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Season 5, Episode 11 - "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Written by: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof

Directed by: Bobby Roth



[Jin is laying on the ground in the jungle at night. Radio static wakes him.

PHIL: Hello Jin? Are you there?

[Jin groans and reaches for the walkie]

PHIL: Jin?! Can you hear me?

JIN: [Talking into the walkie] Hello?

PHIL: Jin? It's -- it's Phil, man. Where have you been? The hostile escaped. We're searching the east grid.

JIN: [Pushing himself up off the ground] He's headed north.

PHIL: How the hell do you know that?

JIN: Because he attacked me. [Sees something, starts getting up]

PHIL: What? Where are you?

[Jin gets up and rushes over to Ben lying face down, not moving.]

PHIL: Jin?! You still there?

[Jin crouches down and gently shakes Ben, trying to wake him]

PHIL: Jin!

[Jin turns Ben over onto his back. Ben groans.]

BEN: [Weakly] Please help.

[Jin carefully picks Ben up and hurries over to the van. Jin carefully lays Ben on the floor of the van and hurriedly drives off.]

[Members of the DHARMA Initiative are gathered outside at the barracks.]

HORACE: Okay, everybody, listen up.

MAN: Put it over there.

[Jack and Hurley are moving a futon.]

HORACE: We don't know yet if another attack is coming. So everybody needs to be ready for your security assignments. Make sure you're in contact with your team leaders. LaFleur's got search parties out, but the hostile's got a good jump on us. We're pretty sure he used this fire as a diversion in order to escape.

[Hurley and Jack are joining the group gathered around Horace.]

HURLEY: he talking about Sayid?

JACK: [To the group] He was locked up. How would he start the fire?

HORACE: Who are you?

JACK: Jack Shephard. I'm...I'm new.

HORACE: Well, Jack, the way he started the fire is he had help, okay? Somebody torched that van, and then that somebody let him out of his cell. And since the security cameras didn't pick up any hostiles crossing the perimeter, that means it was one of us.

[Everyone looks around at each other in surprise.]

HORACE: Baxter, I want a full report on cleanup A.S.A.P.

BAXTER: You got it Horace.

[The group disperses. Kate is sitting off by herself.]

ROGER: [To Kate] Hey, you.

[Kate looks around to see who Roger is talking to.]

ROGER: Yeah, you.

[Kate stands up as Roger approaches, standing next to the torched DHARMA van.]

ROGER: You're in the motor pool, right?

KATE: Uh, yeah.

ROGER: Do you mind running that winch for me?

[Kate looks where Roger points, a confused look on her face.]

ROGER: You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

[Kate shakes her head no.]

ROGER: Okay, no worries. Just throw this lever. When I tell you to stop...[whistles] just pull it up.

KATE: All right.

ROGER: See? Simple. [Walks back to the van.] Don't do it till I'm ready. [Braces against the rear of the van.] All right, crank her up.

KATE: Okay. [Lowering the lever.]

[Whirring noise as the cable becomes taut and the van is pulled out of the house. Metal creaks. Kate winces.]

ROGER: So they just stuck you in the motor pool when you got here?

KATE: Yeah, pretty much.

ROGER: Yeah, same thing happened to me. [A board falls as the van is pulled out of the house.] Wait, hold. Hold it right there. That's good. Right there. That's good. [Kate pulls up the lever.] I guess they couldn't sucker anybody into getting on that sub if they told us we were gonna be grease monkeys and janitors.

KATE: [Chuckling] Well, ya gotta start somewhere.

[Roger walks over to Kate]

ROGER: What's your name?

KATE: I'm Kate.

[They shake hands.]

ROGER: Welcome aboard, Kate. I'm Roger. Roger Linus.

[Kate looks up in shock as she connects the name.]

KATE: It's nice to meet you, Roger.

[Jin drives into the barracks and hurries out of the van. Roger, Kate, and a few others approach curiously. Jin lifts Ben out and quickly carries him away.]

ROGER: That's my kid. [Starts running after Jin.] That's my kid!

[Kate looks on in surprise.]

[A car drives down a neighborhood street. Patsy Cline's 'I've Got Your Picture' is playing on the car stereo. Kate is driving the car, looking around like she is unfamiliar with the area. She pulls into a driveway and gets out of the car. She smiles as she takes baby Aaron out of his carseat.]

KATE: Hi, handsome. Did you have a good sleep? [Whispers]Yeah, that's my boy. [Starts singing] Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away. [Slowly walks up the sidewalk, rocking Aaron.] Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket [rings doorbell] save it for a rainy day.

[The door is opened. Kate is at Cassidy's house.]


CASSIDY: Oh, my God! [chuckles]

KATE: Hi, Cassidy.

CASSIDY: Oh, my God! I saw you on the news! [They kiss each other's cheek in greeting.] I told all my friends, "I know that woman!" [They both laugh] [To Aaron] Hi!

KATE: This is Aaron.

CASSIDY: Hi, Aaron.

KATE: Say hi.

CASSIDY: You survived a plane crash. [Kate nods.] It's amazing. I never thought I'd see you again. What are you doing here?

KATE: Sawyer sent me.

[They look at each, Cassidy's smile disappearing.]

Act 2

CASSIDY: [Thumbing through the envelope of money] Sawyer. So that son of a bitch is still alive?

KATE: He was when I left.

CASSIDY: And he asked you to come here and give me an envelope full of money?

KATE: Well, he -- he told me where to find you, and...said to take care of Clementine...his daughter?

CASSIDY: Well, she's asleep in her crib right now. Want me to wake her up?

KATE: [Getting up to leave] I, uh, shouldn't have bothered you. I could've sent it, and I probably should have.

CASSIDY: Why did you tell me all this? Why'd you trust me?

KATE: Because I thought your daughter had a right to know that her father cared.

CASSIDY: Why didn't he come back with the rest of you?

KATE: The helicopter that we were on was running out of gas, so he jumped so that we could make it to the boat.

CASSIDY: [Sighs] What a coward.

KATE: He was trying to do the right thing.

CASSIDY: He was trying to get away from you. I told him he had a daughter. He never so much as lifted a finger to try to call her. So now I'm supposed to think he's a hero because he told you to come here and help us? Hell, I bet this money's not even his, is it?

KATE: They gave us a settlement after the crash, and I didn't need it all--

CASSIDY: You don't have to explain it, Kate. You got the same look on your face I did when he ditched me. All I have for you is sympathy. Is it his?

KATE: What?

CASSIDY: Your son. Is it Sawyer's?

KATE: No. No, I was pregnant before I meant him.

CASSIDY: That's not your baby, is it? Kate, you just told me that you and your friends cooked a story for the whole world about what happened on that island. So you tell me the truth about that? Why are you lying to me about him?

KATE: Because I have to.

[Kate is walking through the barracks past the damaged house. Sawyer is using the monitor control, pressing buttons to change the video monitors, searching the monitors. Kate comes down the steps of the station.]

KATE: What happened?

SAWYER: What the hell are you doing here?

KATE: That was Ben. That kid who was shot was Ben. Was it Sayid? Did he shoot him?

SAWYER: Here's what you need to do, Kate--Keep your mouth shut and stop asking questions. 'Cause putting any attention on yourself is the last thing I need right now. Now scram. I don't want you around here.

KATE: I just wanna know what's going on.

HORACE: [Off camera] LaFleur. [Walking in and seeing Kate] What... [Miles, Phil, and Jin enter behind Horace] What, uh...What's she doing here?

SAWYER: This is, uh...

KATE: I'm Kate.

SAWYER: Kate. She's new over at the motor pool. I was seeing if she saw anything suspicious, but she didn't, can run along, thanks.

[Kate leaves the station]

HORACE: Have you checked out the hostile's cell yet?

SAWYER: I was a little busy trying to keep the town from burnin' down, Horace.

HORACE: Okay. Well, then let's do it.

[The group walks over to the cell and sees the door open]

HORACE: He didn't break out. Somebody let him out.

SAWYER: [Taking the keys out of the lock] These are janitor's keys.

HORACE: We've only got three janitors. There's Roger, Willie and, uh, that new guy. I just met him. His name's Jack.

SAWYER: Yeah. I just brought him in from the sub. I'll go talk to him. Miles, you wanna come with me? [Starts walking out.]

MILES: Yeah, sure, boss. [Follows Sawyer out.]

SAWYER: [Walking through the barracks.] All right,I want you to find Jack and Hurley and Kate as quick as you can. Put 'em in a house and sit on 'em.

MILES: What for?

SAWYER: 'Cause I don't want 'em talking to anybody else. Things are starting to spin out of control here.

MILES: All right, I got it.

SAWYER: All right, go.

[Miles runs off in one direction, and Sawyer heads to the infirmary. Roger is sitting outside, and stands when he sees Sawyer.]

ROGER: Who did this? Do you know who did this to my son?

SAWYER: Not yet, but we're working on it. How's he doing?

ROGER: I don't know. Juliet told me to wait out here.

SAWYER: Let me see if I can get an update for ya.

ROGER: Thanks, Jim.

SAWYER: [Opening the door to go inside] Roger?

ROGER: Yeah?

SAWYER: You happen to have your keys with you?

ROGER: [Patting his pockets] Yeah. Why? What do you need? [Realizing his pockets are empty.] I must've left them the house.

SAWYER: It's all right. Don't you worry about it. [Goes inside the infirmary closing the door, leaving Roger on the porch, confused.]

[A monitor is beeping steadily. Juliet is performing surgery on Ben. There is a lot of blood.]

JULIET: More gauze.

NURSE: Here's some gauze.

JULIET: Yeah, right here. Yeah. [Packing the gauze] If we can't stop the hemorrhaging, we're gonna have to pack the whole tract.

NURSE: Okay.

SAWYER: [Entering, holding a mask to his face.] Where's the doctor?

JULIET: [Looking up to see it is Sawyer] At the Looking Glass station til Friday.

SAWYER: How is he doing?

JULIET: Not well. [To the nurse] Hold on. [Stepping away from Ben to talk to Sawyer] He's still bleeding in there somewher, and I can't fix it.

SAWYER: It's all right.

JULIET: No, it's not all right. Someone needs to get in there who can find the damage that bullet did and fix it. [Whispers] He needs a real surgeon.

[The monitor continues beeping steadily as Sawyer thinks, then rushes outside.]

[Miles is loading his rifle.]

JACK: You're telling us we're under house arrest?

MILES: No, you're all free to leave whenever you want...but I'll shoot you in the leg.

JACK: [Sighs] And whose idea was this?

MILES: Who do you think?

KATE: Sawyer's just doing his job, Jack.

[Miles looks at Jack and points at Kate, emphasizing her point. Miles walks over to the table where Hurley is inspecting his hand.]

MILES: What the hell are you doing, Tubby?

HURLEY: Checking to see if I'm disappearing.

MILES: What?

HURLEY: "Back to the Future," man. We came back in time to the island and changed stuff. So if little Ben dies, he'll never grow up to be big Ben, who's the one who made us come back here in the first place. Which means we can't be here. And therefore, dude? We don't exist.

MILES: You're an idiot. [Takes a seat at the table]


MILES: Yeah. It doesn't work like that. You can't change anything. You're maniac Iraqi buddy shot Linus. That is what always happened. It's just...we never experienced how it all turns out.

[Hurley looks at Jack, confused.]

HURLEY: This is really confusing.

MILES: Yeah, well, get used to it. But the good news is that Linus didn't die, so that means the kid can't either. He'll be fine.

KATE: Didn't look like he was gonna be fine. What if you're wrong?

MILES: Well, if I'm wrong, then I guess we all stop existing, and none of it matters anyway then, does it?

[The door opens and Sawyer rushes in.]

SAWYER: Doc, I need you to come with me.

JACK: Come with you where?

SAWYER: Juliet said the kid's losing blood, and we ain't gone none to put back in him. So we need you to show us where he sprung a leak.

JACK: [Thinks for a minutes and then shakes his head.] No.

[Everyone looks at him as if they don't believe what he said]


JACK: No, I'm not coming with you.

SAWYER: If you don't come with me, Jack, that kid's gonna die.

JACK: [Looking at Kate before he answers.] Then he dies.

Act 3

[Kate is looking out the window of the house. She sees Sawyer approach Roger on the Infirmary porch. She walks into the kitchen where Jack is.]

KATE: What are you doing?

JACK: Making some sandwiches. I figured everybody'd be getting hungry by now. [Opens drawer]

KATE: He's just a boy, Jack. You can't just let him die.

JACK: You heard Miles. We can't change what's already happened. This has nothing to do with me.

KATE: Unless you're the one who's supposed to save him.

JACK: 30 years from now, that boy's gonna be a man...that locks me in a cage because he needs surgery. And then you're gonna come in and you're gonna beg me to operate on him because he's threatening to murder Sawyer. I've already done this once. [scoffs] I've already saved Benjamin Linus, and I did it for you, Kate. I don't need to do it again. [Goes back to the food.]

KATE: This is our fault. We brought Sayid back. We caused this.

JACK: You know, when we were here before, I spent all of my time trying to fix things. But...did you ever think that maybe the island just wants to fix things itself? And maybe I was just...getting' in the way?

[Kate shakes her head in disbelief.]

KATE: You know, I don't like the new you. I liked the old you, who wouldn't just sit around and wait for things to happen.

JACK: [Scoffs] You didn't like the old me, Kate.

[Kate turns and walks out of the house.]

MILES: Hey! Where are you going?

[Kate ignores Miles and slams the door after her.]


[The infirmary. Ben is hooked up to monitors that are beeping steadily. He is coughing and wheezing.]

JULIET: [Leaning down to Ben] Just try to relax. You're okay.

NURSE: I'm sorry. Juliet? One of the new people is here. [Kate enters in the background] She heard Ben needed blood. Says she's a universal donor.

[Juliet is cleaning Kate's arm, preparing to draw blood.]

JULIET: This might hurt for a second. [Sticking Kate with the needle as Kate looks away.] Good. [Rips tape] Very brave. [Kate smiles.] So James told me that Jack wouldn't help, but he didn't say why. [Securing the needle with tape.]

KATE: If I understood why Jack does what he does, I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting here.

JULIET: Off island, did something happen with you two? [Removing her gloves]

KATE: We were engaged. Does that count?

[Juliet avoids looking at Kate. Roger rushes in.]

ROGER: What's going on?

JULIET: Roger, I asked you to wait outside.

ROGER: No, what's going on with my kid?

JULIET: Kate is giving us some fresh blood so we can transfuse Ben.

[Roger notices Kate.]

ROGER: Well, I'm not waitin' outside.

KATE: You know, he could stay with me, and you could check on Ben, and--and Roger here could keep me company, make sure I don't pass out.

JULIET: Okay. Roger, have a seat. [She leaves to go check on Ben.]

ROGER: Thanks.

KATE: Sure.

ROGER: [Looking over at Ben] He stole my keys.

KATE: Sorry?

ROGER: LaFleur asked me where my keys were. That bastard doesn't ask any questions he doesn't know the answers to...which means my son stole my keys so he could bust that animal out of jail.

KATE: Why--why would he do that?

ROGER: Because of me. You got kids?


ROGER: I thought I was gonna be the greatest father ever. You know? [Whispers] I guess it didn't work out that way.

KATE: What about his mother? Is she still around?

ROGER: No, she's dead. She died the day he was born.

KATE: I'm sorry.

ROGER: [Whispers] Yeah, me, too. [Sighs] I tried to do what I thought she'd want me to do, but...I guess a boy just needs his mother.

[Ben starts gasping ando coughing. The monitor starts beeping rapidly.]

ROGER: [Stands up and moves towards Ben] What's going on?

JULIET: He's going into hypoxic shock.

ROGER: What does that mean?! What's the matter with him?!

JULIET: He needs more oxygen. Roger, get out of here!

[The nurse pushes Roger towards the door.]

ROGER: What?

JULIET: [Holding an oxygen mask to Ben's face.] Get him out of here!

ROGER: Wait! What--what is--wait a minute.

JULIET: Please, Roger. Just wait outside.

[Ben continues gasping for air.]


[Hurley is seated in the house, questioning Miles.]

HURLEY: Let me get this straight.

[Miles is pacing.]

HURLEY: All this already happened.


HURLEY: So this conversation we're having right now...we already had it.

MILES: [Claps his hands] Yes!

HURLEY: Then what am I gonna say next?

MILES: I don't know. [Shakes his head.]

HURLEY: Ha'! Then your theory is wrong!

MILES: For the thousandth time, you dingbat, the conversation already happened, but not for you and me. For you and me, it's happening right now.

HURLEY: Okay, answer me this. If all this already happened to me, then...why don't I remember any of it?

MILES: Because once Ben turned that wheel, time isn't a straight line for us anymore. Our experiences in the past and the future occurred before these experiences right now.

[Hurley's face tightens in confusion as he thinks, Miles stares at him.]

HURLEY: Say that again.

MILES: [Pauses in exasperation and pulls out his gun and holds it out for Hurley to take.] Shoot me. Please. Please!

HURLEY: Aha! I can't shoot you. Because if you die in 1977, then you'll never come back to the island on the freighter 30 years from now.

MILES: I can die because I've already come to the island on the freighter. Any of us can die because this is our present.

HURLEY: But you said Ben couldn't die because he still has to grow up and become the leader of the Others.

MILES: Because this is his past.

HURLEY: But when we first captured Ben, and Sayid, like, tortured him, then why wouldn't he remember getting shot by that same guy when he was a kid?

[Miles blinks and looks around. Hurley raises his eyebrow.]

MILES: Huh. I hadn't thought of that.

HURLEY: Huh. [Crossing his arms.]


[Roger is pacing on the Infirmay porch. Kate is sitting on the porch steps. Juliet comes outside.]

ROGER: How is he?

JULIET: He's stable.

ROGER: Is he gonna be okay?

JULIET: He's got some fresh blood running through him, which is a good thing. Roger, I need you to go out to the medical station. There are some supplies there that we don't have here [handing Roger a piece of paper].

ROGER: Okay. Hey, I just wanna say, I-I... I wanna say thanks. I know that you're doing everything you can... [Juliet nods] to save him, and...all right, I'm--I'm gonna go, okay? [Roger walks off with the list of supplies.]

KATE: Is he any better?

JULIET: He's stable now. But I can't, um...I can't fix it.

KATE: What about the sub? I mean, can we take him somewhere?

JULIET: No. It's gone. It won't be back for a couple of months.

KATE: But he can't die, right?

JULIET: He is going to die. He is in a medical situation that is not resolveable.

KATE: Okay, well, we can't just sit here and do nothing. I mean, there's got to be someone who can help him. We have an entire...[pauses as she notices Juliet's reaction] what?

JULIET: Maybe there's something they can do.

KATE: They?

JULIET: The Others.

Act 4

[Juliet and Kate wheel Ben's gurney outside the infirmary. A Dharma van is just outside, the door already open.]

JULIET: You got him?

KATE: Yeah. Ready? Okay.

JULIET: All right. One, two, three, go.

[They lift Ben into the van and carefully lay him down. Kate closes the door as Juliet pulls the gurney away.]

JULIET: Okay, let's go.

[Kate looks at Juliet at she starts to open the door.]

JULIET: I'm coming with you.

KATE: No, no, no, no. If something goes wrong or we get caught, it doesn't matter for me, but you've got a whole life here. And besides, if Sawyer knew that I got you involved in this, he'd kill me. [walks over to the driver's seat of the van.]

JULIET: How are you gonna manage?

KATE: [Opens the door] I'll manage, don't worry. [Climbs in and shuts the door.]

JULIET: Kate. [Walks around to the passenger door] Sawyer's gonna find out Ben's gone, and when he does, I have to tell him what happened. But I'll give you as much of a head start as I can. Good luck.

[Kate nods and starts the van. Juliet walks back to the infirmary, and Kate drives off.]


[The marina. Kate is putting Aaron in her car. Sun has Ben at gunpoint. Sayid and Jack are standing nearby.]

BEN: There's someone...someone here in Los Angeles. Let me take you to them.

SUN: Who?

BEN: The same person that's gonna show us how to get back to the island.

KATE: [Walking back to the group] Is that what this is about? [Looks at Jack] You knew about this.

JACK: No. No, I was o--

KATE: And that is why you were pretending to care about Aaron, to convince me to go back there?!

JACK: I wasn't pretending anything.

KATE: This is insane. You guys are crazy.

JACK: Kate--

KATE: Jack, don't!

[Kate gets in her car and drives off.]

AARON: Mommy, I'm thirsty.

[Kate looks in the rearview mirror at Aaron]

AARON: I need some milk.

WOMAN: [Over the PA at a grocery store] Price check on 2. Price check on 2.

KATE: [Walking down a grocery store aisle, holding Aaron's hand.] Do you want chocolate milk or regular milk?

AARON: Juice box.

KATE: You don't want milk anymore?

AARON: Juice box.

[Kate looks around and approaches an employee]

KATE: Um...excuse me. Where are your juice boxes?

EMPLOYEE: Aisle 5.

KATE: Thank you very much. [Leads Aaron. Her phone rings and she reaches to take it out of her purse. It is Jack, but she puts the phone back in her purse. She looks around, but Aaron is gone.] Aaron? [Frantically begins running through the store, checking the aisles.] Um, excuse me. [Approaches the employee again] Have you seen my son?

EMPLOYEE: I'm sorry?

KATE: A little 3-year-old blond? [Rushes through the store.] Aaron? Aaron? Aaron?! Aaron! [Runs to the front of the store and sees a manager.] Excuse me. I've lost my son. He's 3. He's a little blond boy.

MANAGER: Don't worry, ma'am. I'll make an announcement. No, no, no. You have to seal off the store. You... [sees a blond woman that looks like Claire holding Aaron's hand, walking towards the doors of the store.] Aaron? Hey!

WOMAN: Hey, is this your mommy? Honey, is this your mommy?

[Kate rushes up and picks up Aaron.]

WOMAN: I found him in the fruit section. I--he looked lost, I was getting eading to make an announcement.

KATE: Thank you. Thank you very much.

[The woman mouths something we can't understand and walks off.]

KATE: [Stroking Aaron's hair] It's okay, honey. Mommy's got you. Mommy's got you.


[Kate pulls up to the sonic fence and stops. Ben is wheezing and coughing. Kate gets out and goes to the other side of the van and opens the sliding door.]

BEN: [In a strained voice] Um...[coughs] tell my...

KATE: Try not to talk, okay?

BEN: Tell my dad I'm sorry I stole his keys.

[Ben starts wheezing and coughing again. Another vehicle pulls up. Kate steps away from her van and crosses her arms, waiting for Sawyer to get out of his van.]

KATE: I know you gotta stop me...but I can't just let that kid die.

SAWYER: [Sighs] Damn it, Freckles. I ain't here to stop you. I'm here to help you.

Act 5

[Aaron and Kate walk up the driveway to Cassidy's house. Aaron rings the doorbell. Clementine answers the door.]

CLEMENTINE: Hi, Auntie Kate!

KATE: Hi, Clementine. Is your mommy home?

CLEMENTINE: Sure. I'll go get her.

KATE: Okay.

[Clementine and Aaron are laughing in the background.]

CASSIDY: They're going back? To the island? [Kate is curled up on the couch and Cassidy is sitting by her.] Why in God's name would they wanna do that?

KATE: I don't know. Jack says that we weren't supposed to leave.

CASSIDY: Well, Jack sounds like a piece of work. You look exhausted. Drink this. Turl up on my bed. Take a nap. [Pours liquid] I'll watch your fella.

KATE: I lost him.


KATE: I don't know what happened. We were in the supermarket, and I turned around for one second, and he was gone. [Wiping away her tears] And, you know, the crazy thing is, is that...[sitting up] as scared as I was...I wasn't surprised. All I could think was, it's about time. Why would I feeel that way? I mean, why would I expect him to be taken?

CASSIDY: Because you took him, Kate.

KATE: No, I...Claire was gone. I mean, she left him. I had to take him. He needed me.

CASSIDY: You needed him. Sawyer broke your heart. How else were you supposed to fix it?


[Sawyer punches in a code for the sonic fence]

SAWYER: Figure out how you were gonna carry him out there by yourself?

KATE: Well, the line's just right over there, right? The Others are on the other side.

SAWYER: Well, they ain't right on the other side. We better get moving'.

KATE: Hey. Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?

SAWYER: [Sighs] When I found out Ben was gone, and Juliet told me what you were up to, I asked that exact damn question. Why are you helping Ben? And she matter what he's gonna grow up to be, it's wrong to let a kid die. [They lift Ben out of the van] So...that's why I'm doing this. I'm doing it for her.

[Sawyer starts carrying Ben across the fence line. Kate follows.]


[Juliet walks in to the house and interrupts Miles and Hurley playing dominoes.]

JULIET: Where's Jack?

MILES: Uh he--he's in the shower. I think.

HURLEY: Is he in trouble?

JULIET: I just need to talk to him. You two mind giving us some privacy?

[Hurley and Miles look at each for a moment, then get up and leave the house.]

MILES: Hey, ask me more questions about time travel.

[Juliet closes the door behind them and walks into the bathroom. Jack is in the shower. He turns off the water and gets out. Juliet is standing there.]

JULIET: I needed you.

JACK: I'm sorry?

JULIET: That kid was bleeding out. You're a surgeon, and I needed you.

JACK: That kid is Ben.

JULIET: That's not Ben yet. He's just a kid.

JACK: Juliet, I'm sorry. I can't help you.

JULIET: I'm not asking for your help, Jack. You made it pretty clear you weren't interested. It's up to Sawyer and Kate now.

JACK: What?

JULIET: She's trying to save him, and I sent James after her to help, because they actually care.

JACK: I came back here because I care, Juliet. I came back here because I was trying to save you.

JULIET: We didn't need saving. We've been fine for three years. You came back here for you. At least do me the courtesy of telling me why.

JACK: I came back...because I was supposed to.

JULIET: Supposed to do what?

JACK: [Scoffs] I don't know yet.

JULIET: Well, you'd better figure it out. [Holds back tears as she leaves.]


[Sawyer is carrying Ben through the jungle. Kate is following. They are coming up to a creek.]

KATE: You know, I can take him for a while.

SAWYER: [Sighs] Sure you can.

KATE: You know, his father said that you think Ben broke Sayid out.

SAWYER: Kid'll do almost anything if he's pissed off enough at his folks. [Lays Ben down on the ground.]

KATE: Is that why you asked me to take care of your daughter?

SAWYER: Did you?

KATE: Of course I did. [Giving Ben water from her canteen.]

SAWYER: What's she like?

KATE: Clementine?

SAWYER: Yeah, Clementine.

KATE: Oh, she's beautiful. Looks just like you when she smiles. She's growing up fast. Already has a little attitude.

SAWYER: I bet you and Cassidy had a lot to talk about.

KATE: She had an interesting theory on why you jumped off the chopper.

SAWYER: Yeah, what's that?

KATE: She thought you were worried about what would happen if you didn't.

SAWYER: You and me would've never worked out, Kate. I wasn't any more fit to be your boyfriend than I am to be that little girl's father.

KATE: You seem to be doing all right with Juliet.

SAWYER: Yeah. I've done a lot of growing up the past three years.

MAN: Hands up!

[Several rifles cock as the Others come out of the jungle. Kate puts her hands up.]

MAN: Do not move. I said don't move. This is a violation of the truce. You're over the line.

SAWYER: We know. This kid's been shot. That's both of our problems. So unless you want to go to war, you're gonna take us to Richard Alpert, and you're gonna do it now.

Act 6

[Kate is standing outside a motel room door. She knocks, and Carole Littleton opens the door.]

KATE: Ms. Littleton. I'm Kate Austen.

CAROLE: I know who you are. Come in. [Moves aside and motions Kate in.]

KATE: Thank you.

[Carole closes the door behind Kate.]

CAROLE: Your friend, Dr. Shephard came here last night, going on and on about some person named Aaron. When I asked him who that was, he ran out of here like the room was on fire.

KATE: He's your grandson. [Carole is shocked.] And your daughter, alive.

CAROLE: What are you talking about? Claire died in the plane crash.

KATE: No, she survived. When we crashed, your daughter was eight months pregnant, and...she's the one who gave birth on the island, not me. We lied. There were other survivors, too. We just left them behind.

CAROLE: Why? Why would you leave her there?

KATE: Because she disappeared, and she left the baby behind. We looked everywhere, but...that's when I started taking care of Aaron. And when we were rescued, we didn't--we had to decide what to do with him. And I knew that she had wanted him to be adopted, but I couldn't. I had to protect him, so I said he was mine.

CAROLE: Why did you lie? Why didn't you come to me in the first place?

KATE: Because I needed him. [Whispers] I'm sorry. You're gonna see that he's so sweet [hands Carol a picture] and kind and good.

CAROLE: Where is he?

KATE: Um, I checked in two doors down. He's asleep. I know that this is a lot for you to handle. But...when you're ready, he's waiting for you. I told him that you're his grandmother. That you'll take care of him while I'm gone and that I'll be back soon.

CAROLE: Where are you going?

KATE: I'm going back to find your daughter.


[Aaron is asleep. Kate is looking over him, crying. She strokes his hair, sobbing, and kisses his cheek. She leaves the room, pausing at the door to look back at Aaron.]

KATE: Bye-bye, baby. [Sobbing.]


[Sawyer is walking through the jungle, carrying Ben, with Kate at his side. They are surrounded by Others with guns.]

SAWYER: Don't worry. We got 'em right where we want 'em.

MAN: Shut up and keep moving'.

SAWYER: What's it look like I'm doing?

RICHARD: Hello there, James. [Walking out from the jungle.]

SAWYER: Where the hell did you come from?

RICHARD: You asked my people to bring you to me. Here I am. [Sees Ben in Sawyer's arms.] Is that Benjamin Linus?

SAWYER: You two know each other?

RICHARD: What happened to him?

KATE: He was shot.

RICHARD: And who might you be?

SAWYER: She's with me.

RICHARD: And why are you here?

KATE: 'Cause we need you to save his life. Can you?

RICHARD: If I take him, he's not ever gonna be the same again.

KATE: What do you mean by that?

RICHARD: What I mean is that, he'll forget this ever happened, and that...his innocence will be gone. He will always be one of us. You still want me to take him?

KATE: Yes.

[Richard takes Ben from Sawyer.]

MAN: [Steps forward] Richard...You shouldn't do this without asking Ellie. And if Charles finds out--

RICHARD: Let him find out. I don't answer to either of them

KATE: Where are you taking him? [Steps forward to follow Richard.]

SAWYER: [Grabbing Kate's arm, whispers] Come on.

[Richard carries Ben into the jungle. He comes up to a stone structure and looks down at Ben before pushing back into the wall, making it open. He carries Ben inside.]


[Ben is asleep, recovering from injuries in the present day. Locke is sitting next to him, watching. Ben opens his eyes and sees Locke, alive.]

LOCKE: Hello, Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living.

[Ben's eyes open wide as he realizes Locke is alive again.]


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