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Magic Weapons are a special category of weapons.



Get yourself a Knight-type Ankama Lottery token, which is:

  • Offered to the visitors of the Ankama Convention (In French)
  • Found in the manga DOFUS Monster : Le Chevalier Noir.
  • Special offer for the Spanish Community in September 2008


Equip it. Once unequipped, you need to wait 1 minute before equipping it again.

Leveling Up

  • A Magic Weapon gets XP and changes level (Incarnation level) when you fight monsters with the weapon equipped.
  • The maximum Incarnation level is 50.
  • This weapon will take all of your exp gained.
  • There is no progress bar, so it is impossible to know how close your weapon is to the next incarnation level.
  • You can't upgrade your spells by your own, every spell will grow up 1 level for each 10 incarnation levels.



Tormentator Image Element Turns you into Image
Cloud's Tormentator Cloud's Tormentator Air White Knight White Knight
Darkness' Tormentator Darkness' Tormentator AirWater
Darkness Knight Darkness Knight
Drop's Tormentator Drop's Tormentator Water Blue Knight Blue Knight
Flame's Tormentator Flame's Tormentator Fire Red Knight Red Knight
Leaf's Tormentator Leaf's Tormentator Earth Green Knight Green Knight


Every Incarnation level gives you:

Tormentator Boosts
Cloud's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Agility
Darkness' Tormentator +1 Vitality, +0.5 Agility, +0.5 Chance, +0.5 Intelligence, +0.5 Strength
Drop's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Chance
Flame's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Intelligence
Leaf's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Strength


  • Makes you lose your spells
  • Gives you 5 new spells
Tormentator Element Spells
Cloud's Tormentator Air
Darkness' Tormentator All
Drop's Tormentator Water
Flame's Tormentator Fire
Leaf's Tormentator Earth

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Final Fantasy

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See also: Paladin.
Agrias is a Holy Knight.

Holy Knight is a special job class from Final Fantasy Tactics. Agrias's default job class, this job focuses on swords and techniques that cause heavy damage from afar. They are the game's equivalent of the Paladin, but lack the defensive qualities usually associated the Paladin class. It costs 3,350 JP to master this job.

Delita has this job class from Chapter 2 onwards with the addition of Chant. Wiegraf is a White Knight with the same skillset, excluding Divine Ruination.



Baptized in the divine light of the Church, the Holy Knight smites foes with powerful Holy Sword techniques.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
None Swords, Knight Swords, Bags Helmets, Ribbons Armor, Robes Yes

Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 3 8 25% High High High High


Holy Sword

Note: Agrias must be equipped with a sword to use these abilities.

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Stasis Sword Judgment Blade Channel holy energy through sword to inflict damage. May also cause Stop. 2 2 Now 100
Split Punch Cleansing Strike Channel holy energy through sword to inflict damage. May also cause Death Sentence. 3, Vert.0 1 Now 400
Crush Punch Northswain's Strike Channel holy energy through sword to inflict damage. Has a chance to KO on strike no matter the damage. 3, Vert.1 1 Now 500
Lightning Stab Hallowed Bolt Channel holy energy through sword to inflict damage. May also cause Silence. 3 2, Vert.1 Now 700
Holy Explosion Divine Ruination Channel holy energy through sword to inflict damage. May also cause Confusion. 4-dir. 5, Vert.2 Now 800

Reaction Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Counter Tackle Counterattack with a tackle. Physical Attack 180

Support Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Equip Axes Equip axes, regardless of job. 170
Monster Skill Beastmaster Adds an ability to all monsters in neighboring tiles with an elevation difference of 3h or less. 200
Defend Defend oneself against an attack. Adds the Defend command. 50
Gained JP Up JP Boost Increase the amount of JP earned in battle. 250

Movement Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Move +1 Increase Move by 1. 200


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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A player battling a White Knight with their former stance.

A White Knight is a type of NPC found at the White Knights' Castle in Falador. The helmet's plume colour indicates the knight's level.

Plume colour Knight type Combat level
Red Initiate 36
Yellow Proselyte 38
Green Acolyte 39
Blue Partisan 42

(The white knight in Burthorpe is combat level 36.)

Partisan white knights can hit up to 7 points of damage; all the lower classes can hit up to 6. They are also an unusually high level for being in a low/medium level player area. They are known to use crushing attacks, so a chainbody will work well against them.

The white knights are arguably the most important political group in Asgarnia, as their leader, Sir Amik Varze, is the effective ruler of the kingdom, save Burthorpe. They have a long rivalry with the Black Knights, and more recently with the Burthorpe Imperial Guard. In general, they are said to stand against evil, being followers of Saradomin. However, players are occasionally cautioned by knowledgeable NPCs like Bob the Jagex Cat and Juna that the white knights may not be as pure as they seem. Also, the Imperial Guard of Asgarnia believes the white knights have illegally taken control of the Kingdom of Asgarnia when King Vallence disappeared.


Players as white knights

After completing the Recruitment Drive quest, players become members of the Temple Knights, an elite part of the White Knights' order. Completion of the Wanted! quest gives the player access to White Knight equipment once he or she has obtained a sufficient rank in the order. Players' ranks within the order are different from the ranks suggested by the various plume colours. This is because the ranks suggested by the plume colours are earned by completing quests given out by the Temple Knights, such as Slug Menace. Players gain in rank by killing black knights; however, killing white knights loses rank.

Number of black knights killed Player rank in white knights
less than 100 no rank
100 - 199 White Knight Novice
200 - 299 White Knight Peon
300 - 499 White Knight Page
500 - 799 White Knight Noble
800 - 1299 White Knight Adept
1,300+ White Knight Master

Upon entering the white knights, the player is automatically a White Knight Novice and is credited with 100 black knight kills. Thereafter, killing a regular Black Knight counts as 1 kill while killing an Elite Black Knight counts as 10 kills. Killing a white knight reduces the player's kill count by 1 and can result in the player being demoted in rank. Players can check their rank by clicking Wanted! in the Quest Journal control panel; the player's current rank is shown, with the wording "I am currently a (Rank) white knight."

When the player is promoted to a new rank, the game window display the promotion, such as "Congratulations you are now a White Knight Adept". There is no announcement, however, for being demoted or being promoted again to a rank the player once held.

Knight rankings can be used to obtain White Knight equipment, from Sir Vyvin at the White Knights' Castle in Falador. Each piece of equipment requires a specific knight ranking to buy (but not to wear). Pieces of white knight equipment can be sold back to Sir Vyvin at the same price as they were bought at.

Note: If you kill enough White Knights and have been Demoted to "no rank", Sir Vyvin will refuse to sell anything to you.


Different levelled knights drop different items. All levels drop bones. Players killing white knights in the white knight's castle after completing the Wanted! quest will lose favour among the white knights' order.

Level 36

100% drop





Level 38

100% drop





Level 39

100% drop



Level 42

100% drop





  • Most of the White Knights have names that are a play on words using the honourific Sir. For instance, there is "Sir Vyvin" (surviving), "Sir Renitee" (serenity), Sir Amik Varze" (ceramic vase), "Sir Tiffy Cashien" (certification), "Sir Vant" (servant) and Sir Gerry (surgery)
  • There is a lone white knight standing outside of Burthorpe, the only area of Asgarnia controlled by the Imperial Guard rather than the White Knights. Players speaking to him learn that he is watching something, an indicator of another rivalry between the two factions.
  • When talking to Bob the Jagex Cat, the following dialogue can be triggered: "Well, those white knights are far more complicated than you might imagine. Not the 'goodie goodies' they claim to be. Just watch your back."
  • In Runescape Classic White Knights would wander all around Falador, not just around the White Knight's Castle, and they wore steel armour.
  • There used to be a glitch in which on a non-member server a white knight would drop a White Full Helmet. This has since been fixed.
  • White knights are an ideal source of combat xp for medium leveled players. After completing "Recruitment Drive", Sir Tiffy Cashien can switch your spawn point to the white knight castle. A player can kill the knights until they die, then walk mere feet to their grave marker, and retrieve their items.
  • The White knights appear to be left-handed. They swing their 2Hs from the left side. This is consistent with a player's 2H swings.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

This article is about the card, for the Archetype, see: White Knights

White Knight is a card mentioned during the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga. During an explanation of the 4 types of Magic-Users, "White Knight" is listed under, White Magic.

Facts about White KnightRDF feed
Type Spellcaster  +

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

White Knight
English: White Knight
Attribute: LIGHT Image:Light.png
Types: Warrior/Effect
Level: 2 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 800/800
Card Lore: This card is not destroyed by battle with monsters with equal ATK points.

This card cannot be destroyed by battle with, or by the effects of, Fire monsters.

Sets with this Card: THU-023 Tainted Hues
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Facts about White KnightRDF feed
Level 2  +

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