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David Greenaway • (puppeteer)
Rob Tygner • (puppeteer)
Mak Wilson • (puppeteer)
Michael Kilgarriff • (voice)
The Lion with Jim Henson in the openings to The Jim Henson Hour
The Lion in The True Bride

The Thought Lion is a white lion with a grey mane and seemingly magical powers who was introduced in "The True Bride," an episode of The StoryTeller. In the story, he provides aid to Anja, a young woman who is under the oppression of an evil troll. He tells Anja that he comes from her thoughts. In the end of the story, she and her husband name him "The Thought Lion" and kept a statue of him which they told their children could come alive in an instance if they ever needed him.

Jim Henson liked the realistic lion so much that it was featured as his co-host in The Jim Henson Hour, appearing in opening and closing scenes. For the most part, the White Lion did not speak in these appearances, only roared -- although he did have one line in the closing scene of episode 108, which featured "The True Bride."

In episode 103, Dog from The StoryTeller temporarily took the Lion's place. Instead, the lion was featured in the opening number, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," performed by the Nylons.

The animatronic lion was built by Jim Henson's Creature Shop and took three performers to manipulate.

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Final Fantasy

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Duke Bestrald Larg (ベストラルダ・ラーグ, Besutoraruda Rāgu), or Prince Bestrada Larg is one of two rival Dukes seeking power in Final Fantasy Tactics, the other being Duke Goltanna. Larg is the Duke of Gallionne, and is represented by the White Lion crest and defended by the Order of the Northern Sky Knights. He is the brother of Queen Louveria and is one of her staunchest supporters. He is forty years old and a Leo.

Prior to the Lion War

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Upon the death of Barbaneth Beoulve, Larg takes his eldest son Dycedarg as his personal assistant, and the next eldest Beoulve, Zalbag, becomes leader of the Order of the Northern Sky knights. When Ramza, the youngest of Barbaneth's male heirs, defies Dycedarg's orders and rescues Marquis Elmdore from the Corpse Brigade, Larg commends Ramza despite Dycedarg's objections.

Larg knew about the kidnapping of Princess Ovelia, which was set up using Northern Sky knights disguised as knights of the Order of the Southern Sky to frame Goltanna. In truth, Dycedarg was behind the kidnapping, even hiring Delita Heiral to do the actual kidnapping, though he was unaware that Delita was a double-agent for Goltanna. However, Larg did stand much to gain had Ovelia been killed. This would have meant that the young child Prince Orinus would become king, resulting in Larg becoming regent. Had Ovelia become Queen, Goltanna would likely end up as regent.

The Lion War and Death

Following the sudden death of the King, both Larg and Goltanna attempted to enthrone their candidates for King, resulting in the War of the Lions. It all culminated into the Battle of Fort Besselat, where the Northern Sky Order besieged the Southern Sky's primary stronghold. During the battle, an engineer named Barich working for the Church of Glabados who was secretly orchestrating the war for its own purposes, spread Mosfungus poison throughout the Northern Sky ranks. This weakened the knights, including both Larg and Dycedarg.

Dycedarg, somewhat less affected than the Prince, discovered Larg lying down at the top of a hill overlooking the garrison. Larg would have recovered from the poison, but at that moment Dycedarg betrayed him, stabbing him with a dagger. As Larg died, he revealed that Dycedarg was the one who engineered Barbaneth's death as well, leading Zalbaag to question Dycedarg's intentions.

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