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The Whisperweed (ささやく雑草 Sasayaku Zassou) is a recurring key item in the Final Fantasy series. It has the propriety of transmitting sounds to an equal over large distances.




Final Fantasy IV

Also known as the Twin Harp, the Whisperweed is given to Cecil Harvey by Edward at Troia Castle when the party finds Edward sick in one of the rooms. When trying to save the Earth crystal from the Dark Elf, he puts up a magnetic field so that swords and other metal weapons can't be used. When the party finally meets the Dark Elf he easily eliminates the party, but the power of the Whisperweed sends music from Edward's Harp that he's playing to the Whisperweed. This upsets the Dark Elf and ruins his concentration so that he can no longer maintain his magnetic shield. Now Cecil and the party can use their weapons and metal armor again.

After defeating the Dark Elf, Edward tells you he was playing an old elven song that was said to greatly upset dark elves.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Edward has a piece of Whisperweed hidden in Baron Castle to eavesdrop on Cecil. He also uses Whisperweed to stay in contact with the people of Damcyan while aboard the Lunar Whale, until they fly out of the plant's range of transmission. Much to Edward's surprise, it begins to work again as they reach the Depths of the True Moon, and discover that the the moon is moving in closer to the Earth.

Whisperweed is also a dummied out key item, accessible only via hacking.

Final Fantasy V

The Whisperweed is given to Galuf by Xezat upon entering the Barrier Tower. During the operation of destroying the tower, Xezat and the party separate, as the party heads for destroying the antenna at its top, and Xezat descends to the Generator Room, both sides communicate using the Whisperweed.

Unfortunately, after destroying the antenna, Xezat gets trapped inside an overdrive generator room, which causes his death.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Whisperweed is a piece of loot. It is also mentioned in the quest from Cross the Sea as a tool for long distance communication between two friends who recently find themselves separated by an ocean.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Whisperweed appears as a trade accessory that grants +4 Luck, and can only be gotten via password.

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