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The White Mage appears as a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. They gain the ability to cast White Magic faster as well as Pray, and Vigor. Unlike other installments, they cannot attack. However, if berserk is used, they can physically (although not strongly) attack. Yuna, Rikku, and Paine all wield rods that Yuna could use in Final Fantasy X, Yuna wielding the Initial Staff, Rikku using the Spiked Rod and Paine using the Malleable Staff. The white mage dons white robes and hoods. Yuna's appearance is unique from all her others as her long ponytail is not visible.

"I'll help with all my might!"
"Time for some Rikku brand white magic goodness."
"I'll heal you if I have to, but don't get careless."


Acquiring White Mage

In chapter 1, the dressphere is located in the secret cave on Besaid Island after helping Wakka find the sphere.



White Magic

NB! Abilities written in bold/italic are passive abilities. All other abilities are active

Name Description AP To Learn MP to cast Required
Pray Restores very small amount of HP to party (Added to 'Attack' menu) 0 0 Filler for IE
Vigor Restores some HP to user (Added to 'Attack' menu) 20 0 Filler for IE
Cure Restores a small amount of HP to target(s) 20 4 Filler for IE
Cura Restores medium amount of HP to target(s) 40 4 Filler for IE
Curaga Restores large amount of HP to target(s) 80 20 Cura
Regen Restores small amounts of HP over time to ally 80 40 Curaga
Esuna Removes negative status effects from ally 20 10 Filler for IE
Dispel Removes any spell effect from ally 30 12 Esuna
Life Restores ally from KO with some HP 30 18 Filler for IE
Full-Life Restores ally from KO with full HP 160 60 Life
Shell Lowers magic damage taken by ally 30 10 Filler for IE
Protect Lowers physical damage taken by ally 30 12 Shell
Reflect Reflects most spells back at caster 30 14 Protect
Full-Cure Fully restores HP and removes negative status effects of ally 80 99 Regen
White Magic Lv 2 Decreases spell preparation time by 30% 40 0 Vigor
White Magic Lv 3 Decreases spell preparation time by 50% 60 0 White Magic Lv 2


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