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While Guthix Sleeps (often abbreviated as WGS) was the first Grandmaster quest, released on 26 November 2008. It was for a long time considered by many to be the longest and hardest quest currently in RuneScape, alongside being a fun and enjoyable quest for many players. However, with the release of the quest Nomad's Requiem, the second Grandmaster quest, many think that this new quest is now the most difficult, despite being a lot shorter than WGS.



Official quest description: A power grows in the north, and an efficient spy network reports all that transpires to its master. The long, dark fear buried in the back of everyone's mind is starting to grow. That which was once overlooked has now become hard to ignore.

For what nefarious purpose are there spies in Draynor? Exactly what is Movario looking for in the Lumbridge Swamp caves? What of the ancient power of the Mahjarrat and the dragonkin? Has something been missed? The ancient powers of the gods - where did it come from, and what would happen if a mortal could tap its power?

Any interested parties should contact Radimus Erkle for what may prove to be the most challenging experience of their entire career.

Release date: 26 November 2008 (Update)
Start: Speak to Radimus Erkle at the Legends' Guild
Difficulty: *****
Length: Very long (4-8 hours)
Members only: Yes
Items needed:

Recommended Items:

Monsters to kill:



Learning of your "Mission"

Legend's Guild

Items to bring: Games necklace, Varrock Teleport, any boosts you wish to use to start the quest and equipment to kill two level 38 Assassins.

Recommended items: A Dramen or Lunar staff (in order to use Fairy ring BLR for transport to the Legends' Guild), a Ring of Duelling and a Log (in order to teleport to Castle Wars and then to use the nearby Balloon transport system to reach Taverley), House teleport if your house is located in Taverley.

  1. Talk to Radimus Erkle who is in the Legends' Guild north-east of Ardougne. He will send you to talk to Ivy Sophista in Taverley, allegedly to lead a mission into Karamja in order to establish a new temple dedicated to Guthix. He tells you the pass phrase to say to Ivy: "Our friend in common places great faith in totems". (If you are using boosts for the quest, use them now because Radimus Erkle checks your skills when you start.)


  1. Talk to Ivy Sophista in the long building south of the Witch's house in Taverley (she is near the chest that you use the crystal key on). When you speak to her, select the option "Our friend in common places great faith in totems". The player will then inquire about the Karamja mission and Ivy will inform the player that the "Karamja mission" is actually something quite different.
  2. Go up the ladder near Ivy Sophista and the chest. Now talk to Thaerisk Cemphier who is on the second floor. While talking to Thaerisk Cemphier, two level 38 assassins will appear and attack you using range
  3. Thaerisk fighting back.
    Kill both of them (Shouldn't be difficult, since you should be at a high level from completing the prerequisite quests, and especially with melee) and talk to Thaerisk again. The second time you talk to him, choose the following options in this order: 1) "What efforts are you making against Lucien?" 2) "What are our options?" and 3) "What do you need me to do?"
  4. He will mention Movario, and sends you to talk to Reldo.

Varrock Library

  1. Talk to Reldo, in the Varrock Library, about Movario.
    • Reldo says Movario speaks with a slight Khazard accent.
    • Movario is interested in traps, housing improvements, and divination - "One thing 'No-Fingers McGrew' was reported to have said was 'solving the puzzle arms the trap'."
    • He reads the oldest documents in the archive, in old, barely decipherable languages.
    • Reldo says, "Do I look like an expert tracker?", but suggests using "some jungle creatures that are able to take a scent and track it down." He says to "talk to some sort of jungle hunting expert on the matter."

Khazard and Movario's Base

Items to bring: Watchtower teleport, Mort myre fungus (given by the Hunting expert), Ardougne teleport, knife, logs, ring of charos (5,000 coins if you don't have one), one each of air, mind, water, earth, fire runes.

Optional items: Dramen or Lunar staff to use Fairy ring AKS (to go to the Feldip Jungle) and then DJP (to get near the Khazard Fight Arena via the Tower of Life).

Feldip Hunter area

  1. Talk to the Hunting expert in Feldip Hunter area. She will tell you to catch a Broav.
  2. Go to the pit west then south-west of the Hunting expert. Build a pitfall trap using a log and a knife, then bait it with the Mort Myre Fungi given by her. A few seconds later, a Wild broav will appear and fall in the trap. You do not have to jump over the pit to lure the broav.
  3. Dismantle the trap to obtain an Unconscious broav in your inventory. Bring the Unconscious broav to the Hunting expert, who will then train it. The Unconscious broav becomes a Broav trained to track scents for you.
Showing a broav clothes


  1. Go to laundry house just west of the Fight Arena with a Ring of Charos, and charm the Khazard launderer to give you Movario's Dirty laundry.
  2. Go to the Khazard Battleground south-west of Ardougne. Drop your Broav then use the clothes on him. The Broav can get stuck behind obstacles while following Movario's scent. Move around the obstacle, use the "call pet" option in the pet interface, and use the shirt on it again to get it to resume tracking. He will lead you to a building with a broken table inside (the Khazard Fortress used in the Tree Gnome Village quest). The door is locked, so climb over the broken wall nearby. Drop your Broav then use the clothes on him again. Search the table to find a trapdoor and go inside.
  3. Once inside, go through the door in front of you and head north along the curving path. Beware of the level 95 guards, who are aggressive. At the end of the path are some stairs.
    Where the Broav leads you to
  4. Head downstairs to find a door that says "Further Access Prohibited" Downstairs you get the message: "You sense magical interference of the sort to disrupt teleportation."
A cycle through the various possible doors (the rune symbol is in "Further Access Prohibited") required to unlock to go deeper into the base.

Movario's Base

The electric door.
Movario's notes
The heat gauge
See Movario's base for a map of the base.

You may want to bring some food and some kind of Antipoison potion for this part. If you have under 60 Thieving you might want to bring the boosts you used to start the quest.

Note: If you leave the area and come back, the required rune can change.

  1. There is an old battered door at the south end of the corridor. Do not click to open the door otherwise traps will do damage. Search on the door instead to read the sign.
  2. Look closely at "Further Access Prohibited" as it signifies the rune you need to unlock the door. One of the letters is replaced by the symbol of a rune, which is the rune you must use. See Movario's base for an image that will help you figure out which rune to use. If you use an incorrect rune, the door will fire a blast spell at you. The colour of the blast spell would signify the rune you should have used on the door (blue for water, red for fire, green for earth, white for air, or purple for mind). After the door has a rune in the centre, search the door again and you will find a trap that you may choose to attempt to disarm. If you succeed you can open the door without harm. If you open the door without searching for traps, it hits you hard (35) and poisons you. Three Elite Khazard guards will appear and attack you. If you fail disarming the trap, the same thing will likely happen. Once you succeed, you will go through.
    • Note: You cannot enter the base with less than 1 kg weight.
  3. Search the painting on the east wall to open up a small room with a pile of weights, drawer and a thermometer. No need to do anything here yet.
  4. To open the electric door, search bookshelves until you hear a CLICK. From that bookshelf, follow the wire that faintly glows to find the next bookshelf to search. Repeat until the electric door opens.
    • "You pull the book lever and hear a faint click, but notice nothing in particular happening." means try another
    • "You pull a book lever." "CLICK!" means that was the correct case. Follow the lit up wires to the next case.
    • "CLICK!Chherrkizzz. You hear a locking sound coming from the large door in the north." means the electrified door has been disabled and can be opened.
  5. Search the stairs once the door is unlocked to disarm a trap. If you do not disarm it you will be dealt 42 damage, knocking you out and sending you to Taverley. Beware of the spike traps that hit 19 HP. Climb up.
  6. Search the desk to obtain Movarios' notes volume 1. Read the notes (42 pages).
  7. Pick up the Waste-paper basket. Search the waste-paper basket while it is in your inventory. You will find a Ruby key. Keep this key to get to the dragon forge after the quest.
  8. Search the book case to the west of the trash can, then use the ruby key on it. A set of steps will rise in the north-west corner of the room.
  9. Search the contraption. Do not take anything from the treasure box next to the contraption; it is a trap, and you will be hit for 50 damage.
  10. Climb the staircase that appears (it could also be possible that you will have to search the contraption)
  11. Search the bed.
  12. Dismantle the bed-chest trap.
    • If it says: "You're not sure if you disarmed the trap.", it hasn't been disabled
    • The trap is only disabled if it says "You disarm the trap."
  13. Use the key on the chest.
  14. Open the chest, then search the chest to obtain Strange key loop, Strange key teeth, and Movarios' notes volume 2. Read the notes. DON'T drop either of the sets of notes after reading, you will need to show them to Thaerisk later.
  15. Go back down to the wire room.
  16. Search the drawers to obtain Notes on pressure.
  17. Look-at the temperature gauge. It should say a number.
    • The number will be a certain amount of "Tickits" (corresponding to what your weight was when you first entered the area)
    • Your weight minus the number of "Tickits" read is the weight you must put on the statue.
    • There is a pile of weights next to the temperature gauge. There are 3 sizes: 1kg, 2kg, and 5kg
    • Take a number of weights equal to the number you must put on the statue
    • Note: If your weight changed while you were in the room, such as if you picked items up or dropped items, then you must repeat these steps to get the correct weight
  18. Place the weights on the statue in the second floor. Go through the door next to the statue. If you fail this, you will be knocked out by gas and be placed in a jail, and your notes and key parts will be taken away from you. You will have to get them again.
  19. If successful in leaving the room, the magical interference to teleportation has lifted. You can teleport or go east to leave Movario's base.

Catching Lucien's spy

The slaying of Armadyl followers
Idria in the Foresters Arms
The druid trying to give the truth serum

Items needed for this part:The Strange key loop, Strange key teeth, Movarios' notes volume 1 and Movarios' notes volume 2. You may want to bring a weapon as well as teleports to Camelot and Falador for this part.

  1. Find a way out and head back to Taverly and show Thaerisk the Strange key loop, Strange key teeth, Movarios' notes volume 1 and Movarios' notes volume 2. If you do not have all the notes in your inventory, Cemphier will send you back to get more information.
  2. Thaerisk will ask you to spy on Lucien. Go to McGrubor's Wood.
  3. Head to the back of McGrubor's Wood and a cutscene will start. Lucien's minions are attacking the guardians and you've arrived in the middle of the battle.
  4. Kill all the Mercenary Axemen(Level 88) and attack the Mercenary Mage (Level 48). He will teleport. Search the dead mercenaries. You find a damaged and bloodied Pendant of Lucien, but choose not to take it.
  5. Talk to the wounded Guardian of Armadyl who will ask you to find Idria in the "arms of a forester," and then he falls unconscious.
  6. Go to the Seer's village pub, the Forester's Arms, and then go upstairs and talk to Idria.
    • Lucien is raising an army of undead heroes in the wilderness.
    • Lucien is somewhere in the north.
    • Lucien's spy network has infiltrated most of Misthalin.
    • The plan is to capture a spy in Draynor and interrogate him.
  7. Go to Falador, talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in the park. He will send you to the White Knights' Castle. (Note: if you have not completed the Wanted! quest, you will not be able to talk to Sir Tiffy about Lucien. Although it is not listed on the requirements, the Wanted! quest is required for the completion of this quest.)
  8. At the castle you find Thaerisk Cemphier (Guthix), Akrisae (Saradomin), and Idria (Armadyl) They are in the eastern room on the ground floor, by the jail cells. They agree to put aside their differences and focus on defeating Lucien. They will give you a teleorb to put on one of Lucien's spies in Draynor Village.
    • Ask how to get to Draynor and Akrisae will offer to teleport you there.
  9. At Draynor Village, plant the teleorb on the Shady stranger wearing the white robes. The one wearing the green robes is too alert for you to place the teleorb on him. The one in white may also catch you and start fighting you. (If so, you can run away until he forgets or else fight him until he teleports away, in which case you must wait for him to respawn. If you have trouble planting the orb, try using Gloves of silence.
  10. Go back to Falador and talk to Thaerisk and Akrisae. The spy will be teleported into the cell, and the truth serum will be brought in.
  11. A cutscene shows a very clumsy attempt to administer the truth serum. Oops! The serum drops and breaks, and you will have to make another. He will send you to Betty in Port Sarim.

Making a super truth serum and recruiting the heroes

The farming patch on top of white knight castle
Items to bring: lantern lens, Snapdragon seed, 20 coins, Seed dibber.
Recommended: Switch to Lunar Magicks as a later step demands it. Bringing a Falador Teletab is also a good idea, as you have to return there before you can recruit the other heroes.
  1. Thaerisk will teleport you to Port Sarim if asked. He will also sell you a snapdragon seed for about 1/4 less than the current Grand Exchange price ( 96,200 coins) so if you don't have one to spare it is advised to buy it from Thaerisk.
  2. Go to Betty in the Port Sarim rune shop, taking a lantern lens, a snapdragon seed, and 20 coins.
  3. Betty will put the seed on the counter table and sell you a pink dye for 20 coins. Use the pink dye on the lens to obtain a rose-tinted lens. Then go stand just inside the doorway and use the lens with the snapdragon seed which will shine pink light onto the seed. Search the counter and take the enriched snapdragon seed. If you haven't already gotten it, Betty will offer to give you a regular truth serum when spoken to.
  4. Go back to Falador and talk to Thaerisk. Then, take a Seed dibber and plant the seed in the herb patch at the top of western stairs of the castle (does not require level 65 farming). Go talk to Idria, who is now by Akrisae in the White knights' castle.
  5. Idria will then ask you to recruit four heroes to apprehend Lucien:

Questioning the spy

Items to bring: regular truth serum, charcoal, papyrus, 1 Astral rune, 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Air runes
Optional items: Games necklace or Combat bracelet for a teleport to Warriors' Guild.
  1. Return to Falador, and talk to Thaerisk, who tells you to collect the enriched snapdragon herb from the patch. It will be fully grown when you pick it: you will not have to wait 70 minutes for it to grow nor do you need a shovel or even clean it like other normal herbs that you grow.
  2. Once you have the enriched snapdragon, mix it into your truth serum to make super truth serum (you don't need 65 herblore to do this). Heab back to the room with Thaerisk and the others and open the cupboard. inside you will get a papyrus and charcoal. Now go into the cell and use the serum on the shady stranger (during this cutscene, Druid bodyguard makes an appearance). Convince the captured spy to drink it. You will be given 3 options. The correct method varies by player, and there is no penalty for choosing an incorrect option.
  3. He will reveal his master's identity to you, which you will sketch with your charcoal and papyrus(Both obtainable from nearby cupboard) to get a Suspect sketch
  4. Give the sketch to Idria, and she will ask you to recruit four more heroes (first 3 from the Warriors' Guild):
  5. Return and speak to Idria, and then Akrisae. Akrisae will send you to find Silif, who is missing in action while following Dark Squall.

Into the Black Knights' Fortress

A knight's prayer running out
Silif in prison
Searching through Dark Squall's desks.

Until the completion of this quest you may find yourself in need of the Dagon'hai robes set or the Elite black knight armour. To gain another set of robes or armour, you would need to obtain them as either a rare drop from Dagon'hai Monks and Elite Black Knights respectively, or buy them from other players.

Items to bring: Unpowered orb, Charge Air Orb runes (30 airs and 3 cosmics), Bronze med helm, Iron Chainbody, and equipment for two combat styles (Melee and Ranged recommended), teleport (preferably to Falador).
Inventory slots: To rescue Silif in one trip, you will need 13 empty inventory slots, assuming you are wearing armour (which is highly recommended for your protection). You can get by with fewer empty slots if you make two trips: You need 3 empty slots on the first trip to get your Elite black armour. Once obtained, teleport out and bank now-unneeded items. You then need 10 empty slots on the second trip. You can also get away with three less slots, for if you do not take the Dagon'hai robes you will receive a set later. You MUST also revert to the normal spell book in order to use Charge Air Orb, or use the level 96 spellbook swap spell.
See Black Knights' Fortress dungeon for a map of the dungeon.
The secret door
  1. Head to Black Knights' Fortress with all the items above. Equip the Bronze medium helm and Iron chainbody, and then enter the fortress.
  2. Push the wall north of the entrance and head down the ladder.
  3. Near the east wall, search the floor tile with an orb marking on it. Then cast Charge Air Orb on it (the unpowered orb will be used in the process), which reveals a trap door. Once the spell is cast, the trap door remains revealed, so future trips to this dungeon do not require an orb or runes for the spell.
  4. Climb down the ladder. You will be attacked by numerous different Elite black guard, along with Dark Mages and Rangers. Dragonhide armour together with Prayer Potions are recommended.
    • Note: There is a safespot east of cave, before broken bridge, where player can kill easily a single elite black guard.It is suggested to do this now as crossing the broken bridge will land you in a group of both Knights and Mages.You will need at least two combat styles to kill the guards, as they pray against whatever style you use. However, their prayer does run out after 20 attacks, and you will be able to attack freely with whatever style you choose. (It is best to run down their prayer with a high speed attack, such as darts). The knight will drop a piece of Elite black armour. You have to kill three knights, and all knights will drop one piece of armour. When you've got the full armour, equip it, and no one in the dungeon will be aggressive any more. (If for some reason they remain aggressive simply go back up through the trapdoor and the comeback down.)
  5. Head north by jumping across the broken bridge, (Be sure to click on the side you wish to jump to) go east, and climb up the wall.
  6. Head north and jump over the barricade. (The barricade can be jumped at only one spot. If you have moved east of that spot, you can simply walk around the barricade to the north-east.
  7. Walk north-west from the barricade until you reach a fork in the path, then head east. You will reach a set of jail cells, one contains Silif.
  8. Talk to Silif. He is hurt and you realise he needs a Restore potion, food, and a way to escape. Do not teleport out: you can get the potion and food within the cave.
  9. Head west to the fork in the path, and take the north path. Enter the north door.
  10. Search all the desks and wardrobes in the room. You will find Dagon'hai robes, another set of Elite Black armour, a Strange teleorb, a Lobster and a Restore potion. Search the key rack on the northern wall for a cell key.
    (Dark Squall is in this room, usually in the eastern or central part. Ignore him. Also, do not attempt to climb the ladder in the eastern part of the room, as this is off limits. Attempting to climb it will turn the guards, rangers, and mages aggressive, in this room and elsewhere. If you do try to climb the ladder, you must exit the room through the door you originally entered and then re-enter the room to make the dungeon inhabitants not aggressive again.)
  11. Return to Silif's cell and enter by using the key on the door. Use the food on Silif and then the potion. Speak to him. He will put on the Elite black armour and follow you.
  12. Return to room with Dark Squall. Lead Silif to the maps in the south-western corner and talk to him. He will state he is going to study the maps and he instructs you to plant a Teleorb on Dark Squall. He will then give you the teleorb for you to use it on Dark Squall. You will succeed, but Dark Squall recognizes you, reveals that he is Surok, and call on his minions to attack you. They become aggressive and will attack using melee, range, and mage. Escape (best is to teleport to Falador). If you forgot to bring a teleport you can simply quickly exit the door and the guards will not follow you, as long as you keep wearing the elite black armour you will be perfectly safe and can walk/home teleport out of the area.

Lucien's Army

Remember to bring a death and law rune!
Items to bring: Strange teleorb, one Law rune, one Death rune, teleport (preferably to Falador), and Dagon'hai robes. Optional items to bring: Elite Black Armour
  1. In Falador, talk to Akrisae. He will instruct you to impersonate Surok by wearing his robes. Wear the Dagon'hai robes. (If you did not obtain them in earlier in the quest, you will receive a set now. If you did, drop them in order to obtain a second set. Note: the drop-trick doesn't work anymore) The robes are also needed to use the Strange teleorb. Make sure you have one Law rune and one Death rune in your inventory, or else the strange teleorb will NOT work.
  2. When ready, enter the nearby jail cell. The teleorb you set on Surok will be used to imprison him here, and you will be teleported to Surok's hideout.
  3. Climb up the ladder in the north-eastern corner, stand in the stone circle in the middle of the room, and activate the strange teleorb. You will be teleported.
  4. You'll find yourself in Lucien's camp near the God Wars Dungeon, the Chaos Temple (hut), and two beacons of the Beacon Network. A guard will talk to you.
  5. Follow the north-eastern path towards the chapel and climb up the ice wall. Jump across to a ledge on the chapel. (Remember where you land on the ledge, as this will be the only place from which you can jump back to the ice wall.)
  6. Getting between Lucien's camp and the Chaos Temple (hut)
    A cutscene will play. Lucien appears and raises undead heroes from their graves, some (in green) appearing to be the Barrows brothers and another seem to be Bork. Lucien then realises you are not Surok and attacks with magic (which you dodge). When Hazelmere detects that you are in danger, he, Turael, Duradel, Mazchna, Ghommal, Sloane, Harrallak, and Cyrisus teleport in to battle Lucien and his undead.
  7. Duradel, Turael, Hazelmere, Sloane, Cyrisus, and Ghommal all are slain to no effect, as Lucien easily defeats all attacks on him and then teleports away to further pursue his plans.
  8. After the cutscene ends, the guards on the ledge become aggressive, however if you bring your Elite Black Armour and equip it, they will no longer be aggressive. (However this trick doesn't always work.) Jump from the chapel's ledge to the snow wall and return to Falador. (You cannot teleport from the chapel itself, since it is in level 38 Wilderness.)

The Stone of Jas

Items to bring: Sapphire lantern (light it with a tinderbox if needed), a Prayer potion if your Prayer level is low, Energy potions or a familiar such as a Spirit terrorbird are highly recommend to save time, equipment for two attack styles if you fight the Balance Elemental in the same trip.

  1. Talk to Akrisae, and he will inform you that Movario has been moving. He will instruct you to impersonate Surok and to glean information from him.
  2. Be wearing the Dagon'hai robe set, go to the Tears of Guthix cavern where the Light creatures are, and make sure to bring your Sapphire lantern.
  3. Talk to Movario. He will inform you that he believes a powerful artefact is inside the chasm below the Light creatures, but has no viable way to get there. Volunteer to go down to the chasm and explore for him.
  4. Attract a Light creature with your Sapphire lantern, and to go Into the chasm (not across). He will cast his Blue flame spell when you go down.

Into the chasm

Riding a light creature into the chasm.
Entrance to the Ancient Guthix Temple
  1. When you land in the chasm, search the three nearby skeletons for a Hammer, Chisel, Spade, Silver Sickle (b), and six Druid pouches. Use the spade on the two rocks with a "Search" option to uncover two smashed braziers. Afterward, use your chisel on the smashed braziers to obtain a Fire orb and an Earth orb. These rocks are in the north-eastern corner (where you arrive) and the north-western corner.
  2. Go to the air and water braziers (they look similar to the burning braziers that provide light here but emit different coloured light). Use the chisel on them to acquire an Air orb and Water orb. These are in the south-western and south-eastern corners.
  3. Afterward, head south until you reach three skull cavities on the southern wall. For each skull, examine its recessed block and use the respective orb on the block to acquire the respective elemental key. You will get air, earth and fire keys.
  4. Climb up the walls to reach a fourth skull cavity, which is behind a stone cube. Use the water orb on the recessed block to acquire the water elemental key.
  5. Climb down. For each of the three lower skulls, enter its nose cavity. (Summoning familiars cannot be brought into these cavities, and you cannont have anything equipped in your weapon or shield slot.) Crawl along the tunnel in each cavity to its end. Examine the door there and insert the respective key into the door lock. Crawl back through the tunnel and exit the skull.
  6. You will now have only the fire key left. Climb up the walls to the upper skull. Use the Fire Key on the skull's recessed block, then search the stone cube in front of the skull. The recessed block moves to reveal a cave opening in the fourth skull. Climb through to enter the Ancient Guthix Temple.

The Ancient Guthix Temple

All 8 dolmens in place
The door to the Stone of Jas
  1. There are eight statues in this temple. Each, when examined, will reveal what type of potion must be "made" at that statue. Use your druid pouches on the Druid Spirits which wander the area. Each will thank you for releasing them and then drop the ingredients for one of the needed potions. (Make sure you have enough inventory slots! You do not have to get all 16 ingredients (18 if you need to make a (Guthix balance potion) before using any of them, so the minimum you need is two empty slots.) See the notes below for what to do if you start to run out of druid pouches.
  2. Use the herbs and the secondary ingredients on the statues in any order (do NOT make a potion out of the ingredients). For defence, energy, and strength, you might receive the ingredients for the super type of that potion. You will receive a Dolmen from each statue.
  3. Use the dolmens on the Stone Table in the middle of the temple. It will open the huge door in front of it.

Any of the 8 potions may include:

Listen to audio.
The Sound of Guthix (link)
Music unlocked at the Ancient Guthix Temple.
Listen to audio.
Temple Desecrated (link)
Music unlocked during While Guthix Sleeps.


  • The druid spirits will drop the ingredients for each potion a single time only. If you lose any ingredient, you will have to supply a new one yourself, so make sure you have a lot of inventory space to pick them all up. Also, for statues that may take the ingredients for regular or super versions of potions, you cannot substitute between the versions. For example, if a druid spirit drops the ingredients for a super energy potion and you lose them, the ingredients for a regular energy potion cannot be used at the energy statue.
  • Be careful not to accidentally eat the toad's legs while at the agility statue, otherwise you will have to bring one yourself. (The left click action is "eat", so right click and select "use".)
  • If you start to run out of druid pouches, use the sickle's Cast Bloom ability on the vines to receive Vine flowers. You can refill the pouch with the flowers, with a set of three making three pouches.
  • If you have a Mort Myre fungus in your inventory, it can fill your druid pouch as well as the vine flowers, so be cautious. The fungus will not be used if you have three flowers but will be used if you just have two flowers. For safety, you can drop the fungus, refill the pouch, and then pick up the fungus again (as long as you do not log out or take a lot of time before picking up the fungus).

The Battle

Stone of Jas
Make whatever arrangements necessary to battle a level 454 Balance Elemental that can use all three combat styles, lower your combat stats, and hit up to 30. You can leave the area to get supplies, but always bring your lit sapphire lantern. The battle zone is a multi-combat area. Please note that it may be a good idea to switch your respawn location to Lumbridge as this will probably save you some time getting back to your grave if you happen to die.

In preparation for the battle, it may be beneficial to bring the following items (if you are going to melee the elemental):

  • A Dragon dagger (for its special attack),you don't need a range weapon but bring a crossbow for the next fight(you can't lose next fight), Sapphire lantern, 100x bolts, 2x Super restore(4) and Ectophial (or similar emergency escape).
  • A Beast of Burden familiar (such as a Spirit terrorbird) - Fill all its slots with food (Sharks/Tuna potatoes/Karambwans) (The Beast of Burden is 100% optional) you can win this fight on 6 sharks if you swap prayers.
  • Fill the remaining slots of your inventory with food (Sharks/Tuna potatoes/Karambwans) and Prayer potions
  • Only bring melee armour and weapons that you are prepared to lose should you die. After the gravestone update on 16 June 2009, should you die during the battle, your gravestone will appear next to Movario and Darve in the Tears of Guthix cave.
  • It would be wise to ensure that you have a light source in your bank. If you die, you will need it to reach your gravestone.
  • Bring a Super Set if meleeing,it helps a lot in the early fight.
  • Remember to have super restores or normal restores and use them every second drain(when he weakens you) at least.


  • If you get low on food, run behind a pillar and withdraw all the food your familiar is carrying, then resume the fight.
  • You should pray chivalry or piety and Protect Item on at all times.
  • The elemental's magic attack will find its target even through solid rock.
  • You can send your familiar to attack the Elemental, temporarily distracting it.
  • The Balance elemental can kill your Summoning familiar, so it's advised not to store valuable things on it.
  • You don't need to trap him or range him at all, just melee and swap prayers according to what he's attacking with.
  • If you plan to pray-swap melee him this is one recommended set-up
    • Helm of Neitiznot
    • Proselyte chestplate
    • Dragon plate(legs)(skirt)
    • Dragon boots(climbing boots are far cheaper and give +2 strength bonus)
    • Barrows gloves(from Recipe for Disaster)
    • Amulet of fury(or glory)
    • Dragon dagger for special and whip(or dragon scimitar) for main attack
    • Rune defender(or obby shield or fally shield 3)
    • Ardougne cape 3
    • Ring of Life
  • The Balance Elemental will almost always attack with range first, you can easily pray range and then unload your spec bar on him.
Lucien and Movario appear
A player's stats being boosted to 255 after touching the Stone of Jas.
Fighting a tormented demon.
  1. Proceed down the corridor that was revealed when the huge door was opened. Enter a large chamber that contains a Mysterious stone on a raised set of platforms.
  2. Once ready, search the Mysterious Stone. A short cutscene will play, in which the Balance Elemental materializes.
    • The elemental is level 454, and will use all three aspects of the combat triangle. It does a maximum of 30 damage per hit. In addition to its regular melee attack it has a long-ranged melee attack (similar to that of the Rock Golem random event). Its magic attack also lowers combat stats in a similar effect to Ahrim's set of barrows armour, so bring Super Restore potions or Prayer potions and normal Restore potions if you want to save money. Its combat ability is similar to TzTok-Jad (albeit not nearly as hard), but you will not receive much warning when it switches attack styles.
    • The Balance Elemental seems to use a pattern in its attacks. It will often (but not always) attack for 3-4 rounds with one attack style, use its magical stat-lowering attack, then repeat with the same or a different attack style.
    • The Balance Elemental will change appearance slightly depending on what attack it is going to use (besides its stat-lowering attack.) If it has a large, flaming bow in its left hand, it is ranging. When maging, it will have large water spikes on top of its head and no weapon. If it has a large stone club, it is meleeing.
    • The elemental will vary its attack style based on the protection prayer you use.
    • Several times while battling the elemental, it will stop attacking to talk to you. Its message takes up your chat box but it says nothing of importance. It seems to know you and speaks regretfully (perhaps sardonically) about your death, which seems to have happened in the elemental's past. If fighting from a distance, you will continue to attack it, thus closing the chat box.
    • You can leave the fight while the elemental is still alive, such as by teleporting away to resupply. However, when you come back, you will have to search the mysterious stone again to call forth the elemental, which will be fully healed no matter how much damage it had when you left.
    • It is possible to easily switch your prayer with fast reflexes. A good tactic is to hide behind one of the torch rocks, and then use ruby bolts (E) to slay the elemental. You will easily be able to switch prayers, and then you simply need to be able to drink potions and go back to the prayer menu again.(you can do the same thing if meleeing,just a tad harder)
The Balance Elemental
  1. After you defeat the elemental, touch the mysterious stone again. Another cutscene will play, in which it is revealed that the mysterious stone is actually the Stone of Jas. All your combat stats (except prayer) will quickly be boosted up to level 255.
  2. Movario and Darve will appear and gloat over their find. Talk to Movario and go through all the options in order (as you finish each, it will be crossed out in red). Unexpectedly, however, Lucien will appear, and he will berate them for not informing him of their find. Talk to Lucien and go through all the options in order with him also.
  3. Lucien will teleport Movario, Darve, and the Stone of Jas away and summon two Tormented Demons. He will then teleport away, expecting that the two demons will kill you.
  4. Idria and some Guardians of Armadyl will teleport in. The guardians will assist you in your battle with the demons. They will be pretty easy to defeat as you have been imbued with power by the Stone of Jas, with greatly enhanced stats. You are able to hit well over 100. (You do receive experience proportional to the damage you inflict.) Your hitpoints will always restore to 255, just seconds after taking damage; you effectively have infinite hitpoints for this fight.
  5. You will need at least two different combat styles for this battle, as each demon uses prayer and changes its protection prayer based on your attack style. As long as you switch styles at the right moment, you can defeat them fairly quickly. If you leave the battle, your stats will be reset; however, they will return to 255 when you return.
  1. After you defeat the Tormented Demons, talk to Idria. She will commend you and teleport you to Falador.
  2. At Falador, talk to Idria again. She will compliment you, and give you a Ruined dragon armour lump, Ruined dragon armour shard or Ruined dragon armour slice and 5000 coins that were dropped by the demons.
  3. Congratulations! Quest complete!
  4. After the Quest you will be able to spend 4x 100k xp on any skill over 65 by speaking to Idria.


After the quest officially concludes with the using of all four 100,000 experience boosts, you will view the "Elsewhere..." epilogue in which you learn something about the Dragonkin's return. The Dragonkin are imprisoned somewhere but now expect to be freed soon so that they can wreak havoc on Gielinor.


  • 5 Quest Points
  • A random piece of Ruined dragon armour (Which has a value of 4,100,000 coins)
  • A set of Elite black armour. (Which has a value of 391,800 coins)
  • A set of Dagon'hai robes. (Which has a value of 218,600 coins)
  • 5,000 coins
  • 4 x 100,000 experience from Idria (Only available for skills Level 65 or higher. Choose any skill or use all on same skill. You may return later to claim the skill reward, but the Epilogue featuring the Dragonkin will only commence once all 4 experience boosts have been applied).
  • Access to Black Knights' Fortress dungeon to kill Elite Black Knights.
  • Opportunity to loot Movario's base.
    • Which has 100 magic logs, 100 pieces of coal, 100 fire runes, and 100 death runes (Note: Items are not noted; you can burn the logs or use the coal (superheat) in the base to save trips.) This is not a repeatable event.
  • Opportunity to kill Tormented Demons for dragon metal pieces and dragon claws.
  • You receive a Strange key teeth and a Strange key loop
    • It is possible to unlock the mithril door upstairs in the Ancient Cavern by the Mithril dragons by using either a Strange key teeth or a Strange key loop on a Mithril dragon with both pieces of the key are in your inventory. This will fuse the pieces together into a Dragonkin key. Inside the mithril door are three hanging dragon heads and a giant orb in the centre. Using Fire Wave on each head will cause fire to appear in their mouths and cause them to slide towards the orb in the centre. Once the orb is lit, the player can return to the mysterious forge and will find it full of molten lava. It is here, using a Blast fusion hammer purchased from the Foreman at the Blast Furnace for 1,000,000 coins, that the player can fuse together the three parts of the Dragon platebody with Smithing level 92 (was level 99 when first released [1]). It will give 2,000 experience to make it. The current price is 13,100,000.
  • A new pet, known as Broav.


Music tracks unlocked:


A player getting 82 Strength and being informed that it is a requirement for While Guthix Sleeps
Another player getting 71 Attack and being informed that it is a requirement for While Guthix Sleeps
  • During the cutscene with the battle of Lucien and the warriors, Cyrisus seems to be wielding an Abyssal whip.
  • At the time of release, the 270 quest point requirement meant only those who had completed all previously released quests were able to start While Guthix Sleeps, similar to when Legend's Quest was released. Later, new quests were released and it became easier to obtain the quest points needed.
  • 75 magic is not used in the quest; only afterwards is it used to set up the dragon forge.
  • While Guthix Sleeps held the record for the highest Hunter level required (level 55), until the release of Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf (level 61) on 9 September 2009.
  • With 65 quests which have to be completed to start this quest, it holds the record of number of prerequisite quests required to start a quest.
  • On release, this quest held the highest quest skill requirement ever, which is 75 magic. With the release of the Blood Runs Deep quest, which also has 2 skill requirements of level 75 in Attack and Strength, it is equal first with the highest level requirement for a quest.
  • This quest gives the second most experience when completed, a total of 400,000 experience.But still gives the most experience in ANY chosen skill above level 65,whilst blood runs deep only gives experience for combat skills.
  • The Dragon Platebody was released on the Grand Exchange along with the quest at a starting price of 30 million, as well as Dragon Claws at 150k, Dagon'hai robes at 250k, and Elite black armour also at 250k.
  • After the release, once a player reached a level over 65 in either attack, strength, or defence, they would receive a message saying that their new level is one of the requirements for While Guthix Sleeps quest even though it is not listed in the quest journal. This happened for all levels past 65, although this was fixed in a patch update. The bug was likely caused by the fact that entrance to the Warriors' Guild is required for the quest.
  • On the day of release, the spoiler read: The spoilers are concealed within the most challenging of puzzles, disguised by a rubric, and placed at the bottom of a perilous gorge. We may have the courage to recover them tomorrow.
  • At one point Lucien says "I am Lord Lucien of the Mahjarrat, Master of the Thousand Curses, look upon my work and despair!", a reference to Ozymandias, a sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley, which reads, "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
  • The NPC Dark Squall is a play of words on the Star Wars character "Darth Maul", who also wears dark robes and has a red face.
  • Before, during, and after the quest, wanted posters are put up all over Falador.
  • After this quest, statues of Turael, Duradel, Cyrisus, Hazelmere, Ghommal and Sloane will appear in various places around RuneScape, Including all 6 of their statues around the pond in Falador Garden.
  • Hazelmere's statue is currently the only of the 6 heroes' that does not stand at the entrance to the White Knights' Castle, although there is a spot for it. His statue however stands near the south-western area of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Once Duradel is recruited he will appear in the falador castle with the slayer skillcape on, which now belongs to Kuradal who is the strongest slayer master since 8 December 2009 update.
  • Prior to the release of this quest, an Armadyl communiqué was given to players which foretold players about this quest. It was given for those who sided with Guardians of Armadyl in Temple of Ikov quest.
  • While talking to Reldo, he says "...a thief by the name of 'Slick-Fingered McGrew' attempted to steal something from Movario. After his attempt, he was known as 'No-Fingered McGrew'!" This could be 'No fingers', one of the construction workers loitering outside the Tower of Life.
  • During the quest, it is revealed that Duradel has a daughter, Kuradal, and an unnamed spouse.
  • At the fight at McGrubor's Woods, it is possible to kill all the mercenaries before they slay all of the standing Guardians of Armadyl. The player can talk to the surviving guardians after the fight, but only the wounded guardian lying on the ground will give useful information. However, when next talking to Idria in Seer's Village, the conversation assumes all guardians in the fight died.
  • At the fight at McGrubor's Woods, it is possible to escape then go back again. Only the wounded guardian will appear afterwards.
  • If you had the levels given after touching the Stone of Jas, you would have Combat Level 357.
  • After you finished the quest, talking to 'Bird's-Eye' Jack yielded a conversation where the player said Cyrisus was doing fine. Later, Jagex fixed this oversight and the player now correctly says that Cyrisus has died.
  • Even though the fight with Lucien is in level 38 Wilderness, the two surviving heroes can still teleport out.
  • Due to the skill boost it should be possible to hit up to 35 with the spell Magic Dart.
  • During The Path of Glouphrie quest, while you talk to the Spirit Tree, Hazelmere says "There was something I was meant to see, something that saved my life...", only to be interrupted by the player. This hints that the player might be a contributing factor in Hazelmere's death.
  • On 29 June 2009, Jagex released a statement on their Twitter page that explains not to expect the sequel to While Guthix Sleeps for another year or longer.
  • After your boosted levels come down, prayer and summoning stay boosted at 5 levels above your actual level unless you use prayer during the battle.
  • An enhanced version of the song Temple Desecrated was used in official runescape trailer
  • The scene at the end of the quest with the 3 Dragonkin is probably a reference to the 3 witches at the beginning of the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare.
  • Tormented Demons, which can be fought after the quest, have visible pieces of the very dragon platebody parts they drop. Each is visible in a different part. The lump appears on most of their heads. The shard is on their shin and foot area. The slice is on their right arm, almost like a weapon.
  • Being that the armour and weapons of the heroes during the battle with Lucien are the same colour may suggest a new type of metal coming out.
  • The Mercenary Axemen wield weapons that resemble a one-handed version of the Dharok's greataxe.
  • If you talk to Radimus Erkle after the quest, he will say he's busy. He could be looking at something that will foreshadow the next quest.
  • In the middle of the quest after gathering all the heroes it is possible to talk to each one in White Knights castle. Some heroes such as Duradel give a hint to their past and how they got to where they are.
  • The number 255 (which is the number the player's stats are boosted to at the end of the quest) is the maximum number able to be made with an 8-bit binary system. For this reason it is believed that a players statistics are stored as an 8-bit ('byte') variable on Runescape's global database.
  • While Guthix Sleeps was the first and only grandmaster quest until the release of Nomad's Requiem on 11 January 2010.

New Characters

  • After the quest new replacement NPCs appear since Lucien killed most of the team of warriors organised to stop him in the Wilderness. There is unfortunately no replacement for Hazelmere nor Cyrisus, as there is no need for them at the moment.

Replaced characters


  1. ^ RS Forum This Week's Updates - FAQ 28-Nov-08

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