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White Eyes
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One Sith

"And no tricks, Jedi. We Sith have never been known for our patience."
―White Eyes

White Eyes was a prominent member of the One Sith. Alema Rar encountered him in the Valley of the Dark Lords on the planet Korriban, in 40 ABY. As he did not vouch his name to her, she gave him this moniker due to his white eyes, visible beneath the cowl of his cloak.[2]

Alema regarded White Eyes as a Sith Master,[3] and at one point he hinted that he may have had an apprentice,[4] although it seems that he was not the ruling Master of the order, as he spoke more than once of "our Master", who happened to be Darth Krayt.[5]



When Alema came to Korriban, and found her way to the Sith fortress, White Eyes took the lead in her interrogation. However, the thirty or so Sith gathered to examine her apparently reached collective decisions through consensus and Force rapport. It is possible that White Eyes deferred more specifically to a raspy-voiced female Sith, who occasionally interjected sharper comments into the discussion, and who was the only other member of the group to speak aloud, apart from White Eyes himself, and the Togorian gatekeeper, Morto.[6]

Overall, it is quite possible that Alema was right to identify White Eyes as a Master, and implicitly a relatively senior member of the group; but his role as speaker for the group may have disguised a relatively subordinate position.

Alema, had originally come to Korriban in an effort to find help for Jacen Solo, who she felt was losing his way following the death of his Sith mentor Lumiya. She was disappointed to discover that White Eyes and his comrades had no inclination to help,[7] and to be told that they were operating entirely independently of Lumiya.[3]

It is not clear how much direct contact White Eyes subsequently had with Alema in her three-day stay on Korriban. The Sith gave her a holocron made by Darth Vectivus, as a gift for Jacen, but the information it contained reflected Vectivius's background as a middle-manager in a mining conglomerate, which Alema deemed to be utterly worthless to a true Sith Lord, and which was probably intended as a direct insult.[8]

During a meeting of members of One Sith, White Eyes ordered Dician to take the Poison Moon to capture or kill Alema. He also ordered Dician to take any Sith artifacts found in Lumiya's asteroid base. His intentions with capturing Alema were to learn Darth Vectivus' Force ghost technique and capture it's source of power.

Appearance and abilities

Little is known about White Eyes beyond the fact that he was male, and presumably humanoid.[2] Like all the members of the group, he dressed in dark clothes, with a hooded black cloak,[2] and also black gloves.[3] He spoke in a deep, rough voice,[2] and was apparently capable of reading information off a memory chip without the use of a machine.[9] He also displayed the more conventional skills of Force choke,[3] and Force push.[10]

His most notable feature, however, were his eyes, which apparently glowed brighter depending on his emotional state.[11] It is not entirely clear whether their appearance was natural, or if it was a Force effect.

Little can be said of White Eyes' personality, but in his encounter with Alema, his firm, insistent attitude was accented by flashes of emotional intensity, and also by lapses into a dryly ironic tone, which masked the moments in which he adopted a more conciliatory attitude.

However, White Eyes was not invulnerable. Alema, a Twi'lek Jedi Knight driven insane by her experiences in the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Swarm War, had learned how to manipulate people's perceptions of the truth when she was brainwashed to become the Night Herald of the Gorog hive-mind. As a result, it appears that she was able to persuade White Eyes that she had killed Mara Jade Skywalker,[7] although it is not clear how much he or his comrades genuinely demurred to her claim that she was herself a Sith, trained by Lumiya.[9]

Behind the scenes

White Eyes' glowing eyes may represent a continuation of a theme earlier used by Troy Denning in Tatooine Ghost and Tempest, where both Princess Leia and Jacen Solo, respectively, had Force-visions of a face with brilliant white eyes: the face varied in appearance both within the visions and between them, but in the case of Leia's vision, it referred to Palpatine's return, and Jacen's vision has been a reference to Darth Krayt's Sith.[12][13]


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The title of this article is a nickname or callsign.

This article is about a subject that lacks an official name, and is known only by its nickname or callsign.

White Eyes was a Rodian Sith Lord and a member of Krayt's Sith Order during the year 40 ABY. He acquired his nickname during his early Sith years when he was blinded during a training exercise, giving his eyes a milky-white appearance.

It was White Eyes that met with and gave the holocron of Darth Vectivus to Alema Rar. He was killed by Darth Wyyrlok during the subjugation of Krayt's Sith Order by the Sith Order of Decreto.

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