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The Whisperwind Cove entrance
The Whisperwind Cove, as seen on the world map

The Whisperwind Cove is one of the four bonus dungeons in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition version of the original Final Fantasy. It is located to the north of Crescent Lake, near the Ice Cave. The player must have defeated Tiamat and obtained the Canoe in order to play through the Cove. Bosses from Final Fantasy VI appear here.

The Whisperwind Cove is the longest of the new dungeons in the Dawn of Souls remake, being comprised of 40 floors. Mandatory boss battles and exit warps are present every tenth floor. Because this dungeon is so extensive, the largest variety of enemies of any location in the game are present here, of many difficulties and types.

Several of the levels in the Whisperwind Cove involve special mini-games. These can range from beaver counting (reminiscent of Final Fantasy II) to searching for robot parts. Quirky levels, such as a floating continent dominated by shades of orange, appear to break up the monotony of the mostly generic cave floors.



One of the levels of the Whisperwind Cove involves a village that is comprised of Black, White, and Red Wizards. (with their sprite colors altered) In this level every magic spell in the game can be bought from the White and Black Wizards at regular price. There are eight Black and White Wizards each to sell eight different levels of magic. Also, three of the Red Wizards in the level will sell the player either weapons, armor, or items.


Weapon Shop

Name Cost
Wizard's Staff 50,000
Thor's Hammer 40,000
Healing Staff 25,000
Mage's Staff 25,000
Light Axe 10,000

Armor Shop

Name Cost
White Robe 25,000
Black Robe 25,000
Protect Cloak 20,000
Protect Ring 16,000
Gauntlets 15,000

Item Shop

Name Cost
Light Curtain 1,000
Red Curtain 300
White Curtain 300
Blue Curtain 300
Lunar Curtain 500

Enemy formations

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