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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Whale Zombie
Japanese ホエールゾンビー
Romaji Hoēruzonbī
Location Beaches on Outer Continent, Forgotten Continent, Lost Continent, Mist Continent
Class Undead/Flying
Steal Antidote, Magic Tag
Item Dropped Hi-Potion, Ether
Card Dropped Cerberus
Abilities Fin, Death, Zombie Powder, Ultra Sound Wave, Venom Breath
Eat LV5 Death
Status Immunity Confusion, Berserk, Vanish

The Whale Zombie is a flying undead enemy from Final Fantasy IX. The party can find it on the beaches of the Outer Continent, Lost Continent, and Forgotten Continent on discs 3 and 4, and the beaches of the Mist Continent on disc 4. If its Zombie Powder should cause a character to become a Zombie, a Magic Tag can be stolen.

Whale Zombies are great sources of EXP once the player can access Lost Continent and Outer Continent beaches with the Blue Narciss. A physical character with both the Undead Killer and Bird Killer abilities can make short work of this cetacean. However, the player must beware of the exceptionally dangerous Zombie Powder and Venom Breath attacks, which inflict debilitating status effects.

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