
Level  Spell
36  Dia II
36  Teleport-Dem
36  Teleport-Holla
36  Teleport-Mea
37  Shell II
37  Shellra II
38  Teleport-Altep
38  Teleport-Yhoat
39  Barvira
39  Stona
40  Banishga II
40  Haste
40  Cura
41  Cure IV
42  Teleport-Vahzl
43  Barpetra
44  Regen II
45  Flash
47  Protect III
47  Protectra III
48  Repose
50  Holy
51  Curaga III
Level  Spell
53  Recall-Jugner
53  Recall-Pashh
53  Recall-Meriph
55  Auspice
56  Raise II
56  Reraise II
57  Shell III
57  Shellra III
61  Cure V
61  Esuna
63  Protect IV
63  Protectra IV
65  Banish III
65  Sacrifice
66  Regen III
68  Shell IV
68  Shellra IV
70  Raise III
70  Reraise III
71  Curaga IV
(Merit)  Protectra V
(Merit)  Shellra V

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Club B+ 5 109 256
Staff C+ 5 105 230
Throwing E 4 94 200
Shield D 4 101 210
Evasion E 4 94 200

Magic Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Healing Magic A+ 6 114 276
Divine Magic A- 5 114 269
Enhancing Magic C+ 5 105 230
Enfeebling Magic C 5 105 225

White Mages in Final Fantasy XI

White Mages are the preeminent users of curative and protective magic in Final Fantasy XI. As a class with a lot of spells aligned with the Light element, they also have the capacity of dealing significant damage to creatures weak to this element, particularly Undead.



  • White Mages (other than Scholars under the effect of Light Arts) are the only job that can remove negative status ailments from others.
  • White Mages have the best healing and protective magics in the game.
  • Through gear and Hexa-Strike, White Mages can do significant melee damage.


  • Most White Mages will be virtually helpless without a party.
  • Lack of Refresh sometimes makes them less desirable than Red Mage.


Black Mage

Black Mage offers White Mage some utility as a support job. Not only can it give the White Mage access to spells like Sleep, it also provides them with a decent MP boost and increases MP efficiency with Conserve MP. In more rare situations, Magic Attack Bonus will increase damage from Banish or Holy. Black Mage also offers White Mage the Warp spell.


Summoner becomes a popular subjob for White Mage after level 50. At this point, Summoner offers White Mages Auto-Refresh, which will slowly increase MP over time. Additionally, with their high MP and MP Boosts, White Mage with a summoner subjob has the highest MP totals of almost any job other than summoner itself. Avatars can be useful for some mid-level job abilities, such as Aerial Armor from Garuda.

Red Mage

Red Mage is not commonly used for White Mage, since it is not as MP efficient, nor does a White Mage have quite as much MP in this configuration, but it is worth noting that some White Mages will want the benefits of Fast Cast or red mage specific spells, specifically Phalanx, for certain situations.


Ninja is not a common job choice for most White Mages; However, it is worth mentioning that a White Mage with Reverend Mail, access to the Weapon Skill Hexa-Strike with a Club and plenty of Haste and Strength gear can be a surprising powerhouse of melee damage.

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