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Whiphid language

Average height

2.0 - 2.6 meters

Hair color



Large, tusked, cold-adapted

Average lifespan

Up to 249 standard years old[1]

Famous members

Betsi, Black Tongue, Ch'unkk, Curdik, D'Wopp, Aiaks Fwa, Galrowk, Norun Gep, J'Quille, Jempa, K'Kruhk, Marakoloon, Mubbin, Jun Seros, Fillin Ta, Tak-tak, Uggo, Valarian, Vowluss

Whiphids were tall, muscled, furred sentient beings from the planet Toola. They were notable for their great tusks. On Toola, Whiphids lived a primitive lifestyle, hunting caraboose and other large animals, such as the motmot, their favored prey. Their language consisted of approximately six thousand words. As Whiphids came into contact with more technically advanced races that came to Toola to buy ice, they began to show great curiosity about the rest of the galaxy. Many Whiphids left Toola, supporting themselves as big game hunters, mercenaries, or bounty hunters.

Famous Whiphids included the crime lord Lady Valarian, the Jedi Master K'Kruhk and the criminal spy J'Quille.


Biology and appearance

A Whiphid hunter

Whiphids averaged about 2.5 meters and could weigh up to 400 kilos. They were covered by long yellow-white or gold fur and had stubby fur-covered tails. Their faces were elongated, with prominent foreheads and long, bowed cheekbones. A Whiphid's face was furless apart from a few hairs on the lips and chin. Two large tusks protruded from the lower jaw, and their massive arms ended with thick three-fingered hands, the fingers ending in sharp claws. Female Whiphids tended to be slightly shorter and heavier than the males. Their eyes protruded slightly from their heads. Young Whiphids had shorter snouts and far less fur than adults.

Since their homeworld of Toola was a cold planet of ice and snow, the Whiphid's body maintained a thick layer of blubber, which acted to insulate and reduce heat loss. Their thick fur also helped to protect them from the harsh climate and was also covered with natural oil that repelled water and allowed them to swim in Toola's frigid oceans. In the warmer periods of the spring and summer on Toola, the Whiphids lost several centimeters of fur and burned off much of their fat reserves. Their hollow cheekbones also widened slightly, since a broader face helped to dissipate heat. These biological changes were induced by warmer temperatures rather than by the cycle of the seasons. Whiphids in the wider galaxy, therefore, were more likely to have less fur and be smaller in size than their counterparts on their homeworld in winter.

Culture and history

A Whiphid

On Toola, the Whiphids lived together in tribes of three to ten couples. In the winter the tribes were nomadic and traveled across the ice plains of the planet in search of prey. They camped near hunting grounds using round hide tents. In the summer the tribes moved to a permanent base that was constructed of stone and covered by animal hides and mud. A Whiphid tribe was led by an elder called a Spearmaster, who decided where the group should camp and what prey to hunt. Ch'unkk, a member of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council 11 ABY, was a Whiphid Spearmaster.

Whiphid tribes were loose associations of individuals, and they did not have attachments to the tribes of their parents. They were a survival necessity and not an ideological construct or family unit. A tribe stayed together as long as it was doing well, and individuals of unsuccessful tribes had no compunction against joining another tribe, nor did tribes have an issue with new members.

The tribes of Toola traveled across the planet on sleds and load-bearing sledges that were constructed of hide, horn, bone and leather thong. They were pulled by domesticated Tuggles, carnivorous animals native to Toola possessed of great stamina. Six Tuggles were capable of pulling a sledge all day with only a couple of breaks, if properly fed, for several days at a time. The design of the Whiphid sleds was such that they spread the load over a wide surface area and therefore allowed for safe gliding over the icy plains.

A Whiphid hunt

Tribes on Toola typically met at hot springs, where they would trade and cooperate in big hunts. Whiphid tribes did not make war with each other or participate in skirmishes or raids against other tribes. In the mind of the Whiphids, this would reduce the number of hunters capable of hunting motmots and bring bad luck against the aggressive tribe. Individual Whiphids did have disagreements that could last for years and that often resulted in violent confrontations, but they were personal matters that did not involve others. Bullies in Whiphid society were rare, and an elder would take such an individual on a long hunt to sort them out. Those that did not learn the ways of the elder often did not return. Individuals within Whiphid society were not allowed to undermine its functioning.

Whiphids in the galaxy

During the time of the Galactic Empire, Whiphids had widespread employment as bodyguards and enforcers for ranking Imperials. This came to an end in 11 ABY when, following the death of Ch'unkk, all Whiphids left Imperial service.

Several Whiphids entered the Jedi Order. K'Kruhk was a Jedi who fought in the Clone Wars and survived the initial Jedi Purge that followed. A Whiphid youngling called Jempa was also in Master Yoda's Bear Clan during the Clone Wars and the Padawan Tak-tak was captured by General Grievous in 20 BBY.


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Star Wars Lore

From the Movies

Whiphids are tall, powerfully built furred bipeds with wide faces, clawed hands, and large up-turned tusks. For their notable dental protrusions, they are often crudely referred to as "Tooth-faces," though few would dare openly call a Whiphid by that unflattering name.

From the Expanded Universe

Clans of nomadic Whiphids roam the icy plains of Toola, following wandering herds of caraboose and hoary mastmots across the tundra. The shaggy aliens are well suited to such frigid environments, with thick coats of fur and fat to retain their body heat. Whiphids are powerful swimmers, and their fur sheds water, allowing them to swim freely in the cold seas. The greatest of Whiphids stand two-and-a-half meters tall, and weigh over 400 kilograms.

They are ferocious predators with a true love of the hunt. They are extremely talented trackers with a keen sense of smell. Their strength and claws allow them to tackle game barehanded, though most prefer simple cutting implements and spears as weapons. The most influential Whiphid in a tribe is the most successful hunter, who is given the title Spearmaster.

Whiphid technology is extremely primitive, and the aliens live in crude yet effective shelters built of rocks, skins, and mastmot bones. They hollow out temporary snow shelters during their migratory months, returning to their more permanent communities of three to ten families in the brief summers.

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