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Dofus Wiki

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Icon File:Whip.jpg
Class Osamodas
Level 21
Element Neutral
Type Damage (Summons only)
Official description This spell can punish the summon of an ally or an enemy.

Spell Properties

Linear Line of Sight Free Squares Boost Range Fatal

Spell Characteristics

Caution: Monsters' elemental/neutral damage is modified by their statistics, which are in majority unknown.

Lvl Effect Crit AP Ra Critical Casts per Cd Caster
Hit Fail Tgt Trn
1 Damage: 51~55 Neutral Damage: 101~110 Neutral 1 1-3 1/50 1/100 1 1 - 21
2 Damage: 71~75 Neutral Damage: 141~150 Neutral 1 1-4 1/50 1/100 1 1 - 21
3 Damage: 91~95 Neutral Damage: 181~190 Neutral 1 1-5 1/50 1/100 1 1 - 21
4 Damage: 111~115 Neutral Damage: 221~230 Neutral 1 1-6 1/50 1/100 1 1 - 21
5 Damage: 151~155 Neutral Damage: 301~310 Neutral 1 1-10 1/50 1/100 1 1 - 21
6 Damage: 301~305 Neutral Damage: 601~610 Neutral 1 1-10 1/50 1/100 1 1 - 121


Whip can deal massive damage, though it can only be used on summons; it will have no effect on other players. Whip is considered to be a key spell at high levels. With just a little strength and a level 6 Whip, Osamodas' can easily finish most summons.

Also, watch out for ANY reflects on summons, since it will rebound the damage to yourself, even though you're not a summon.

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Final Fantasy

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Rydia wielding the Whip in Final Fantasy IV DS.

A Whip is an instrument with a stiff handle and a flexible tail. It is a long range weapon and can sometime cause Paralysis after dealing damage. Whips have appeared in several games in the series.



Final Fantasy IV

In Final Fantasy IV, Rydia as an adult can equip Whips.

List of Whips:

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

In The After Years, Rydia, Harley, and Izayoi can use these. However, Leonora and Ursula can equip the Queen's Whip.

List of Whips:

Final Fantasy V

Whip as seen in Final Fantasy V.

The Beastmaster Jobs can equip Whips in Final Fantasy V.

List of Whips:

Final Fantasy VIII

Save the Queen, Quistis' whip from Final Fantasy VIII.

Quistis' weapon of choice is the whip. It can be remodeled in any Junk Shop, given that you have the necessary items and Gil to do so.

List of Whips:

  • Chain Whip
  • Slaying Tail
  • Red Scorpion
  • Save the Queen

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

One of the characters is seen wielding a chain whip as her weapon of choice.

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1. A gelatin-based dessert that's airy and light because of the addition of either whipped cream or stiffly beaten egg whites. Such desserts are usually made with fruit puree but can also be flavored with other ingredients such as chocolate or coffee. 2. Another name for a Whisk. Whip v. To beat ingredients, such as egg whites, cream, etc., thereby incorporating air into them and increasing their volume until they are light and fluffy.

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The Abyssal whip in detail.

The Abyssal whip is thought to be one of the best melee weapons in RuneScape due to its high accuracy, strength, and speed. Players must have 70 Attack to wield the whip.

Whips are dropped by level 124 Abyssal demons which require level 85 Slayer to kill. An Abyssal minion can give players a fake Abyssal whip which "turns to ash" when equipped, effectively destroying it.

The whip's special attack, Energy Drain, makes the attack more accurate and, if used against a player opponent, transfers 25% of the target's run energy to the attacking player. It uses 50% of the special attack bar. This special attack is frequently ridiculed because of its impracticality, despite the fact that it can be useful in some PvP minigames, such as Fist of Guthix, to stop the players from running away.

The Abyssal whip has the same attacking speed as a scimitar, which is one strike per 4 game ticks (about 2.4 seconds total), but has a higher accuracy and strength. The Abyssal whip is often called the best weapon because it has the best damage rate of all weapons against monsters with a low to medium defence and no unusually high resistance to slash attacks. With a Strength level of 99, an overload/extreme strength, Turmoil prayer at +32% strength, a slayer helmet on a slayer task, and with the right equipment (including a Ferocious ring) the whip can hit up to 61.

The whip is often criticised for its inability to train Strength on its own, as the whip offers a controlled style but not an aggressive style. Even so, the whip is often considered one of the best, if not the best one-handed weapons in the game.

It is common for players to lose this item on death due to its relatively low alchemy value compared to other high level equipment, such as the more expensive pieces of Dragon armour and Barrows armour.

An update to Barbarian Assault on 19 January 2010 allowed players to change the colour of their whip to either yellow, white, blue, or green. The cost of doing so is 50 points in any of the roles in Barbarian assault. After that update, whips became quite difficult to purchase from players or the Grand Exchange. On 25 January 2010 their supply caught up with their demand, and since then whips have been easy to acquire from Grand Exchange.

Hover over image for type
A player wielding the Abyssal whip
A player wielding the Abyssal whip
A player using Energy Drain (The special attack of the Abyssal whip)
A player using Energy Drain (The special attack of the Abyssal whip)
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+0 +82 +0 +0 +0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+82 +0 +0 +0%
Speed: File:speed4.gif



The old look of the Abyssal whip.

Abyssal whips were introduced to RuneScape with the Slayer skill update on 26 January 2005. The very first inventory icon was File:First-abyssal-whip.png. The Abyssal whip's original special attack used 50% of the special attack bar and caused one to either hit the Abyssal whip's maximum hit for the user at the time or not hit at all.

Later, Jagex changed the special attack to drain 10% of run energy from targets, citing that the old special attack was an unwanted glitch. The special attack continued to use 50% of the bar.

  • On 12 May 2009, the inventory image of the Abyssal whip changed to File:Second-abyssal-whip.png so that it better resembled its appearance when wielded.[1]
  • On 16 June 2009, the special attack effect was changed from transferring 10% to 25% run energy per special attack due to complaints. The 50% drain per special attack remained the same. And whilst running, the whip retracts into the players hand when equipped.
  • On 28 July 2009 the Abyssal whip's appearance and special attack animation were updated.
  • On 17 September 2009 the Abyssal whip was updated once again, the unused ring, or loop, of the whip below the players' hand were removed and the handle now points forwards instead of back as it did before the previous update. In addition, the whip's attack sound was changed along with the attack animation.
  • On 19 January 2010 it became possible to have the whip segments painted one of four colours: green, white, yellow, or blue. These colour changes are purely aesthetic; they have no effect on combat and become untradeable. This can be changed back by using a cleaning cloth on the painted whip.

Combat styles

The Abyssal whip has three combat styles: accurate, controlled, and defensive. All are slash style. The whip is often criticised for the lack of an aggressive style. Strength can only be trained by means of the controlled style.


The stretchy glitch found when wearing flame gloves and an abyssal whip.

The Aggressive training method is not available while using the whip. Therefore, the only way of training the Strength skill is through the Controlled method. This method is one-third the strength-training speed as the aggressive option and also gives Defence and Attack experience, making it undesirable for some pures and players wishing to level up quickly. The whip is often criticised for having no option to directly train Strength.

A common yet expensive replacement for the whip is the Saradomin Sword which offers similar bonuses (with an additional Prayer and crush bonus), but has the option to train Strength. However, the Saradomin Sword is two-handed, so it cannot be equipped with a defender or shield. The Dragon Scimitar can be used as a cheap alternative for training Strength, along with a Rune Defender. Yet another relatively unknown method of training strength is to use the Obsidian sword in conjunction with the Berserker necklace which increases strength while using all Obsidian equipment.


  • On its release in early 2005, the Whip's price was at its highest ever (as high as 100 million coins; some whips were traded for Party hats), then began to fall as supply increased and excitement over the new item diminished.
  • In Summer of 2005 the Whip was about 5 million coins, then fell to around 4.3 million by Autumn. By late that year and early 2006 the whip had reached about 3.5 million coins.
  • From 2006 to early 2008, the Whip's price steadily decreased from 3.5 to 1.5m coins.
  • On 2 January 2008, Free Trade was removed and whips price slowly began to decline bottoming out at around 1.3m in late 2008.
  • On 16 June 2009, a PvP world update was introduced, removing the Abyssal whip from the PvP drop tables as well as making it more likely to lose a whip in PvP.
  • After 20 July 2009, due to inflation and possible price manipulation, the price spiked to over 3 million coins for the first time in years. The price then dropped sharply to around 2.3 million coins, but then began rising again, breaching the 3 million mark again in September 2009 and the 4 million mark in October.
  • The price crashed partially as a result of the anti-76k update on 26 October 2009, and stabilized at about 3.5 million.
  • On 19 January 2010, whips were bought out of the Grand Exchange due to speculation caused by the release of additional whip colours. This caused their price to peak at just over 4.2 million coins on 24 January 2010. After this date the price dropped back to 3.5 million coins as of January 28, the same as before the colouring update.


Abyssal whips in different colours.

For the full pages, See Abyssal link paint (Green), Abyssal link paint (Yellow), Abyssal link paint (White) and Abyssal link paint (Blue)

As of January 19, 2010, you can now change the colour of your Abyssal whip. To do so, you have to spend 50 points (from the Barbarian Assault Mini-game), which can be of any type (Attacker, Defender, Healer or Collector). Your whip's chain links can be white, blue, green, or yellow. A painted whip is untradeable, and has no effect on its potency in combat. Should you wish to return your abyssal whip to its original colour, simply use a cleaning cloth on it. A cleaning cloth can be made by using Karamja rum on a piece of silk, or you can buy one from Tamayu in Tai Bwo Wannai village after the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.


  • Whips were originally a possible drop from players on PvP worlds, but on 16 June 2009, whips were removed from the PvP drop tables.
  • Before its graphical update on 28 July 2009, the clear sections of the whip would sometimes take on the same colour as other elements in the player's environment; for example, the colour of the ground. As the whip no longer has any clear segments, this glitch can no longer occur.
  • The Abyssal whip's updated look originally had the handle held backwards, with the player holding a section of the whip which was used to attack opponents. As of 17 September during a hidden update, the handle now points forwards and the actual whip is no longer held in the players' hand, but still retains the same whipping animation.
  • If you perform the Special Attack underwater in Port Khazard, you cannot see the Special Attack, only the movement.
  • The abyssal whip has the second highest strength bonus of any non-degrading one handed weapon in the game, behind the Dragon Battleaxe.
  • Just as with the Flame gloves, wearing Lunar legs with the whip would cause them to be stretchy.
  • Before the update of coloured whips the update was posted on the page a few hours before the update but shortly after it was taken down.


  1. ^ Jagex. Patch Notes - Archive. RuneScape Forums.

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The name Whip could refer to two things:

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