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Official quest description: A travelling trader has been stranded south of Varrock after his cart was attacked by local outlaws. He needs the help of a hero to recover his lost documents, but that's not all...

The Varrock Palace Secret Guard (VPSG) are on the trail of treacherous dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. Will you be able to help the VPSG and uncover what lies below?

Release date: 27 March 2007 (Update)
Start: Talk to Rat Burgiss south of Varrock
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill:



Help Rat Burgiss

Rat Burgiss, by his broken cart.
  • Speak to Rat Burgiss.
He tells you a bunch of outlaws ransacked his trading cart and stole some important papers.
  • Offer to help Rat.
He says the outlaws headed north-west, taking five pages with them. He tells you to kill the outlaws and get the papers back. He gives you an empty folder to keep the papers in.
  • Kill five outlaws to retrieve Rat's five papers, and then use the papers one by one on the folder to get a full folder.
Surok Magis, in Dagon'Hai robes.
  • Return to Rat with the full folder.
He takes the folder and asks you to deliver a letter to Surok Magis in the library of Varrock Palace.
  • Head to the library (it's in the northern part of the palace), and speak to Surok Magis.
You give him the letter, which he quickly destroys with a spell. He then tells you that he has learned how to transform simple clay into gold bars! He tells you he will share the gold with you but first needs a few more items: an ordinary bowl and an infused wand. He gives you a wand to be infused with chaos and Sin'keth's diary. Finally, he tells you to search the library to find an old tome. He forgot where he left it but says it is easy enough to find.
  • Go to the north-east corner of the library, and search the bookcases opposite the table and two chairs to find a musty old tome called Dagon'hai history.

The Chaos altar

Now you have to go to the Chaos altar. This requires a chaos talisman or chaos tiara. Do not forget to bring the required 15 Chaos Runes to use with the altar. (You can also bring 15 pure essence instead of the chaos runes if you are going to craft the runes yourself.)

Option 1: Through the Wilderness

  • Once inside, make your way through the maze to the Chaos Altar.
The journey to the altar can take some time, as the maze can get frustrating and the walk into the Wilderness can be dangerous. Alternatively, you can reach the altar through the Abyss.

Option 2: Through the Tunnel of Chaos

A player infusing the wand.
She gives you a bronze pickaxe.
  • Choose the Excavate Statue option on the statue to reveal the Tunnel of Chaos entrance.
  • Enter the hole in the statue.
You find that Dagon'hai organization lives in the tunnel.
  • Head north until you reach a portal.
The portal leads to the third level of the Chaos Maze.
  • Navigate the rest of the maze to reach the altar.
This will complete a medium task in the Varrock Achievement Diary.

Infuse the wand

  • Use your wand on the altar.
It absorbs the 15 chaos runes and turns to an infused wand.
  • Now return to the library of Varrock and talk with Surok Magis, with the infused wand and a bowl in your inventory.
He gives you Surok's letter to deliver to Rat.

A treasonous plot!

  • Head back down to Rat, and deliver the letter.
Rat explains that he is actually the commander of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard and that Surok Magis is planning to take over the kingdom of Misthalin by using a powerful mind-control spell on King Roald. Rat directs you to Zaff, owner of the staff shop in Varrock, to help with a spell to counteract the effects of Surok's spell.
Battle with King Roald.
  • Return to Varrock, and talk to Zaff.
He explains his plan to you, gives you a Beacon Ring, and hands you Zaff's instructions on how to arrest Surok Magis.
  • Get your gear ready for a fight.
  • Return to Surok (who is now wearing Dagon'hai robes), and talk to him.
You see a short cutscene where Surok casts his spell on King Roald.
  • Fight King Roald (Level 47) until a message pops up in your chat box that says "Now would be a good time to summon Zaff!"
  • Choose the Summon option.
Zaff arrives in a cutscene, saves King Roald, and blocks Surok from teleporting away.

Note: If you try to leave the room during the fight, you will be teleported south of Varrock, near the dark wizards. Also, if you are ranging, you will not be able to retrieve your arrows after the fight.

Congratulations! Quest complete.


What Lies Below Reward


  • The Beacon Ring doesn't have any special abilities after the quest, except for its +2 Magic attack bonus and its +1 Magic defence bonus.
  • The Aphro-Dizzy-Yak spell Surok mentions refers to "aphrodisiac", something which causes sexual arousal.
  • The woman who gives you a bronze pickaxe to help find the shortcut is named Anna Jones. If you talk to her further, she reveals her full name to be Louisiana Jones, a joke on the name of the famed movie hero Indiana Jones.
  • If lost, the Beacon Ring can be obtained again for free by talking to Zaff.
Surok Magis,
Your actions are being watched. We know what you are trying to do and the VPSG will stop you! Do not attempt to leave the palace or you will be arrested on sight. We will not hesitate to kill you if you disobey King Roald's orders.
Rat Burgiss
  • "Won't be disinclined to acquiesce to the request?" is a phrase used by your character during the quest. It is a direct quote from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Captain Barbosa: "We are but humble pirates.... I am disinclined to acquiesce your request."
  • If you have completed the Garden of Tranquillity quest, while fighting King Roald he will shout at you phrases such as "I hate gardens," "I'm allergic to roses," and "That garden was awful," which are references to the Garden of Tranquillity. If you have completed Shield of Arrav, he will also say "A member of the phoenix gang?" and "Your gang isn't there now!" If you have completed Darkness of Hallowvale, he will also say "You're with the vampyres."
  • In the quest, Surok uses mind control on the king. This technique to take over important figures or kingdoms has been used many times before in films and TV shows. It has been especially used in science-fiction, as one example is when in Doctor Who, the Cybermen used signals and earphones to take over the minds of millions of people, eventually converting them into Cybermen themselves. Another prime example, not of science-fiction, is the film Johnny English, where a French entrepreneur attempts to take the position of king of England by replacing the Archbishop of Canterbury with a fake.
  • During the quest, if you talk to the leader of the Dagon'hai and you claim to be a very powerful mage, the leader the cast a spell on you that will make you dance, joy jump, or headbang, regardless of your mage defence. This may indicate that the Dagon'hai have very high mage levels. However, if your player has a very high magic level, the spell will backfire and the Dagon'hai member will do said emotes.
  • The quest name What Lies Below is a reference to the Harrison Ford movie What Lies Beneath.
  • The name of the Chaos Tunnel music, "Alternate Root," is a play on "alternate route" (to the chaos altar) and its being underground.


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